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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 233


Chapter 233: Chapter 233 - No Hesitation to Kill

Chapter 233 - No Hesitation to Kill

Inside the Hall of Life and Death, a one hundred and eighty foot long platform was located in the middle. The entire platform was built with a type of Atavistic Celestial Rock;even a battle between peak Martial Emperor Realm experts could never bring any harm to the platform.

The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death went up to the platform and floated at the center, “Stepping onto this platform is the same as placing your lives at stake. Let the battle begin!”

With a flick, Qin Nan’s figure swiftly landed onto the platform.

“Qin Nan, prepare to die!”

Peng Yu and Zhou Guili both let out a roar as their figures appeared on the platform while emitting eighth-layer Xiantian Realm auras enclosing their bodies, which produced a buzzing sound, showing how forceful their Qi was.

“I’ll only use a single attack!”

Qin Nan spoke in a calm tone while he drew out the ancient saber Ira from his storage bag

Although, in his eyes, he could easily defeat his foes using the Suppression of the divine God of Battle, he chose not to use it. He preferred to have a proper battle, which was the only way to convince the crowd of his strength!

“A single attack? Well, well, well, let’s see how smug you can be!”

Peng Yu and Zhou Guili both became furious.

As geniuses ranked in the top ten among the inner domain disciples, their talents were comparable to Leng Feng’s. However, this Qin Nan had not only challenged them both to fight him at the same time, he even boasted that he could defeat them with a single attack!

“Kun-peng[1] Absorbing Water!”

Peng Yu let out a roar as his Qi began to take the shape of a Kun-peng Beast, which uttered a cry upward while spurting a flooding stream.

“Heavenly Destructive Sword!”

Zhou Guili emitted a murderous aura while his Qi took the shape of a huge sword. In the middle of the sword gathered an incredible murderous intent.

At that instant, they both executed their strongest blow while dashing toward Qin Nan from both sides, locking their attacks onto Qin Nan when they were over sixty feet away from him, restricting his movements.

“Magical Air Rock!”

Soul Destruction Arrow!”

At that instant, two Mystical Weapons appeared behind their backs, with their powerful abilities unleashed.

“Martial Spirit unleashed!”

Peng Yu and Zhou Guili both uttered a roar, as ten golden rays were emitted from their backs, resulting in two ferocious-looking Martial Spirits appearing, causing the surrounding to quaver.

At that instant, everyone spectating the battle were astounded.

“They are using their strongest blows! They really are out of their minds!”

“Executing their attacks together with their Mystical Weapons while unleashing their Martial Spirits would thoroughly consume their Qi, which could cause severe damage to their bodies after the attacks!”

“They are definitely crazy, but their attacks combined is more than enough to kill a tenth-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator. Qin Nan is dead for sure.”


The crowd inhaled sharply after seeing this.

Gong Yang and the rest were startled. The power bursting out from these two tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit super-geniuses who were in frenzied states was utterly terrifying.

“Qin Nan…”

Gong Yang and the others clenched their fists tightly.


Peng Yu and Zhou Guili, both in frenzied states, transformed into two beams of light combining their strongest attacks, top-tier Mystical Weapons, and their Martial Spirits aiming at Qin Nan.

At that instant, a strong force was spread toward the surroundings, like countless thunderous shockwaves.

Despite that, Qin Nan moved at the same instant.

Showing no expression on his face, Qin Nan held the ancient saber Ira in his hand and took a step forward and swung his arm. A powerful Saber Intent was fired from the ancient saber Ira, which formed a terrifying stream of Saber Aura which shook the Heavens and Earth.

“This is…”

The murderous intent in the eyes of Peng Yu and Zhou Guili vanished, replaced by astonishment.

Their Qi, Mystical Weapons, and Martial Spirits felt like a tiny boat facing the slash, which would be devoured at any time.

The destructive force was enough to tremble their souls.


In the midst of their astonishment, the stream of Saber Intent instantly consumed their figures.

At that instant, their strongest attacks, their top-tier Mystical Weapons, and their Martial Spirits all were shattered by the stream of Saber Intent, as their bodies received a shocking impact!



Two cries of agony were heard at the same time, as the bodies of Peng Yu and Zhou Guili were sent flying and crashed into the ground, leaving them in a near-death state.

The single slash was enough to stun the entire crowd!


“Gasp, this slash, this slash…”

The disciples and elders at the scene could only feel their souls shivering, unable to say a single word.

Zhang Qian’s face was filled with a blank expression, who then went berserk after a short pause as he let out a scream, “How is this possible! How is this possible! Qin Nan, how is your cultivation now at the half-Martial Emperor Realm!”

The words were like a shocking grenade exploding in the Hall of Life and Death.

The half-Martial Emperor Realm was not terrifying, but everyone clearly knew that Qin Nan was only a second-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator a month ago!

Did that mean that his cultivation was raised to the half-Martial Emperor Realm in just a month’s time?

Even a core disciple with a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit would not be able to do so!

“Half-Martial Emperor Realm!”

Gong Yang and his group could feel their hearts shuddering violently!

Although they knew Qin Nan would pull off some kind of miracle, they could not have expected it to be a miracle of miracles!

Eight layers of improvement in just a month’s time!

At that instant, Peng Yu and Zhou Guili’s eyes were filled with fear as they shivered and shrieked, “Impossible, how is your cultivation at the half-Martial Emperor Realm? Your Martial Spirit is only tenth-grade Huang ranked, there’s no way…”

“You sure?”

Qin Nan remained expressionless as he approached Peng Yu and Zhou Guili one step at a time while holding onto his ancient saber which was accompanied by streams of growing murderous intent from his body.

At that instant, the crowd instantly recovered from their astonishment.

Zhang Qian’s face turned pale as he snapped, “Qin Nan, don’t you dare! They are both disciples of the Jun Alliance! Zhou Guili is also the son of the Disciplinary Hall Leader. If you were to kill him today, the Disciplinary Hall Leader would never forgive you!”

Gong Yang’s expression changed as he blurted out in a loud tone, “Qin Nan, it’s enough to cripple them, it’s not wise to kill them now!”

The crowd stared with their eyes open wide.

Was Qin Nan going to kill Zhou Guili and Peng Yu?

Was he insane?

Zhou Guili and Peng Yu sensed the murderous intent emitting from Qin Nan’s body. Zhou Guili even screamed, “Qin Nan, don’t kill me. Please kill Peng Yu instead! My father is the leader of the Disciplinary Hall, if you were to kill me, my father will never forgive you! Qin Nan, it’s my fault that all this happened, I’m willing to pledge allegiance to you from today onward, and I will not go against your will, or your friends’...”

Zhou Guili did not care about anything else apart from himself as death was approaching.

Peng Yu beside him was scared and furious at the same time. He was scared of approaching death, but furious at Zhou Guili for betraying him.

“Son of the Disciplinary Hall Leader? It would serve as a great trouble if I were to kill you…” Qin Nan mumbled to himself, before his expression turned cold, “Slash!”

The ancient saber in his hand slashed downward, resulting in the deaths of Zhou Guili and Peng Yu!

At that moment, the entire Hall of Life and Death fell into a dead silence!

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: A type of mystical beast in Chinese history—


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