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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 234


Chapter 234: Chapter 234 - The Arrival of the Hall Leader

Chapter 234 - The Arrival of the Hall Leader

...Meanwhile, inside the first residence of the Inner Domain Peak...

Ouyang Jun was notified of the event taking place at the Inner Domain Peak, who let out a disdainful laugh, “With a little prodding, we were able to trick Qin Nan into biting the bait, and he boasted that he is able to defeat anyone below the Martial Emperor Realm? I’m afraid he is most likely being beaten to death now in the battle against Peng Yu and Zhou Guili.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a rune appeared in mid-air. With a flick, Li Hong grabbed the rune in her hand.

Ouyang Jun raised his eyebrows, “Read it, such an urgent message, it must be a good…”

Before he said the word ‘news’, Li Hong’s face turned incredibly pale as her voice began to tremble, “Qin Nan… Qin Nan… Qin Nan’s cultivation has reached half-Martial Emperor Realm, and he defeated both Peng Yu and Zhou Guili with a single attack, and… killed them!”


Ouyang Jun’s expression utterly changed.

The half-Martial Emperor Realm? Was this a joke? Zhou Guili and Peng Yu were slain?

“Damn it, damn it, what exactly did this guy find at the Longhu Mountain Range to rapidly boost his cultivation to the half-Martial Emperor Realm!” Ouyang Jun became enraged as he furiously roared, “Quick, send a message now, tell Leng Feng and Tan Jian to fight him! I won’t f**king believe that I can’t even deal with a mere Qin Nan!”

He did not expect his plans of eliminating Qin Nan to fail a few times in a row!

“By the way, tell the Disciplinary Hall Leader about Zhou Guili’s death at once!” Ouyang Jun let out a sinister laugh, “With these two steps, I’m curious how this Qin Nan is going to counter it!”



Many people within the Mystic Spirit Sect were anticipating the news regarding the Hall of Life and Death after Qin Nan challenged the Jun Alliance.

At that instant, a sudden raging roar could be heard coming from the Disciplinary Hall, “Qin Nan, how courageous of you, daring to kill my son. I’ll make you pay with your own blood!”


With a loud explosion, a section of the Disciplinary Hall was shattered into pieces by a huge force. Among the rubble, a bald man emitting a ferocious aura launched himself into the air toward the Hall of Life and Death.

At that instant, countless people within the Mystic Spirit Sect were startled, their faces filled with shock.

“What? Qin Nan killed the son of the Disciplinary Hall Leader?”

“Shit’s going down, shit is really going down!”

“Quick, let’s head to the Hall of Life and Death. We can’t miss such an interesting show!”


Even the elders and inner disciples who rarely showed themselves immediately headed to the Hall of Life and Death after hearing the shocking news.

Inside the Hall of Life and Death, after Qin Nan executed the slash, Zhang Qian’s eyes instantly opened wide, while the surrounding crowd was dumbfounded.

Speaking of being lawless?

This was a great example of being lawless!

Killing his foe with no hesitation despite his formidable background!

“Qin Nan… You… You…” Zhang Qian pointed his finger at Qin Nan, which trembled due to his anger.

Qin Nan calmly glanceded at him and swung his saber to get rid of the blood on it, “What about me? Who else from the Jun Alliance is willing to fight me?”

Zhang Qian’s face stiffened.

The geniuses behind him were stunned too.

Fighting him now?

With Qin Nan’s current cultivation of the half-Martial Emperor Realm, there was no one among the inner domain disciples able to match his strength!

At that instant, a series of explosions were heard, as if the entire Hall of Life and Death was being attacked, which began to vibrate vigorously.

The crowd wore blank expressions on their faces. Following this, Zhang Qian suddenly burst out laughing, “HAHAHA, Qin Nan, you were brave enough to kill Zhou Guili. Now the leader of the Disciplinary Hall is here, there is no way you can escape death!”

The expressions on the faces of Gong Yang and the rest turned incredibly dull. They had expected this to happen the moment when Qin Nan executed the slash.

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened as he raised his head and peeked outside the hall.

At that instant, the clouded pair of eyes of the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death flickered with an extreme glow, “Who dares to misbehave at the Hall of Life and Death?”

Following the words, it felt like the entire Hall of Life and Death became alive, as the previously shut doors were slowly opened.

As soon as the doors were opened, a figure emitting a terrifying aura dashed into the hall and uttered a ferocious roar, “Qin Nan, come out and taste death!”

Under the crowd’s attention, the Disciplinary Hall Leader instantly locked his gaze onto Qin Nan’s figure with his pair of reddened eyes while emitting a forceful murderous intent, and let out another roar and sprung toward him while accumulating a powerful force.

“Qin Nan, careful!”

Gong Yang and the others yelled.


Qin Nan raised his eyebrows, as his left eye emitted a faint green glow, causing it to burn ferociously.

“How bold!”

At that instant, an explosion was heard, as the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death reached out his skinny hand and slapped in the direction of the Disciplinary Hall Leader.


It was as if the surrounding space collapsed, emitting a thunderous crash as a pitch-black giant hand appeared and slapped downward.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader was startled. His figure came to a stop as he immediately lashed out countless powerful punches toward the giant hand.


A succession of explosions took place inside the Hall of Life and Death, resulting in terrifying gusts of wind that made it seem as if the hall was encapsulated within a huge tornado.

“This ain’t good…”

Some of the cultivators whose cultivation was only at the first or second-layer Xiantian Realm let out screams and dodged aside in a miserable state.

On the other hand, those with stronger cultivations wore pale faces, their hearts feeling a great shock.

“Leader of the Hall of Life and Death, stand aside. He killed my son, so he has to pay the price!” The Disciplinary Hall Leader roared as his figure was knocked ten steps backward.

“I’m sorry.” The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death wore a calm expression as he said, “Death is unavoidable for battles occurring in the Hall of Life and Death. Qin Nan is not guilty of killing your son. You shall not harm him here. This is the rule!”

“Rule my ass!’

The figure of the Disciplinary Hall Leader instantly expanded as if his body was filled with force, turning him into a tiny giant. He then lashed out a slap, producing a terrifying force aiming at the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death.

“Don’t you test my patience!”

A spark was seen in the eyes of the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death as if he was angry, who then grasped at the air with his left hand. A long spear which seemed to originate from hell appeared, causing the entire hall to be enclosed within immeasurable murderous intent.


The Disciplinary Hall Leader halted his attacks, as he could clearly feel a destructive force being concealed within the spear.

“Since you are one of the Hall Leaders of the Mystic Spirit Sect, I’ll let you go this time.” The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death spoke in a calm tone, “If you plan to kill Qin Nan, you can do it after he has left the Hall of Life and Death. Otherwise, I’m afraid my spear will show no mercy.”

“Well, well, well. I did not expect you to stand in my way just to protect this kid!”

The Disciplinary Hall Leader let out a hysterical laugh. Following this, he then uttered a deafening roar, “All elders and hall leaders, my beloved son is killed, and this asshole is stopping me from avenging my son. How long are you going to wait before showing yourselves?”

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