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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 221


Chapter 221: Chapter 221 - Exchange for Pills

**Chapter sponsored with thanks to Alucard and Douie**

Chapter 221 - Exchange for Pills

“You two, stay here, I’ve got something to attend to.”

Qin Nan brought the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao to the third residence, and gave Princess Miao Miao a glance, hinting at her to take care of the Longhu Ancestor Beast so that he would not cause any trouble.

Before Princess Miao Miao had finished rolling her eyes, Qin Nan’s figure disappeared with a flick, causing her to stomp her foot at the ground in anger and blatantly scold the Longhu Ancestor Beast, leaving a blank expression on his face.

After leaving the third residence, Qin Nan head straight to the Hall of Fame.

His first priority was to exchange all the Beast Cores.

“I’ve completed this quest.” Qin Nan arrived and spoke to one of the disciples in the Hall of Fame.

“Sure, I’ll contact the quest giver for you. Please wait in Room 304 on the first floor.” The disciple replied in a respectful tone after seeing Qin Nan’s extraordinary strength.

Qin Nan nodded his head slightly, and with a kick, his figure entered the first floor into Room 304 and patiently waited.

He did not wait for too long, after a period of ten breaths’ time, a figure arrived.

The stranger was a young man around the age of twenty-five with an ordinary look, but a powerful aura. Faint cries of beasts could be heard within his body, causing others to feel intimidated.

“You’ve completed the quest?” The young man entered and scanned at Qin Nan with his pair of green eyes, but his face turned dull afterward, “How many beasts could you kill with your mere Xiantian Realm cultivation? Let me tell you, my time is precious. If you were to waste my time, be prepared to face the consequences!”

This young man had the name Ma Qian, and was one who possessed a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and ranked fourth among the inner disciples.

Lately, he did not have an enjoyable time. Due to the change in tide within the sect, many of the disciples temporarily left to hide from the calamity taking place. As a result, no one had been hunting beasts for him, causing his cultivation to remain stagnant.

As such, when he heard someone claiming that he had completed the quest, he immediately came at his fastest speed, but it turned out to be a mere Xiantian Realm disciple, causing him to feel even more unpleasant.

How many beasts could a mere Xiantian Realm cultivator kill?

Hearing this, Qin Nan let out a calm smile and said, “Senior Brother, why are you judging me from my looks? Besides, I feel like there is something seriously wrong with your eyes, to be so inaccurate. By the way, I really want to ask you, do you have enough Martial Emperor Pills to pay me?”


Ma Qian instantly became enraged after being mocked by a mere outer disciple.

What do you mean, there is something wrong with my eyes?

What do you mean, do I have enough pills to pay you?

“Fine, amaze me.” Ma Qian snapped without mercy, as his eyes emitted a murderous intent, “Take out your Beast Cores now!”

“Then Senior Brother should open his eyes wide and watch carefully.”

Qin Nan did not forget to rebuke him. Since he had already made his decision to leave the Mystic Spirit Sect, there was no point in him minding his behavior.

It did not matter who it was, as long as someone was being disrespectful to him, he would not mind giving them a few slaps on their faces before he left!

Qin Nan immediately took out forty Foundation Marshal Beast Cores from his bag.

“Hehe, only forty Foundation Marshal Beasts…’ Ma Qian let out a hysterical laugh. He could easily devour all these cores in one go.

Before he could unleash his anger, Qin Nan took out another pile of Beast Cores, a total of fifty of them. Each core was emitting a Martial Emperor aura, enough to bring astonishment to one’s heart.

“This is!”

Ma Qian’s eyes stared straight ahead. These are a total of fifty Emperor Beast Cores, furthermore, these are Beast Cores of Advanced Emperor Beasts!

“Not bad.” Ma Qian did not expect this Xiantian Realm presence to have such a surprise for him, causing his expression to turn slightly calmer, as he said in a satisfying tone, “No wonder you are so smug since you have these cores. Well, I won’t blame you for your previous attitude…”

“Take it easy, there is more.” Qin Nan took out another fifty cores from his storage bag.

“Another fifty?”

Ma Qian’s face was filled with astonishment. He immediately realized that this young man before him was not an ordinary disciple.

Someone ordinary would not be able to hunt over one hundred Advanced Marshal Beasts, not to mention looting their cores.

“Bear with me, there’s still more.”

Qin Nan let out a laugh, and this time, he took out the remaining two hundred and sixty Beast Cores at once.

Following this, a total of three hundred and sixty Advanced Marshal Beast Cores were stacked into a pile, emitting an enormous Emperor Beast’s suppression which filled the entire first floor of the building, causing many disciples to be shocked and discuss among themselves.

“This… This… This…”

Ma Qian was completely dumbfounded.

This is a total of three hundred and sixty Emperor Beast Cores. Even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert would have a hard time killing so many Emperor Beasts.

Why does this mere Xiantian Realm presence have so many Beast Cores?

At that instant, Ma Qian’s face reddened after recollecting his disrespectful attitude toward Qin Nan when he had first arrived. This young man was not being smug, he does have the right to say those words.

“This…” Ma Qian wore an awkward expression and said, “It was my fault just now. Pardon me if I have offended you.”

A smile appeared on Qin Nan’s face after hearing his apology, who then said, “It’s ok Senior Brother. Are these three hundred and sixty Emperor Beast Cores enough for you?”

“Enough, enough.” Ma Qian immediately nodded his head, his face filled with excitement as he said, “This Junior Brother, I thank you so much for helping me as I’m in a desperate situation. I’ll give you twenty thousand Martial Emperor Pills for each core, does that sound good?”

“Hmm? Sure.”

Qin Nan was surprised. He did not expect these Beast Cores to be so valuable. If he had known, he would have negotiated with the Nine Symbolic Words to leave all the corpses of the Emperor Beasts for him.

“Uhh, actually I don’t have enough pills on me. Otherwise, these cores would be worth more than my offer…” Ma Qian handed over a storage bag and said in an embarrassed tone, “Brother, I am Ma Qian. What’s your name? Since I’ve taken the advantage here, tell me if you need any help, and I’ll assist you with all I can.”

Upon saying this, Ma Qian’s face was filled with pride.

Qin Nan received the storage bag, and nodded his head after seeing a total of seven million, two hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills in it. This Ma Qian is indeed a straightforward guy, as expected of a super genius. He then replied, “I am Qin Nan, I believe Senior Brother has heard of my name before.”

“Qin Nan? The name Qin Nan sounds familiar.”

A confused look instantly appeared on Ma Qian’s face.

Qin Nan rose from his seat and brought his fists together, “Brother Ma, I’ll excuse myself as I’ve something else to attend to.”

Qin Nan was more than willing to befriend with him, but after seeing the value of three hundred and sixty Emperor Beast Cores, he could not wait to head straight to the Treasure Vault, to exchange all of his loot for pills.

How many pills would I be able to get after exchanging all my loot?

“Sure, feel free to.” Ma Qian instantly nodded his head, and began to mumble to himself after Qin Nan had left, “Strange, strange, his name sounds so familiar…”

After a pause, Ma Qian’s expression utterly changed as a sudden thought came to him.

“Qin Nan, I remember who he is now. Damn it, why did he return to the sect with this timing?”

Ma Qian wore a troubled look. After a while, he exhaled deeply and mumbled, “Qin Nan, don’t blame your Senior Brother for not looking out for you. The trouble awaiting ahead is too ridiculous, I can’t afford to involve myself. I hope you will be able to survive it…”

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn


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