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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 228


Chapter 228: Chapter 228 - The Geniuses Assemble

Chapter 228 - The Geniuses Assemble

At that instant, the entire Inner Domain Peak began to tremble from the shout, causing countless disciples and elders to appear as they were curious to know what was going on.

On the main pathway of the Inner Domain Peak, over twenty disciples could be seen making their way toward the third residence while emitting powerful auras, who all had cultivations above the sixth-layer Xiantian Realm!

A series of gasps could instantly be heard.

The surrounding elders and disciples were familiar with these disciples, as every single one of them were famous inner domain geniuses, who all possessed at least eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits.

When the crowd saw the two disciples leading the group, their expressions utterly changed.

“Isn’t that Peng Yu? Why is he here!”

“Isn’t that Zhou Guili, the son of the Disciplinary Hall Leader? Why is he here too?”

“What the f**k, aren’t these people all from the Jun Alliance? Could it be that they are here to trouble Qin Nan?”


The crowd immediately became excited after guessing the reason why the geniuses were here.

Everyone knew about the unresolvable conflict between Qin Nan and the Jun Alliance, but there was never an intense full-on battle against each other, which was now most likely to take place soon!

How will Qin Nan deal with this situation now?

...Meanwhile, inside the third residence...

Qin Nan, Gong Yang, and the others wore blank expressions on their faces after hearing the shout.

Following this, the expressions on Gong Yang and the rest’s faces immediately turned dull. They had not expected Qin Nan’s enemies to pay a visit at this moment.

“We’ll discuss it later. Let’s see who’s here.”

Qin Nan said with a calm expression.

Gong Yang and the others could not help but let out hollow laughs in their hearts. If it weren’t because of this ‘accident’, Qin Nan would most likely have accepted their suggestion, but it seems like things would to change now.

“In such a state of emergency, we should settle it as soon as possible. We can’t let Qin Nan stay in the Mystic Spirit Sect any longer!”

A thought came to Gong Yang’s mind, who swiftly rose from his seat and opened the door of the third residence to check what was happening.

With a glance, not only Gong Yang, Xiao Leng and the others were stunned too.

“What are you guys trying to do, bringing such a crowd here?” Gong Yang’s expression turned unpleasant, as he began to emit a Martial Emperor Realm’s suppression toward the surroundings.

“Yo, Senior Brother Gong Yang. I didn’t expect to see you here at the third residence.” Within the group of disciples, among the two young men leading them, one of them, who was wearing a pink robe, with a clean look and a slightly enchanting aura, ignored Gong Yang’s suppression and said with a smile, “It seems like there are quite a number of people here. Let me introduce myself, I’m Zhou Guili, pleased to meet you all.”

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun both shivered.

The name Zhou Guili was all too familiar for them, as he was the son of the Disciplinary Hall Leader, who was also ranked in the top ten among the inner domain disciples, although it was their first time meeting him in person.

“I’m Peng Yu, pleased to meet Senior Brother Gong Yang.” The other young man in the lead had a grim face and brought his fists together, showing no sign of respect.

Huang Long, Mo Zishan, and Xu You were astounded. They were incredibly familiar with this Peng Yu, who was ranked third among the inner domain disciples. He was supposed to take the spot of the third residence, but it was granted to Qin Nan for passing the Trial of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

After Peng Yu had been notified of such, he did mention that even if Leng Feng did not challenge Qin Nan to a duel, he would be more than happy to do so in his place.

“I don’t care who you two are, what are your intentions, bringing this group of people here.” Gong Yang’s eyes turned incredibly sharp, “You can all leave now, and I will not hold you guys accountable for what just happened!”

Zhou Guili and Peng Yu’s eyes glistened.

They had brought over twenty disciples here to trouble Qin Nan, but they had not expected Gong Yang to be here too.

At that instant, a sudden laugh could be heard coming from a distance, trembling the Heavens and Earth, “HAHA, little brother Gong Yang, it’s been a while. It seems like you are imperious as usual!”


A figure approached them from the sky at a high speed and floated in mid-air before them.

The person was wearing a golden robe, with carvings of dragons and phoenixes on his sleeves. He carried a huge golden sword on his back, and his eyes were gloomy as if they were emitting a green glow, which formed an obvious contrast to his luxury clothing.

“Zhang Qian!” Gong Yang’s face turned pale.

Chatter broke out among the surrounding disciples and the elders of the Inner Domain Peak after hearing the name.

“Even Zhang Qian is here?”

“My god, he is ranked second among the inner disciples. Since when did he join the Jun Alliance!”

“What a surprise, with this many inner disciple geniuses and inner domain geniuses, it will be a spectacular show!”


As soon as Zhang Qian appeared, and after the crowd recovered from their astonishment, everyone began to realize a huge problem, Shit’s about to go down!

The Jun Alliance is not here for a friendly hangout!

“Pleased to meet Senior Brother Zhang Qian!”

Peng Yu and Zhou Guili withdrew their expressions and brought their fists together respectfully, a completely different reaction when they had seen Gong Yang.

Zhan Qiang acknowledged their greetings and glanced down at Gong Yang standing in mid-air, “Gong Yang, I’m here for Qin Nan. This has nothing do with you;leave at once.”

The atmosphere of the scene intensified after these words were spoken.

With Zhang Qian as the leader, Peng Yu, Zhou Guili, and the genius disciples behind them had their gazes locked onto the third residence, as they began to emit a faint Battle Intent.

On the other hand, Gong Yang, with Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, and the others standing behind him wore unpleasant expressions.

As for Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast, they were not interested at all, and both remained inside the third residence while observing the situation.

When he saw the menacing group of people, Qin Nan, who was in the center of the thunderstorm, could feel his eyes flickering with flames, which began to grow stronger as time went by.

Gong Yang clenched his fists tight and let out a dull roar with a stern look, “Zhang Qian, there was no conflict between you and Qin Nan, why are you troubling him? Qin Nan is my brother. I hope that you will show me some respect today. As for Peng Yu, Zhou Guili, and the rest, if you guys are willing to compromise I, Gong Yang, am willing to owe each of you a favor!”

At that instant, Gong Yang realized that Zhang Qian, Peng Yu, Zhou Guili, and the rest were most likely here on Ouyang Jun’s orders. As such, he must try his best to avoid the battle from happening.

Outside of his expectations, Zhan Qian let out a hysterical laugh and said, “Gong Yang, I can show you some respect, but your brother Qin Nan must accept the Jun Alliance’s request. If not, you also will be eliminated!”

Peng Yu and Zhou Guili both let out a hollow laugh, as a murderous aura burst out from them.

The atmosphere of the scene abruptly grew heavy.

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