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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 22


Chapter 22 - Arrogant and Tyrannical

As Elder Bai Heng said this, the look of shock on the disciples' faces increased greatly. None of them could ever have imagined that Qin Nan had actually achieved the fifth-layer Body Tempering stage.

Wasn't Qin Nan just a waste?

This was especially so for Fang Li and Fang Rulong the shock in their hearts was much greater than these disciples'. This was because these disciples did not understand the significance of Greater Success in the 'One With The Saber' realm however, Fang Li and Fang Rulong did.

One had to understand that even within the Fang Clan, there were only two people who had reached Greater Success in 'One With The Weapon'. The Fang Clan's side was shocked, but the Qin Clan's side was even more so. Qin Tieba, Qin Changkong, and the crowd of Elders were almost petrified. This was because they were very clear on the fact that Qin Nan's cultivation was only at the fourth-layer Body Tempering stage just a few days earlier.

How did he reach the fifth-layer Body Tempering stage now? And he even grasped the Greater Success in 'One with the Saber' realm?

Wasn't Qin Nan a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit waste? How was it possible that his current speed was so exceedingly frightening?

On top of the white-jade grand platform, Elder Bai Heng quickly came to his senses. However, his complexion looked slightly ugly. His eyes carried a bitter air as they swept over Fang Li.

The Qin Clan had such a peerless genius, and yet Fang Li had actually been hiding it from him?

Fang Li's heart suddenly felt chilled, and cold sweat immediately spread across his forehead, making him promptly say,

’’Elder Bai Heng, the Martial Spirit he awakened is only first-grade Huang ranked. The source behind his current cultivation is because he came across a fortuitous encounter in the Longhu Mountain Range.’’

Only after Fang Li said this did the disciples and Elders of the Fang Clan calm down, after which they came to a sudden realization...

Within the Longhu Mountain Range there were some good things. It only made sense he was able to reach the fifth-layer Body Tempering stage in half a month thanks to this fortuitous encounter.

Otherwise, who would know how many years it'd take for a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit to reach this level?

Within the Fang Clan, Fang Rulong who was sitting on the first seat had a foul expression. After he heard this, he came back to his senses and looked into Qin Nan's eyes, his own brimming with contempt.

So what if you, Qin Nan, are at the fifth-layer Body Tempering stage? So what if you have reached the Greater Success in 'One with the Saber'? You're destined to be a waste with your first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

’’I see. A first-grade Huang ranked trash,’’ Elder Bai Heng said in response. He felt he had been deceived and his mood turned sour, causing his voice to become frigid, ’’Alright. Stop delaying this battle and finish it.’’

At this moment, Elder Bai Heng's attitude towards Qin Nan turned exceedingly cold, while at the same time the words Elder Bai Heng said caused not only the Fang Clan, but also the Qin Clan, to look at Qin Nan with faces full of ridicule.

You have caused Elder Bai Heng to be in a bad mood, what kind of future could you possibly have from now on?

Within the Qin Clan, Qin Tian and Tie San's faces turned exceedingly ugly. However, they couldn't do anything about it, or else they would cause a huge disaster. Thus, they could only hold it back.

On top of the arena, Qin Nan's expression became frosty, but was withdrawn so quickly that no one saw even the slightest waver. Although the words Elder Bai Heng said made him angry, he didn't let it get to his head. If he were to reveal the slightest bit of killing intent, then Elder Bai Heng would inevitably make a move towards him.

This was definitely something Qin Nan didn't want to see happening.

’’Get lost,’’ Qin Nan yelled. He no longer continued to restrain the Saber Intent emanating from his body, causing it to grow increasingly formidable as it surged forth.

’’I... go...I concede...I will leave immediately...’’ As Qin Hai heard this, he began to repeatedly surrender. He even carried a slight pleading look as he glanced toward the judges at the side.

No matter what attitude the Fang Clan, Qin Clan, or Elder Bai Heng had towards Qin Nan, Qin Hai only knew that he himself was about to collapse. Even if Qin Nan wanted him to kneel down, Qin Hai would kneel down without hesitation. One had to understand that during the Martial Art Competition, there were no rules that stated one could not kill the other. Thus, as long as he could survive, Qin Hai would do whatever he needed to survive.

’’Victory goes to Qin Nan!’’ The judge also promptly yelled out.

Qin Nan turned around to leave, no longer caring about the Qin Clan's people who had been jubilant in his misfortune. He sat down on his seat, his face tranquil, as though his surroundings had nothing to do with him.

After this, the Martial Art Competition continued. However, after Qin Nan's astonishing performance, the following battles were very dull. After all, even those who possessed a fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit were only at the second-layer Body Tempering stage presently.

After the thirteenth battle was over, the judge said,

’’Next up, Fang Rulong of the Fang Clan. Qin Li of the Qin Clan.’’

Fang Rulong!

As this name appeared, it immediately caught everyone's attention, especially the Qin Clan's. Their gazes were all focused on Fang Rulong. Everyone in Linshui City knew that Fang Rulong was the Young Lord of the Fang Clan. They didn't know what kind of Martial Spirit he had awakened, but according to the rumors spreading from the Fang Clan, Fang Rulong had awakened a fifth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit!

A fifth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was a pinnacle genius within Linshui City. Within the Qin Clan, there was only Qing Changkong who possessed one such.

’’Hmph,’’ Qing Changkong noticed everyone's gazes being attracted to Fang Rulong and promptly revealed a cold smile, ’’Just insignificant Fang Rulong, and yet you all care this much? The one who will inevitably become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect is me.’’

As Qin Changkong said this, the other Elders and attendees promptly nodded their heads. After all, Qin Changkong had already been selected as a disciple for the Mystic Spirit Sect. Attending the Disciple Selection today was just for appearances.

Fang Rulong, who was he to come and cause strife with Qin Changkong?

The person Fang Rulong was battling, Qin Li, had strength classified somewhere in the middle within the Qin Clan. He had awakened a third-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Although his cultivation hadn't reached the second-layer Body Tempering stage, and was only at the insignificant first-layer, his aura was solemn, and it was evident that he was at the peak of the first-layer Body Tempering stage.

Fang Rulong entered the arena and took a glance at Qin Li before he suddenly laughed, and while astonishing everyone said,

’’What qualifications does a trash like you have to battle me? I will now give you two options: one is to surrender, the other is to have me annihilate you.’’

As his voice faded, a ferocious aura surged from his body. It was from the third-layer Body Tempering stage, and its aura was exceedingly evil. The faces of the people in the Qin Clan changed, and even Qin Nan creased his eyebrows. This Fang Rulong was indeed very arrogant. He wanted someone to surrender the second he opened his mouth this was simply not placing the Qin Clan in his eyes.

’’Arrogant!’’ Anger swelled up on Qin Changkong's face, followed by a cold voice.

’’Don't tell me that this Fang Rulong thinks he is the number one genius of Linshui City?’’

The other attendees and Elders were also incomparably resentful, and voiced their complaints. Fang Rulong stood on top of the arena and acted as though he didn't hear them. His laugh became increasingly louder,

’’I'll give you the time of five breaths to consider...’’

’’One, two, three....’’

Qin Li's complexion suddenly turned red;his eyes were filled with fire, and he felt incredibly angry.

Fang Rulong's action was simply humiliating him!

However, as Qin Li looked into Fang Rulong's wolf-like gaze, his heart suddenly felt a cold shudder. For reasons even he did not know, Qin Li's heart gave in to a fear that continued breeding. It was like icy water poured over his abdomen, causing his fury to completely wash through. Suddenly, Qin Li's heart caved in and he said,

’’I surrender! I choose to surrender...’’

Qin Li's decision was not at all unexpected from the crowd. Even the people of the Qin Clan couldn't blame Qin Li for his choice. After all, the difference in cultivation between Qin Li and Fang Rulong was off by two layers even their Martial Spirits had a great disparity. If it was someone else, they'd still make the same choice.

However, the following scene caused their eyes to suddenly widen.

Before Qin Li could finish his words, Fang Rulong suddenly smiled while baring his teeth his smile was incomparably vicious. Following this, his figure became like a frantic demonic beast, suddenly charging over. His fist carried a boundless strength as he struck at Qin Li's body.

’’Ah ’’

A heart-tearing, lung-shredding shriek immediately resounded. Qin Li's lost consciousness as his body was struck and sent flying towards the ground.

The audience turned silent because no one had expected Fang Rulong to suddenly make his move! Fang Rulong stood on top of the arena, and while he raised his head, a smile of contempt showed across his face,

’’Trash doesn't have the qualifications to surrender before me. Trash shouldn't live in this world thus you will have to become a handicap!’’


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