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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 232


Chapter 232: Chapter 232 - Battling Against the Two Geniuses

Chapter 232 - Battling Against the Two Geniuses

The Hall of Life and Death!

Among the six halls of the Mystic Spirit Sect, the Hall of Life and Death was considered the most secretive and powerful. According to the rumors, the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death was only half a step away from the Martial Ancestor Realm. Even the Sect Leader would be respectful toward him.

From afar, the Hall of Life and Death was dark red in color, and seemed to be encapsulated within a huge invisible formation, giving it a chilly appearance.

Different from usual, currently there were two groups of people standing in front of the entrance to the Hall of Life and Death. Behind them was a crowd of elders and disciples making their way toward the hall, as if a grand occasion was about to take place.

“Who are the participants of the duel?” Before the entrance to the Hall of Life and Death sat an old man, who spoke with a rough voice without raising his eyebrows, despite the crowd gathering before him.

“Greetings, hall leader!”

“Greetings, hall leader!”

At that instant, Zhang Qian and Gong Yang’s groups, and few other elders stepped forward and spoke in a respectful tone.

The old man guarding the entrance turned out to be the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death!

“I asked, who are the participants of the duel?” The old man did not raise his eyebrows as he asked the question once again.

“I am!” Qin Nan took a step forward while placing his hands behind him, before he glanced at Zhang Qian’s group and said, “Those who are below Martial Emperor Realm are welcomed to challenge me. Who among you are seeking death?”

The crowd was left speechless. This Qin Nan is indeed scornful!

Gong Yang and the rest could not help but let out wry smiles. Qin Nan was indeed himself, showing no mercy to his opponents. That being said, their hearts were filled with a hint of anticipation.

Qin Nan, as always, would give them a surprise.

The question is, what kind of miracle would he pull off this time?

“How scornful! Senior Brother Peng Yu, Senior Brother Zhou Guili, this guy is not worthy enough to face you.” Behind Zhang Qian and his crew, a ferocious looking disciple took a step forward and snapped, “Allow me, Lee Baqiong, to deal with him!”

“Lee Baqiong?”

“It’s him! He managed to defeat an eighth-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator before!”

“Could Qin Nan match his strength?”


The surrounding disciples and elders began to discuss among themselves.

“Follow me to the Hall of Life and Death.” The Leader of the Hall of Life and Death rose from his seat and was about to lead the way.

“Hold on!”

Qin Nan uttered a shout, and then calmly spoke to everyone’s astonishment, “Lee Baqiong right? I’m sorry, I am not willing to fight you as you are not worthy enough to face me!”


The atmosphere in front of the entrance of the Hall of Life and Death turned lively, as the crowd was dumbfounded.

Isn’t this Qin Nan a little bit too smug?

Li Baqiong was someone who was capable of defeating an eighth-layer Xiantian Realm opponent. His strength should never be underestimated. Even Leng Feng with his previous strength from a month ago would be doubtful to battle against Li Baqiong.

“What? You dare to say that I’m not worthy enough…”

Li Baqiong became enraged.

He had heard about the incident where Qin Nan somehow forced Zhou Yang and his group to drop to their knees. However, he currently owned a Mystical Weapon with the name ‘Heart-Protecting Mirror’, which was efficient in preventing his thoughts from being manipulated. Hence, he was not afraid of Qin Nan’s sorcery.

“Kneel down!”

Before he could finish his words, Qin Nan’s left eye began to emit a green glow, as a strong Suppression of the divine God of Battle appeared like a surging tide.


A cry of agony could be heard as Li Baqiong dropped to his knees and trembled with a pale face, as if he had suddenly encountered great terror.

“Piss off!”

Qin Nan uttered another shout, as the invisible Suppression of the divine God of Battle was accumulated, taking a certain form before landing on Li Baqiong’s body.


With a loud explosion, Li Baqiong was sent flying as if he had just received a powerful blow, spurting blood from his mouth and landed eighteen feet away, leaving him unconscious.

At that instant, the lively crowd before the entrance to the Hall of Life and Death fell into a dead silence.

The elders and disciples stared ahead with their eyes open wide and their faces filled with astonishment.

Zhang Qian, Peng Yu, and Zhou Guili, in particular, were extremely astounded. Although they were told how Zhou Yang and his group had dropped to their knees before Qin Nan, it was more shocking when they personally witnessed how Qin Nan made Li Baqiong drop to his knees and sent him flying with just two shouts!

“Qin Nan…”

Gong Yang could not help but feel hot-blooded after the initial astonishment.

As expected of Qin Nan, crushing a seventh-layer Xiantian Realm genius with just two shouts. Who could stand against him?

“Hmm?” It was the first time that the Leader of the Hall of Life and Death showed some reaction, who immediately glanced toward Qin Nan and focused his attention on his left eye, before falling into deep thought.

Qin Nan continued to hold his hands behind him while he glanced at Zhang Qian’s group and calmly said, “Anyone below the Martial Emperor Realm that dares to fight me?”

The geniuses standing behind Zhang Qian fell quiet.

Although they could not stand Qin Nan’s smug attitude previously, their hearts were now filled with a hint of terror after witnessing his strength.

Even Peng Yu and Zhou Guili could feel their lips turning dry. From Qin Nan’s previous display of strength, his cultivation was most likely on par with the ninth-layer Xiantian Realm.

The Battle Intent in their hearts had thoroughly dissipated.

“Peng Yu, Zhou Guili, previously, you two were ballsy enough to accuse my friends of betraying the sect. Why are you scared now?” Qin Nan let out a sudden laugh, “If that’s the case, I will allow you two to fight me at once. Since there is not much difference between killing a person and killing two people!”

“Qin Nan!”

The previous excitement on Gong Yang and the others’ faces was replaced by a pale appearance.


The crowd could feel their lips twitching. Is this Qin Nan being too smug, challenging both Peng Yu and Zhou Guili at the same time?

Although they could not help but admit that Qin Nan was powerful, both Peng Yu and Zhou Guili were ranked in the top ten among the inner domain disciples, whose cultivations had reached the eighth-layer Xiantian Realm, not to mention that they possessed tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits, and many Mystical Weapons.

Qin Nan still stood a chance against facing one of them, but he would surely be committing suicide to face them both at the same time!


Peng Yu and Zhou Guili’s eyes were engulfed in flames of anger. There is no limit to this Qin Nan’s smug attitude. They both let out hysterical laughs, “Fine, since you dare to challenge us, we shall have a great fight with you!”

“Since a decision has been made, follow me into the hall. The duel shall take place inside the ring.” The leader of the Hall of Life and Death calmly spoke.

“Let’s go!”

Qin Nan turned around and entered the hall without glancing at his challengers, as if they were not worthy enough in his eyes.

“You two, make sure you crush him into pieces later!” Zhang Qian said while clenching his teeth. Even he felt furious upon seeing Qin Nan’s disdainful attitude.

“I will not forgive him!” Peng Yu and Zhou Guili clenched their fists tightly.

Everyone at the entrance began to enter the Hall of Life and Death.

In just a short period of time, the news regarding Qin Nan battling against the two geniuses was spread throughout the sect, resulting in an uproar, as more and more disciples and elders made their way to the Hall of Life and Death.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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