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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 222


Chapter 222: Chapter 222 - Conflict

Chapter 222 - Conflict

...Meanwhile, at the first residence of the Inner Domain Peak...

“According to intel, Qin Nan went to the Hall of Fame just now.” Li Hong calmly spoke, “He went there to complete a quest, and came into contact with Ma Qian, who is ranked fourth among the inner disciples. Ma Qian rejected to answer when our people asked him questions.”

“Let it be,” Ouyang Jun grinned, “This Qin Nan is so poor now that he has to complete quests in order to earn pills.”

Xiao Qingxue who was standing aside shuddered violently, but remained silent.

“Furthermore, Qin Nan is now heading to the Treasure Vault. It seems like he is planning to sell his treasures.” Li Hong said.

“Is he?”

Ouyang Jun held his chin with his hand as his eyes flickered coldly, “If he is so eager for pills, I’ll not let him have his way. Send a message to the Treasure Vault and send someone over to deal with Qin Nan, and rob him of all his possessions.”

“Ouyang Jun!” Xiao Qingxue immediately rose and snapped, “Didn’t you promise me not to harm Qin Nan anymore? Why are you going back on your words?”

“Am I harming him?” Ouyang Jun let out a hollow laugh, “Xiao Qingxue, I’m telling you, don’t you use that tone to speak with me. I’m just robbing his pills. I’m merciful enough not to kill him! Don’t you force me to do so!”


Xiao Qingxue’s eyes were engulfed in fire, who then helplessly sank into her chair with a dull expression after a slight ponder.



After Qin Nan left the Hall of Fame, he headed straight to the first floor of the Treasure Vault.

The first floor was immersed in a huge chatter, as countless disciples crowded the place, causing it to feel lively.

Qin Nan withdrew his aura and came to a section known as the ‘Treasure Trading Department’. As the name suggested, it was a place specifically classified by the Treasure Vault for disciples to sell the treasures they came upon.

Within the Treasure Trading Department, ten old men were sitting. Despite the fact they all only possessed a cultivation of the Xiantian Realm, their eyes were extremely sharp, capable of thoroughly analyzing the treasures each disciple handed over, and suggested the lowest price possible.

Qin Nan came to an old man and brought his fists together, “Senior, I would like to sell some Martial Skills and Mystical Weapons.”

“Martial Skills and Mystical Weapons?” The old man was startled, who glanced up and down at Qin Nan, and found him to look familiar. He then recollected the order he was given a moment ago, and said, “Tell me your name, and your ranking!”

Qin Nan frowned slightly.

He never knew there was such a rule at the Treasure Trading Department, but he did not hesitate for long, as he calmly replied, “I am Qin Nan, who lives at the third residence of the Inner Domain Peak.”

His voice was not loud, but all the disciples and the old men within the entire Treasure Trading Department were able to hear his words.

At that instant, the noisy Treasure Trading Department fell into silence.

Every disciple and the old men glanced at Qin Nan with a surprised look.

They had heard the news regarding Qin Nan’s return, but they did not expect to see him at the Treasure Trading Alliance.

“Oh?” The old man soon collected his thoughts, and calmly said, “So you are Qin Nan. I’ve heard your name since a while ago. Show me the Martial Skills and Mystical Weapons.”

Qin Nan could tell something was strange, but he did not overthink it, as he immediately took out the Heirloom Martial Skills of the Four Great Clans and placed them on the table.

The Sun Moon Bracelet, the Underworld Ocean Orb, the Dong Dragon Spear, and the Emperor Slaying Sword, and the other Mystical Weapons were placed in a pile too.

The disciples inhaled sharply after seeing this.

“What the f**k, eight Mystical Weapons, with four of them being top-tier Mystical Weapons!”

“I’m afraid those Martial Skills are nothing ordinary either.”

“What a magnificent scene here.”


The ten old men who were in charge of inspecting treasures were filled with astonishment too.

“Hmm, not bad, these are some fascinating Martial Skills.” The old man swiftly scanned the pile of treasures and wore a complimentary look, “These Mystical Weapons are great too, especially these four which possess great power, but…”

The old man’s tone turned cold, “These four Mystical Weapons were severely damaged, hence their powers are no longer in their best state. The other Mystical Weapons suffered certain damages too, and these Heirloom Martial Skills, although powerful, are still incomparable with the Martial Skills we have in the Mystic Spirit Sect.”

Qin Nan did not show any sign of annoyance while he nodded his head. These Mystical Weapons were indeed damaged by him in the battle.

“Senior, please offer me a price.” Qin Nan said.

The disciples crowded around Qin Nan, their eyes glistened but they all remained quiet, as they were aware that something was not right.

Qin Nan might not know the rules, but they were familiar with them. The Treasure Trading Department never asked anyone for their name or ranking. Besides, these eight Mystical Weapons, although damaged, together with these Heirloom Martial Skills were definitely a huge deal, which would require an elder to process the transaction.

Now that an elder had not arrived, and this insignificant deacon speaking in a cold tone, were enough to hint that something was not right.

“These things are not bad.” The old man wore a smile on his face, “Since you have earned quite a significant amount of fame for the sect, we are willing to buy these things for a thousand Martial Emperor Pills!”

After hearing the words, the surrounding disciples wore expressions saying: “Just as expected”.

Qin Nan immediately let out a hysterical laugh after hearing this, “A thousand Martial Emperor Pills? You are courageous enough to offer this price. I’m calling you a senior because I respected your knowledge. Don’t you take it for granted. I’ll make this straight, I am not one to be bullied easily.”

Qin Nan was not stupid. He could easily tell that someone was trying to give him trouble.

These Heirloom Martial Skills alone were worth thirty thousand Martial Emperor Pills. The Mystical Weapons combined were worth at least fifty thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

This was only the guaranteed price.

And this old man only offered a price of one thousand Martial Emperor Pills?

This was no different than robbery!

“You!” The old man became enraged, and his face turned cold, “I’m telling you, Qin Nan, you better apologize. If not, you won’t even get a single Martial Emperor Pill in return!”

The other old men’s eyes glistened.

“You sure?”

Qin Nan calmly gazed at him and said, “I’ll give you one last chance. Be honest and exchange all these for the proper amount of pills. Otherwise, instead of speaking while standing, you will be kneeling on the ground before me!”

“Well, well, you are quite the lawless type, brave enough to harm me in the sect! I would like to see how you are going to deal with me!”

The old man was engulfed in flames of anger.

If it were before, he would be fearful of Qin Nan’s background, but it was not the same now. He no longer feared Qin Nan.

The surrounding disciples stared with their eyes open wide and their jaws dropped. They all had heard the rumors of how scornful Qin Nan was, but it was their first time witnessing it with their own eyes.

“Who said I was going to harm you?” Qin Nan uttered a sudden laugh, “You will feel ashamed of your unjust attitude, and you will kneel down before me to repent!”

The crowd was stunned.

What is Qin Nan talking about?

Ashamed of his unjust attitude, and kneel down to repent?

The enraged old man let out a hysterical laugh, “It seems like you Qin Nan are just a junior full of bullshit. Kneeling down after feeling ashamed? I think your brain is kicked by a…[1]

Before he could finish, a sudden thunderous roar was heard, “Kneel down!”

The pitch-black eyeball in Qin Nan’s left eye turned green in color, as a terrifying suppression was emitted.

Eye-technique: the Suppression of the divine God of Battle!


Under everyone’s gaze, the old man let out a cry of agony as if he had just encountered the most terrifying scene of his life. His face filled with utter terror, and with a thump, his knee landed heavily onto the floor, as his body shivered.

The crowd was dumbfounded after seeing this.

What was going on?

Qin Nan only lets out a shout, and this guy actually kneeled down on the floor before him?

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Your brain is kicked by a donkey - a popular saying, similar to ‘You are out of your mind’.


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