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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 215


Chapter 215: Chapter 215 - Devoured

Chapter 215 - Devoured

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast finally arrived at the beam of light after just over ten breaths’ time.

“Such… Such a terrifying… Pressure… It’s… It’s impossible to see what’s inside…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast shuddered violently. Despite the noble blood flowing in his body, he could detect terror rising from his soul.

“Qin... Nan…”

Princess Miao Miao’s entire body was trembling too, but she fought back against the enormous terror and stared ahead.

...Meanwhile, in the center of the beam of light...

“Qin Nan.” The pitch-black eyeball suddenly spoke, and its voice felt like it came from the ancient era. Each syllable was capable of destroying the entire world, “It seems like you know what I am!”


Qin Nan’s soul trembled, who spoke after he had slightly regained his consciousness, “I know you. Since I first saw you, I knew that you are the left eye of the divine God of Battle!”

At that instant, Qin Nan’s thoughts were incredibly confused, filled with countless doubts.

He possessed the divine Battle Spirit, but why was the left eye of the divine God of Battle here?

Could it be that his divine Battle Spirit was born from the spirit of the divine God of Battle—similar to Huang Que from the Flying Sword Sect whose Martial Spirit was born from the spirit of a deceased person?

And speaking of the divine God of Battle, what kind of presence was it?

“I know you have lots of doubts,” The pitch-black eye spoke, “The reason I summoned you here is not to resolve your doubts. I’m here to tell you that your divine Battle Spirit and I both originated from the divine God of Battle, hence we must merge into one!”

“Merge into one?”

Qin Nan was stunned.

The divine Battle Spirit alone had granted him an incredible strength. What kind of change would he experience after merging with the left eye of the divine God of Battle?

“Initially, I did plan to merge with you, to display the strength of the divine God of Battle to the world!” The pitch-black eyeball switched its tone into a thunderous one, “But, you have let me down. How could you lower your head because of a mere friendship, despite possessing the divine Battle Spirit! Do you have any idea how great a shame that is?”

The pitch-black eyeball’s tone turned exceedingly furious. The world surrounding it seemed to turn thoroughly furious too due to its anger.

Qin Nan was almost overwhelmed by the aura from its anger, who felt like his mind was about to explode. After a brief pause, he managed to slightly recover from it and said, while clenching his teeth, “For me, it was an utter shame! But Xiao Qingxue is my friend, and she has helped me before. How could I reject when she asked me for a favor?”

“You surrendered!

“You lowered your head!

“You disrespected the dignity of the divine God of Battle!

“The divine God of Battle wages war against the Heavens and the Earth. There is none He does not fight and none He does not win against!

“You can’t be defeated, you can only emerge victorious. Even if it’s only a single step backward, it’s a great disgrace!”

The anger of the pitch-black eyeball intensified, causing the surroundings to be filled with cries of anger.

Each cry was like a strike of thunder onto Qin Nan’s body.

Qin Nan’s mind could no longer think. There were only endless explosions, as if they were going to shatter his soul!


“It’s reasonable...for me to…to repay a favor I owed…

“ is that...surrendering?

“I was only… I was only repaying a favor…”

Even on the verge of collapsing, a sense of pride was emitted from Qin Nan’s bones. Even when he was facing the scolding of the left eye of the divine God of Battle, he would never lower his head!

“What a joke—ridiculous!”

The pitch-black eye ball laughed hysterically, “How could you, the successor of the divine God of Battle, be so depraved! The Martial World follows the rule of the jungle, why would you care about friendship? The divine God of Battle only knows battle! Battle! Battle! Battle until the Earth is shattered, and the Heavens collapse, until everything is defeated!”

Qin Nan’s brain was filled with explosions, causing him to lose consciousness!

“Since you are so depraved, to have such ridiculous thoughts, I, in the name of the left eye of the divine God of Battle, shall deprive you of your body, the body of the successor of the divine God of Battle! From today onward, there is no Qin Nan!”

The pitch-black eyeball rose into the air, and transformed into a beam of arcane light which penetrated Qin Nan’s left eye.



Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast stood a thousand meters away from the beam of light, their figures trembling.

Suddenly, the beam of light vanished, returning silence to the surroundings.

“It disappeared!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast uttered a dull roar, his face filled with excitement.

Without the terrifying pressure from before, he felt the entire world was now brighter, and his future to be brighter too.

Princess Miao Miao wore a stern look, and dashed forward without saying anything.

As the two approached the center, they immediately saw Qin Nan’s body lying on the ground, his left eye shut. His entire body was covered in countless purple runes, and his breathing weakened, as if it would dissipate anytime soon.

“Qin Nan!”

The expressionless face of Princess Miao Miao was now filled with a hint of panic as she screamed.

Qin Nan lay motionless on the ground. More and more purple runes wrapped around his body like snakes, while emitting a faint atavistic aura.

“Hey young lad, stop pretending to be dead!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast disdainfully glanced at Qin Nan. Throughout many years living as beast, he self-admitted to be an utterly shameless person. However, this guy in front of him was even more shameless, trying to get Princess Miao Miao worried about him by faking his death.

He instantly reached out his claws and lashed out a kick at Qin Nan without mercy.


All of a sudden, a terrifying aura was fired from Qin Nan’s body onto the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s figure.


A miserable cry of agony immediately echoed out on the deserted island.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast’s figure was instantly sent flying a hundred meters away, as a huge amount of blood spurted from his ferocious dragon head. His tiger body was fractured too, leaving him in a miserable state.

Princess Miao Miao was astonished.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast was a descendant of the Heavenly Dragon and the Thunderous Tiger. Its dragon head and tiger body possessed outstanding defense. Even one who had reached the peak of Martial Emperor Realm could not harm him.

What is happening to Qin Nan?

Isn’t his cultivation sealed too?

What happened here after the wooden box was opened?”

“Cough, cough…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast from afar struggled to his feet and limped toward Princess Miao Miao. His pair of dragon eyes were filled with utter terror, “This guy… The thing inside him… Is not the same person…He… I’m afraid his soul was devoured…”

“His soul was devoured?”

Princess Miao Miao’s expression utterly changed.

Devouring alluded to the act of strong experts who took over someone’s body using their soul when they died.

However, this act of devouring was extremely wicked. Even Martial Sacred Realm experts could not master such a technique.

It was likely that the godly object the Nine Symbolic Words referred to was trying to devour Qin Nan!

“This ain’t good!”

Before Princess Miao Miao could process her thoughts, she was immediately aware that Qin Nan’s life was depleting at a great speed. Before she could react, in just less than three breaths’ time, his sense of life had thoroughly vanished like a surging tide!

Qin Nan… is dead!

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Editor: DOCuinn


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