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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 226


Chapter 226: Chapter 226 - The Emergence of the Storm

Chapter 226 - The Emergence of the Storm

Martial Dominator—the dominator in the Martial World!

Not even a single Martial Dominator expert could be found among the top four sects!

After becoming a Martial Dominator, one was granted the strength to go anywhere he pleased within the entire lower district!

That being said, it was extremely difficult for one to achieve the Martial Dominator Realm, with a minimum requirement of a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Even one with a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit would need certain opportunities and support from countless people to be able to reach that height!

At least within the Luohe Kingdom, in the past one hundred years, no one was able to reach the Martial Dominator Realm!

When Gong Yang, Xiao Leng, and the rest heard about this, they finally realized why the prideful Qin Nan had chosen to surrender. As everyone knew, the Sect Leader and the Great Elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect were enemies with each other. If the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect managed to become a Martial Dominator, he would definitely crush anyone standing in his way after returning to the sect.

If Qin Nan were to battle against Leng Feng, regardless of the outcome of the battle, his relationship with Ouyang Jun would worsen, resulting in endless trouble. When the time came, not even the Great Elder or the Honourable Elder would be able to protect Qin Nan.

“Wow!” At that instant, the Longhu Ancestor Beast let out a shriek, with an exaggerated expression, “Such a shit sect, but someone has a chance of reaching the Martial Dominator Realm? Impressive, splendid, what a thing to witness…” The Longhu Ancestor Beast could not keep up his acting anymore as he was so disgusted by it, and rolled his eyes and exhaled deeply using his nose, “Humph!”

He had initially thought that something fascinating was about to happen, but it turned out to be only someone leveling up to a Martial Dominator.

And the outcome was still yet to be determined!

Gong Yang and the others wore dumbfounded expressions. They had not expected this young man who had two lumps on his forehead to react in such a way, as if a Martial Dominator was nothing worth mentioning.

“Levelling up to the Martial Dominator Realm?”

Qin Nan’s eyes glistened. He finally knew why Xiao Qingxue had asked him to surrender, and the reason why Ouyang Jun had been acting so ruthless and disdainful. This was because the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect was undergoing a tribulation to reach the Martial Dominator Realm.

“Qin Nan, it seems like you have no clue how powerful a Martial Dominator is. In the history of the Mystic Spirit Sect, apart from the current Sect Leader who holds a chance of becoming one, there was only a single Martial Dominator expert more than a hundred years ago.” Gong Yang glanced at the Longhu Ancestor Beast and said in a dull tone, “Apparently when that senior became a Martial Dominator, he immediately slew three Martial Ancestor Realm Great Elders from the Flying Sword Sect, in less than a period of sixty breaths!”

“Sixty breaths?”

Qin Nan was astonished.

He didn’t have any idea how strong a Martial Dominator Realm expert was, but Gong Yang’s words clearly gave him an understanding of how imperious a Martial Dominator was.

“Able to defeat three Martial Ancestor Realm experts within a period of sixty breaths?” The Longhu Ancestor Beast wore a curious look, “Since when could a shitty sect like yours have such an outstanding genius? An ordinary Martial Dominator wouldn’t even have such strength.”

“Yeah, however, he disappeared after he brought the blood bath to the Flying Sword Sect. It is said that he went to the lower district over a hundred years ago, but nobody has yet to hear news about him. According to the aged elders of our sect, it is likely that he has fallen in the lower district…”

Gong Yang instinctively let out a sigh, but he soon recovered from it and glared at the Longhu Ancestor Beast. Now was not the time to speak nonsense, as he glanced at Qin Nan with a serious look, “Although it is extremely difficult to level up to the Martial Dominator Realm, if the Sect Leader succeeds, it would serve as a disaster! Therefore, you must now leave the sect as soon as possible. Judging on Ouyang Jun’s personality, he would never forgive you! Hence, we all hope that you will…”

Gong Yang hesitated before saying in a serious tone, “Leave the sect!”



...Meanwhile, at the first residence of the Inner Domain Peak...

Li Hong received a letter from a disciple, whose pupils contracted and expression utterly changed after reading it.

“What is it?” An evil grin appeared on Ouyang Jun’s face as he said, “This Qin Nan should feel ashamed now after he has thoroughly robbed, right? This is what he gets for going against me!”

Xiao Qingxue’s eyes were filled with a worried look.

Li Hong ignored Ouyang Jun’s words, and inhaled deeply before she spoke, “Qin Nan bumped into Zhou Yang and his gang, and with a shout, they all dropped to their knees before him. It seems like their condition is still unstable…”


Ouyang Jun’s voice turned incredibly sharp, “Zhou Yang is a seventh-layer Xiantian Realm super genius, with nine others who are all sixth-layer Xiantian Realm, but they were all defeated by Qin Nan with a single sentence? How long was Qin Nan away from the sect, to improve from his previous strength of the second-layer Xiantian Realm, allowing him to surpass a seventh-layer Xiantian Realm opponent?”

Li Hong glanced at him while speaking in a shocked tone, “Not only that, Qin Nanafter being troubled by Vice-Leader Zhangtook out five Xiantian Weapons and five hundred and forty Arcane Realm Stones!”


Ouyang Jun’s body shuddered violently as an aura burst out from it, producing a loud thump.

Even as the son of the Sect Leader, he was utterly stunned at that instant.

Five Xiantian Weapons and five hundred and forty Arcane Realm Stones, are you f**king kidding me?

Xiao Qingxue’s face was also filled with utter astonishment.

“Damn it, damn it, this Qin Nan surely found the treasures in the Longhu Mountain Range!” Ouyang Jun let out a curse after taking a significant amount of time to recover from the shock.

The top four sects did know about the rare phenomenon taking place at the Longhu Mountain Range. However, since the Longhu Ancestor Beast served as the guardian of the Longhu Mountain Range, the top four sects were hesitant to involve themselves and chose to be spectators. They totally gave up on the thought after learning about the loss which the Four Great Clans suffered.

Qin Nan was exactly nearby the Longhu Mountain Range when he went back to his clan to do his quests!

In just less than a month’s time, there was only one possible explanation as to why Qin Nan now possessed such an outstanding strength and wealth—he had some fortunate encounters in the Longhu Mountain Range!

“Qin Nan, you never cease to amaze me!” A shockingly murderous intent was emitted from Ouyang Jun’s body, “I’m afraid he will be the first one to be slain by me after I became a Martial Emperor!”

Even as the son of the Sect Leader, he could no longer remain calm after hearing about the fortune which Qin Nan possessed, due to the rising greed in his heart.

Furthermore, this Qin Nan also held the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion; he was exactly a walking Treasure Vault!

Therefore, Ouyang Jun showed no hesitation with his plan to harm Qin Nan.

“Ouyang Jun!” Xiao Qingxue’s expression utterly changed, “If you dare to hurt him, I’d kill myself rather than marrying you for the rest of my life!”

Ouyang Jun turned his head around and snapped, “Shut up bitch, don’t you threaten me. You are only worthy when I need you. If I don’t, I can abandon you at any time!”

After saying this, Ouyang Jun’s aura burst out from his body, with a strong sense of murderous intent.

“Move! Let’s head to the third residence!”

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