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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 223


Chapter 223: Chapter 223 - Drop to your Knees

Chapter 223 - Drop to Your Knees

Even the Longhu Ancestor Beast had been scared to death when the Suppression of the divine God of Battle was unleashed, not to mention the fact that the old man was only a mere Xiantian Realm cultivator.

If Qin Nan had not drawn back most of its power, the old man would instantly have turned into a simpleton after his soul was damaged.

“You...What are you doing, stand up now!”

The other nine old men blurted out after recovering from the shock.

Under Qin Nan’s control, he could easily restrict the target and the area of effect of the suppression. Only the old man could experience the Suppression of the divine God of Battle;the others were not aware of it.

“What is it, are you guys trying to harm me too?” Qin Nan coldly glanced at them.

The nine old men were instantly scared to death and shook their heads. Despite the fact that they had no idea how Qin Nan had done it, they clearly knew it was something they could not match. They had no intention of kneeling down in front of the crowd as it was too embarrassing.

“That’s enough, let the one in charge behind-the-scenes reveal himself—I have no interest in you guys.” Qin Nan calmly said.

“We...We don’t have anyone pulling strings behind us…”

The nine old men said while biting their tongues. They could not bear to face the consequences if they revealed his identity.

Following this, a loud laugh could be heard all of a sudden, “HAHAHA, this is interesting. The famous genius Qin Nan is bullying a bunch of old folks here in the Treasure Trading Department!”

The crowd instantly turned their heads toward the intruder.

A plump man with a pair of squinting eyes could be seen approaching them, with a gold chain hanging on his waist. Behind him were a total of nine inner domain disciples whose cultivation had reached the sixth-layer Xiantian Realm, resulting in a magnificent scene, and even causing the crowd to make a way for them as they arrived.

The scene instantly attracted the attention of the entire crowd of disciples on the first floor of the Treasure Vault.

“Isn’t that Qin Nan?”

“The f**k, what is going on, isn’t that Zhou Yang?”

“Something epic is about to happen!”


The atmosphere on the first layer of the Treasure Vault was immediately lit up.

No further description was needed for the famous Qin Nan. This Zhou Yang was well known among the disciples too;a super genius who was ranked in the top ten within the inner domain disciples, who was also a member of the Jun Alliance.

Qin Nan wore a calm expression, and glanced at Zhou Yang and discovered his cultivation to be at the seventh-layer Xiantian Realm and his Martial Spirit to be tenth-grade Huang ranked. Besides that, he also had three Mystical Weapons on him, and some kind of drug specifically to be used against females. This drug emitted an exceedingly different aura than the other pills, hence Qin Nan could immediately sense its presence.

Not that Qin Nan was proud of himself, but a dirty-minded person like Zhou Yang was never someone he was interested in.

“It seems like you are under Ouyang Jun’s command, right?” Qin Nan did not even raise his eyebrows as he said, “I’ll give you a chance to leave right now. Otherwise, don’t blame me for showing no mercy.”



The crowd could not help but took a deep breath. Qin Nan was indeed himself, being scornful and lawless even under such circumstances.

“How nice, ‘showing me no mercy’!”

Zhou Yang’s face turned cold as he said, “What do you, Qin Nan, have apart from being boastful? You challenged Senior Brother Leng Feng to a duel, but ran away because you were scared of death. Should I remind you of that? I’m too lazy to waste my time with a coward like you, I’ll give you…”

If it were before, he would not face Qin Nan with such an attitude, as he was not stupid himself.

However, the tide had changed, and Qin Nan was not as intimidating now!

Therefore, Zhou Yang did not hesitate to follow Ouyang Jun’s order: to appear in an eye-catching fashion to attract everyone’s attention, and the next step was then to bring total shame to Qin Nan’s reputation.

Before he could finish, Qin Nan immediately waved his hand and interrupted him in a cold tone, “Zhou Yang, is it? Do you know that I have a principle, that my opponents should kneel down when they talk to me?”

Therefore, you guys should drop to your knees before talking to me.”

At that instant, the crowd was dumbfounded.

Kneel down before talking?

Qin Nan demanded Zhou Yang and the rest kneel down when they speak?

How...How...How scornful is that!


Outside of everyone’s expectations, Zhou Yang burst out laughing, but it was a hysterical one, as he said, “Nice one, Qin Nan. You dare to humiliate the members of the Jun Alliance in public! According to the rules of the Jun Alliance, you should be slain on the spot! Since you are the disciple of the Great Elder, and a super genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, I’ll spare your life and cripple you instead!”

“Do it!”

Zhou Yang uttered a roar, and emitted a powerful aura. His movements turned agile and ferocious.

The nine disciples behind him all let out hideous laughs and began to gather their Qi, preparing to execute their powerful blows or draw out their Mystical Weapons.

Following this, strong gusts of wind were formed together with mystical flashes, as countless of attacks began to land upon Qin Nan.

The crowd of disciples halted their breath as their eyes were locked onto the scene before them, not willing to miss a single detail.

Such a scene was incredibly rare to witness.

“Strange, strange, why is the Jun Alliance so smug, daring to attack me straight away!”

Qin Nan thought to himself. His figure did not move despite facing the approaching attacks, as he suddenly spoke, “Since you guys are so unwise, I shall do it myself—drop to your knees!”

His left eye instantly emitted a huge glow, as a terrifying suppression was emitted, penetrating the souls of Zhou Yang and the rest.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

A weird scene took place, as the previously murderous Zhou Yang and the other nine disciples suddenly halted their movements within six feet of Qin Nan and uttered cries of agony, and began to shiver while their faces were filled with utter terror.

With a series of thumps, Zhou Yang and the nine disciples all dropped to their knees.


The disciples felt their brains buzzing after seeing this, and their eyes opened wide and their jaws dropped, unable to find any words to describe their astonishment.

What was happening?

Why did Zhou Yang and the others drop to their knees?

What did Qin Nan do, to have such a terrifying ability?

At that instant, everyone instantly inhaled a mouthful of air, while shuddering violently.

Qin Nan remained expressionless as he glanced at Zhou Yang—who was on his knees—and calmly said, “What is it? Being obedient now? You didn’t obey my order in the first place, forcing me to do it myself. Besides, aren’t you trying to cripple me? What are you waiting for?”

Zhou Yang and the nine disciples could feel their teeth clattering. In their eyes, Qin Nan was like a demon, bringing utter terror to them. Their only thought now was to escape from here!

“What is it, why aren’t you answering my question?”

Qin Nan uttered an imperious roar, as his left eye locked onto Zhou Yang’s figure, gathering the suppression and firing it into Zhou Yang’s soul like a pile of invisible mountains.


An exceedingly miserable cry could be heard.

Under everyone’s attention, Zhou Yang’s fearful expression twisted, as a trail of blood flowed out from his mouth. Leaving him in such a miserable state that it causing the crowd to feel a hint of terror.


Qin Nan shook his head and closed his left eye.


Zhou Yang and the nine disciples felt a pleasant sound in their brains, as their souls returned to their previous positions, waking them up from the shock. They were completely covered in sweat, and could feel themselves to be extremely weak as they fell to the ground, losing their previous scornful attitude.

Their gazes toward Qin Nan made them feel like they were looking at a devil, leaving them utterly terrified.

The crowd might have no idea, but they had experienced it. Just a moment ago, they could feel an incredible pressure, resulting in an indescribable sense of terror.

Qin Nan turned his head around toward the nine old men and said, “Get rid of this stuff for me. Paying me one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills is enough.”

“Sure, sure, sure…”

The nine old men were utterly terrified after seeing the previous scene. They immediately proceeded to get the pills, as they were no longer brave enough to reject him.

Meanwhile, a shocking roar could be heard.

“How dare you!”

Following the roar, a Martial Emperor aura could be felt, indicating the person to be a Martial Emperor Realm expert!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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