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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 227


Chapter 227: Chapter 227 - A Message from Old Shan

Chapter 227 - A Message from Old Shan

“Stop right there!”

Li Hong’s expression changed as she snapped, “Ouyang Jun, your father is still in the process of leveling up to the Martial Dominator Realm. We have yet to know the outcome. If you were to challenge Qin Nan at this time, you would surely be punished by the Great Elder and the Honourable Elder.”


Li Hong’s words felt like a bucket of cold water pouring down on Ouyang Jun’s head, awakening him.

“I forgot about that.” Ouyang Jun withdrew his murderous intent and said with a gloomy expression, “However, I shall not let Qin Nan have his way. Since I can’t do it myself, it’s time for the geniuses of the Jun Alliance to prove their usefulness! If Qin Nan were to have a sense of self-acknowledgment, I will spare his pathetic life. Otherwise, tell the geniuses of the Jun Alliance to fight him at the Hall of Life and Death, there’s no way he can survive that!”

Li Hong’s expression returned to calm, “As long as you are not involved.”

After hearing this, Xiao Qingxue’s face was filled with a hint of hopelessness and a slight struggle.



...Inside the third residence...

Qin Nan straightened his face and slowly spoke, “You guys are asking me to flee?”

“Well, can’t say it’s fleeing.” Gong Yang let out a wry smile in his heart, as he knew there were no other alternatives, who said while clenching his teeth, “Since the Sect Leader is trying to break the barrier of the Martial Dominator Realm, even though there is no way of knowing if he will succeed or not, as a precaution, you should temporarily leave the Mystic Spirit Sect. If the Sect Leader ends up failing, you can return then.”

“Qin Nan, don’t feel that it’s shameful to do so, a true man knows when to yield or not.”

Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, and the rest spoke too, “We all know that you are a prideful, fearless person who never lower your head. However, it is different this time, your choice of leaving is just temporary. As the saying goes, yielding for a moment would calm the wind and the wave. Take a step back, and you will find the sea to be broad and the sky to be clear!”

This was the purpose of Gong Yang and the rest paying him a visit.

They hoped Qin Nan would leave the sect and hide for a period, and plan his next step accordingly based on how the situation developed.

Only then would Qin Nan’s safety be guaranteed.

Qin Nan felt a warmth breeze flowing within his heart after hearing the words. He knew that Gong Yang and the rest were concerned for his safety.

“One more thing, I didn’t tell you guys before.” Qin Nan did not agree to their suggestions straight away, “The reason I conceded was because someone asked me to do so. She has been doing me lots of favors, thus there was no way I could reject her request.”

Gong Yang and the rest were startled.

They initially thought Qin Nan chose to surrender after knowing this shocking news, but they did not expect it to be an act of repaying one’s kindness.

They were not stupid, they could easily tell that the person was most likely to be Xiao Qingxue!

Gong Yang let out a deep breath and wore a stern look on his face, “Qin Nan, I know what you are implying with your words. You are trying to tell us that you never wanted to back off. However, it’s different this time. People are already being so smug even before the Sect Leader has become a Martial Dominator. Once he succeeds, it would serve as a calamity for those who stand in his way, especially you! Therefore, for once, you should leave the Mystic Spirit Sect!”

“If you are not willing to, please do it anyway on account of our friendship. I beg you to leave the sect.”

It was the first time for Qin Nan to detect a hint of imploring from Gong Yang’s eyes.

“Qin Nan, we beg you to leave the Mystic Spirit Sect too!”

Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, Huang Long, Mo Zishan, and Xu You all spoke without any hesitation.

Qin Nan’s heart shuddered, as he had not expected Gong Yang and the rest to act in such a way. In the midst of being touched, he could not help but hollowly laughed in his heart.

What should I do now?

Should I reject the request of my friends?

As a matter of fact, Qin Nan could not feel any sense of intimidation in his heart.

So what if the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect succeeds or fails, what business do I have with him?

My life is like rowing a boat against the current, despite the terrifying surge, I shall be myself at all times. Even facing against countless enemies, I will never put down the saber in my hand.

In Qin Nan’s eyes, if he were to flee from the Mystic Spirit Sect just because the Sect Leader became a Martial Dominator, it would be the greatest shame in his life to commit such a cowardly act.

The problem is, how should I reject their request?

Princess Miao Miao and Longhu Ancestor Beast glanced at Qin Nan with interest. They were keen to know what decisions Qin Nan would make, who had just merged with a godly object.

As the ambiance in the third residence gradually intensified, the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge on Qin Nan’s waist began to buzz all of a sudden, while emitting a bright red glow.

“This is…”

Qin Nan was startled.

The others’ attention was attracted by it too.

The Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge began to emit countless red glowing dots which danced in mid-air, forming a blurry figure of an old man, who turned out to be Old Shan!

As soon as Old Shan appeared, he immediately stared at Qin Nan with a serious look and said, “Qin Nan, things are getting serious, now is not the time to play around! You must leave the Mystic Spirit Sect at once, the further the better! Remember, this is not a request, it’s an order. You have to leave! As the Great Elder, I now erase your identity as a disciple! From now onward, you are no longer a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect!”

“Old Shan!”

Qin Nan was stunned, he had not expected Old Shan to expel him from the Mystic Spirit Sect just to make him leave.

Old Shan glanced at him and let out a sigh, before saying in an aging tone, “Child, you are the most talented disciple I’ve seen in my life, and you have an indescribable charm to you as you manage to pull off one miracle after another. Even if it’s only a one--a-hundred chance, I will not allow you to risk your life, hence you must leave. Come back when you are stronger, and remember my words, as long as the mountains still exist…”

After saying this, Old Shan’s figure dissipated in the air.

The entire third residence fell into a dead silence.

Even Gong Yang and the rest did not expect Old Shan to act like this.

At the same time, from Old Shan’s tone, it seemed like things were getting worse, which further convinced them to stay firm in their decision.

“Qin Nan…”

Gong Yang spoke in a dull tone, “Don’t blame Old Shan, he is doing it for your good. Just like he said, with your outstanding talents, your future does not stop here at the small Mystic Spirit Sect. With all the infighting which is going on, even if there is a Martial Dominator who eliminates the other three sects, what is going to happen after that? As long as the people are not united, its future won’t be bright. On the other hand, your potential is unlimited. Leaving the Mystic Spirit Sect is the best choice for you, and yielding sometimes is a must in the Martial World…”

Xiao Leng and the rest who stood behind Gong Yang all nodded their heads.

After seeing this, Qin Nan’s heart sank to the bottom. Now Old Shan had expelled him from the Mystic Spirit Sect, forcing him to leave, not to mention that Gong Yang and the rest of his friends all intended for him to leave too!

What choice do I have?

Should I run away like a coward, or stay and go against the will of Old Shan and the others?


Qin Nan was about to speak when a rare occurrence took place.

A huge chatter could be heard outside of the residence, as a powerful aura burst out within the Inner Domain peak, following a thunderous roar which swept across the sky.

“Qin Nan, get your ass out here right now!”

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