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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 214


Chapter 214: Chapter 214 - It!

Chapter 214 - It!

Princess Miao Miao advanced forward with steady steps. Her eyes remained calm throughout the process as she inspected her surroundings in a serious manner. Despite that, together with her imperious aura, there was an extraordinary charm to her.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast stared at one side of her face throughout the whole journey and gulped down mouthfuls of saliva, before violently shaking his ferocious dragon head and saying in a flattering tone, “Even though my cultivation is sealed, I can still sense that this place is only a few miles large, with neither beast nor cultivator, nothing more than a deserted island…”


Princess Miao Miao continued forward without looking at him, as if no one was visible in her eyes.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast thoroughly displayed his shamelessness as he said, “Let me tell you, when I was the ruler of the Longhu Mountain Range, it was such a marvelous sight. Thousands of Emperor Beasts within ten thousand miles of the mountain range were all my subordinates, and their treasures were all mine…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast continued to show off his possessions, showing no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Suddenly, Princess Miao Miao halted her movement. The Longhu Ancestor Beast immediately turned joyful, as tears of joy ran down his cheeks. She had finally reacted after his continuous boasts. It seems like the old saying is true, one must be shameless when trying to hit on girls.

Princess Miao Miao remained silent, and leaned forward. The golden dress instantly presented her tight curves.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast immediately stared with his eyes open wide, about the size of round brass bells.

However, what happened next completely shattered his heart into pieces. Princess Miao Miao, while silently ignoring his presence, reached out her fair-toned hand and plucked a purple-colored flower from the ground.

“Isn’t this an Elf Flower, what are you trying to do with it? Isn’t it useless? Is it something that you like? You should have told me earlier, in my Longhu Mountain Range there exists a flower garden, completely filled with Elf Flowers. I can give them all to you…”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast turned energetic.


Princess Miao Miao held the purple-colored Elf Flower in her hand and let out a blow. The flower instantly emitted a brilliant flash, which transformed into a tiny figure about the size of a palm with an elegant glow.

“Spirit Summoning Puff?”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast was stunned.

The spirit of the Elf Flower uttered a pleasant laugh, and seemed to be talking to Princess Miao Miao. Following it, with a flick, it launched itself into the sky.

Princess Miao Miao remained expressionless and proceeded toward a certain direction. Behind her, the Longhu Ancestor Beast swiftly collected his thoughts and followed her.

A short while later, the two entered the only woods on this deserted island.

Among the woods stood a stele made of stones.

The stele was six feet tall, thoroughly covered in a soil-like color. It seemed to be exceedingly heavy, standing firmly on the ground.

Below the stele was a plaque, on which a few large words were written.

“The one that shatters this stele into pieces will be the winner of the trial!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast read the words aloud, and then turned joyful and blurted out, “What a shitty trial, this is too easy. Allow me to display a powerful force to shatter this stele into pieces!”

Following it, he immediately uttered the cry of a dragon and tiger as his enormous body instantly sprang forward, hurling out a forceful punch onto the stele.

Although he did not have any cultivation for the time being, his physical force alone was extremely terrifying.

Princess Miao Miao did not budge, as she wore a sarcastic expression on her face.


Following the loud bang and a cry of agony, the enormous body of the Longhu Ancestor Beast was instantly sent flying backward and crashed into the ground.

On the other hand, the huge stele remained unharmed.

“Son of a bitch! Asshole! Son of a bitch! Asshole!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast swiftly recovered from the fall and uttered a raging cry, “At least a Martial Emperor Realm force is needed to shatter this stele into pieces. Now that my cultivation is sealed, I’m just like a mere ordinary man, how is it possible to break this stele? Those Weapon Spirits of the Nine Symbolic Words are definitely pranking me!”

Princess Miao Miao finally gave him a disdainful look.

Cough, cough, that was an accident. Even with my sealed cultivation, shattering a mere stele is still an easy job…” The Longhu Ancestor Beast collected his thoughts and explained himself as his dragon horns blushed.

However, at that instant, not far away from them, a beam of atavistic green light was fired straight up into the sky, resulting in a loud explosion, which felt like endless cries of the Heavenly Thunder, causing the entire ground to shake vigorously.


The Longhu Ancestor Beast’s face turned pale as he blurted out, “Damn it, I totally forgot about that godly object!”

He had been too busy trying to hook up with a girl just then that he forgot that the mere weak human was given a godly object, one that even the Nine Symbolic Words were intimidated of!


In the midst of his astonishment, Princess Miao Miao’s figure swiftly sprang toward the direction of the beam of light.


The Longhu Ancestor Beast cursed, before his limbs exerted an incredible force, launching him forward.

He was dying to know what kind of object was capable of emitting such a majestic aura, enough to even bring the Nine Symbolic Words into submission.

...Meanwhile, in the center of the erupting force...

Qin Nan stared at the object inside the box, as his hands began to tremble vigorously. His eyes were filled with great shock, as if he had just witnessed something unbelievable.

Despite Qin Nan’s countless guesses, he had not expected the object which had waited for him for a thousand years to be this.

There was no need for Qin Nan to guess anymore. He instantly knew what it was from his first glimpse of the object.

Qin Nan’s mind was filled with the sight of the atavistic giant from the ancient dream he had before, and the glowing figure he saw in the terrifying battle when his Martial Spirit was upgraded to the Xuan rank.

At that instant, his soul began to tremor as if he were struck by lightning.

In the white wooden box quietly lay a pitch-black eyeball. A countless stream of aura capable of stirring the Heavens and Earth could be felt emitting from the eyeball.

It was this eyeball which had been summoning Qin Nan!

Qin Nan possessed the divine Battle Spirit, which was just a spirit, a Martial Spirit without its flesh.

And it turned out to be the left eye of the atavistic giant in his dream, the left eye of the glowing figure—the left eye of the divine God of Battle!

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