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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 229


Chapter 229: Chapter 229 - Insolent Oppression

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Chapter 229 - Insolent Oppression

Due to the fuss made by Zhang Qian’s group, and the secret promotion from the Jun Alliance, many disciples and elders began to gather at the Inner Domain Peak after hearing the news, including those from the Outer Domain Peak.

In just half the period it took for an incense to burn, the entire Inner Domain Peak was crowded with over six hundred people.

“A request from the Jun Alliance? What kind of request is it?”

Gong Yang withheld the anger in his heart.

If this Zhang Qian were to be so smug toward him at any other time, despite his weaker cultivation, he would not hold his anger back. However, his main focus now was to let Qin Nan escape safely from the Mystic Spirit Sect, staying away from the conflict to preserve his life.

“The request is simple. Since Qin Nan has injured ten disciples of the Jun Alliance, it would be enough if he were to hand over all his pills!”

Zhang Qian let out a hysterical laugh.

Peng Yu and Zhou Guili were not as patient as Zhang Qian, whose eyes were engulfed in lustful flames.

The crowd of elders and disciples were utterly stunned.

The Jun Alliance made such a fuss just to demand compensation for ten injured disciples?

Gong Yang and his crew was stunned too, whose eyebrows were then relieved, “If that’s the case, I’ll pay on his behalf.”

Not only Gong Yang, but everyone at the scene assumed Qin Nan to be quite poor at the moment.

In other words, the request from the Jun Alliance was surprisingly simple.

“You are going to pay?” Before Zhang Qian had the chance to speak, Peng Yu and Zhou Guili both took a step forward and snapped, “Qin Nan now has a total of five Xiantian Weapons and five hundred and forty Arcane Realm Stones. We are eager to know if Senior Brother Gong Yang is capable of paying such a fortune?”

The words felt like rumbling thunder to the crowd.

Everyone at the scene thought they had misheard the sentence.

Five Xiantian Weapons?

Five hundred and forty Arcane Realm Stones?

If these were to be exchanged into Martial Emperor Pills, that’s a total of over ten million Martial Emperor Pills;a terrifying sum indeed.


Gong Yang’s heart skipped a bit.

There was no doubt that the Jun Alliance was not pulling a prank on him making such a fuss by bringing this amount of people here. Did that mean that Qin Nan obtained a terrifying fortune in his recent trip away from the sect?

“Qin Nan, you…”

Gong Yang, Xiao Leng, and the others instinctively glanced at Qin Nan.

Qin Nan let out a cough and nodded his head, “Well, regarding this, I had yet to tell you guys about it. The five Xiantian Weapons and the five hundred and forty Arcane Realm Stones are indeed mine.”


Everyone at the scene reacted the same way, taking a deep breath and shuddering violently.

In their minds, they began to imagine the scene of Qin Nan taking out five Xiantian Weapons and five hundred and forty Arcane Realm Stones in one go, to such an extent that they could also imagine the scene of over ten million Martial Emperor Pills being piled up together.

Their imagination alone was enough to increase the speed of their blood flow and their heartbeats.

At that instant, they finally realized the reason why the Jun Alliance was treating it so seriously. Even the inner disciple elders and the Hall Leaders could not hold their ground after hearing this!

“This asshole, did he really retrieve the treasures at the Longhu Mountain Range when he was away for a month?”

Gong Yang cursed in his heart, but a smile appeared on his face with a hint of pride. Treasures meant nothing to him, but he was certain about something else. His brother Qin Nan was now even stronger!

“Zhang Qian, and you guys, I’m afraid you will be disappointed.”

Gong Yang swiftly calmed his thoughts and said in an unmerciful tone, “The Great Elder personally gave out the order, Qin Nan is no longer a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect. Furthermore, I have to remind you that the Honourable Elder is currently here at the third residence, and she is going to escort Qin Nan out from the Mystic Spirit Sect!”

With the words, not only did he reveal the Great Elder’s concern for Qin Nan’s safety, he even revealed that the Honourable Elder was here to protect him!

As expected, Zhang Qian, Peng Yu, and Zhou Guili all twisted their faces, as they instinctively looked in the direction of the third residence.

Similarly, the disciples and the elders also glanced at the third residence, their eyes showing a hint of intimidation.

That’s the Honourable Elder he is speaking of, who not only possesses a cultivation of the Martial Ancestor Realm, but a ruthless attitude too. Apparently, those who bumped into her, whether they were standing in her way or not, would suffer great misfortune, as all their possessions would be robbed clean. If you chose not to cooperate in the midst of being robbed, she would beat the crap out of you too.

In comparison to the respected reputation of the Great Elder, this Honourable Elder had a pretty ‘ferocious’ reputation!

“Damn it, I did not expect the Great Elder to rip him of his identity as a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, and even the Honourable Elder is here…”

Zhang Qian, Peng Yu, and Zhou Guili’s expression turned incredibly unpleasant.

Under such circumstances, it was most likely that the Honourable Elder would escort Qin Nan away from the sect. If that were to happen, the fortune worth over ten million Martial Emperor Pills would be out of their grasps.

“Hang on, it’s said that Qin Nan is one who values friendship. Even if we can’t pick on him, we could target those around him!”

Zhang Qian’s eyes flickered as an evil plan came up to his mind, who immediately secretly transmitted his voice into the minds of Peng Yu and Zhou Guili.

Peng Yu and Zhou Guili were both stunned for a moment, before their eyebrows eased as they came to a realization.

“HAHA, Junior Brother Qin Nan, what a surprise that you will be leaving the Mystic Spirit Sect soon, what a pity.” Zhang Qian let out a laugh all of a sudden, which immediately attracted the attention of the crowd. He then switched his gaze onto Qin Nan’s figure while licking his lips, “I’m utterly impressed. Not a bad move from you, to flee for your own sake, and have your friends bearing your sins!”

Throughout the whole process, Qin Nan remained silent, but his eyebrows were finally raised after hearing this.

“Zhang Qian, what are you trying to do…” Gong Yang snapped.

“Gong Yang, cut your bullshit. As a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, I now challenge you to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death!” A tremendous murderous intent was emitted from Zhang Qian’s body.


Gong Yang’s expression slightly changed. He had not expected this Zhang Qian to challenge him on the spot.

“You can of course reject it, but from today onward, I will hunt you down whenever I have the chance!” Zhang Qian said in a cold tone, “Let me give you a piece of advice, you should forever stay within the boundaries of the sect, if not, you will die!”

Before Gong Yang could say anything, Zhou Guili took a step forward and uttered a thunderous yell, “Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, from today onward, you two are no longer disciples of the Disciplinary Hall. Furthermore, by breaking the rules and having the intention to betray the sect, you two will be imprisoned for a hundred years as punishment!”

Zhou Guili then glanced at Huang Long and the others and said in a murderous tone, “As for you who are their accomplices, you all will be imprisoned for fifty years! In the meantime, you will face interrogation from the sect, and I now assign Peng Yu to be the inquisitor!”

Following this, Peng Yu took a step forward. He glanced at the crowd while licking his lips, giving him a hideous appearance.

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