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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 213


Chapter 213: Chapter 213 - The Start of the Trial

Chapter 213 - The Start of the Trial

At that instant, the Weapon Spirits of the Nine Symbolic Words spoke, “According to the godly object, now is not yet the time to open the box. You must participate in the trial, and only in the trial are you allowed to open it and discover what the godly object is.”

Qin Nan’s hand came to a stop. His fingertip was less than an inch away from the white wooden box.

Although he wanted to stop, he could feel a strong urge rising within his body, as if there was a voice which kept on screaming in his ears, Open the box, open the box!


Qin Nan uttered a shout which felt like an explosion, causing his hair to dance wildly.

Although he had no idea what kind of godly object he would find in this white wooden box, which caused him to be so impatient, he would not allow his own body to go out of his control.

“Once again, are you two ready for the trial?”

The Weapon Spirits of the Nine Symbolic Words glanced downward at the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao as they spoke, “Only one will stand victorious in this trial, and the other two will face death!”

“I’m ready!”

Princess Miao Miao remained expressionless, and replied without hesitation.


The Longhu Ancestor Beast was a bit intimidated. Judging from how the Nine Symbolic Words treated Qin Nan and the presence of the godly object, he had a feeling that Qin Nan held a great chance of winning the trial.

If he were to participate, he would have a high chance of losing his life.


All of a sudden, Longhu Ancestor Beast mimicked Qin Nan’s action of uttering a shout, which felt like the roar of a Heavenly Dragon and a Thunderous Tiger, and glanced at Qin Nan with a furious look, “I am the descendant of the Heavenly Dragon and Thunderous Tiger, whose destiny is to battle against the Heavens. Is it possible that I would be defeated by a mere human cultivator in this trial? I shall take part in the trial, and trample you below my feet!”

“What a freak!” Qin Nan glanced at him coldly. I didn’t even trouble him, what the hell is he so angry at me for?


The Longhu Ancestor Beast was exceedingly furious. He had not expected to be scolded after uttering such a majestic speech.

“The trial begins.”

The Weapon Spirits of the Nine Symbolic Words declared as they all took a step forward and waved their hands. A terrifying force instantly encapsulated Qin Nan, Princess Miao Miao, and the Longhu Ancestor Beast within it, and vanished from the spot with a shoosh.

The entire Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda fell into silence.

“Eldest brother, what is the point of this trial. Are you planning to have Qin Nan as our successor?” At that instant, one of the Weapon Spirits among the Nine Symbolic Weapons spoke.

This Weapon Spirit was the Spirit of the word ‘Bing’, ranked second among the nine words.

The other Weapon Spirit glanced at their eldest brother, their eyes filled with doubts.

The Spirit of the word ‘Lin’ let out a sigh and said, “I would like Qin Nan to be our successor, but you surely experienced the power of that godly object, which is way beyond our expectation. The destiny that we are carrying is not worth mentioning at all in Qin Nan’s eyes. Hence, he would not become our successor. As for this trial…”

The eyes of the Spirit of the word ‘Lin’ glistened as he continued after a pause, “I didn’t come up with the trial, it’s the godly object’s idea. It seems like it plans to test Qin Nan.”


The other eight Weapon Spirits were utterly stunned.

“Why is it trying to test Qin Nan? Didn’t it say that this Qin Nan is the person it’s looking for? Why the extra effort?” The Weapon Spirit could not help but ask.

“I have no idea.” The Spirit of the word ‘Lin’ shook his head, “I’m afraid something went wrong, hence the godly object changed its mind.”

The other eight Weapon Spirits collected their thoughts after a slight hesitation and nodded their heads.

“Elder brother, as you just said, if Qin Nan were the successor the godly object is looking for, there is no way he would accept the destiny as our successor. However, since Qin Nan is still now in the Canglan Continent, why don’t we do him a kindness by submitting to him? I believe that as the godly object, it would be an easy task for him to fulfill our request in the future.”

The Weapon Spirit of the word ‘Ling’ slowly spoke after a slight pause.

The other Weapon Spirits nodded their heads acknowledging it. They too began to have the same thought.

“This is my consideration too, but it all comes down to Qin Nan and the godly object’s decisions.”

The Weapon Spirit of the word ‘Lin’ replied, his eyes filled with a hint of lament.

The Nine Symbolic Words had always been wanted by countless experts, but now even by presenting themselves for free, it still depended on the receiver’s decision.

That being said, if the Nine Symbolic Words ended up become Qin Nan’s possession, it definitely would be something they could be proud of.

A sudden thought came to the Weapon Spirit of the word ‘Lin’, who felt a cold shiver running down his spine, as his eyes were filled with a hint of respectful fear originating from his soul.



Qin Nan only felt his entire body being encircled by a powerful force which tore the space apart and went through the gap, as if he was being teleported somewhere.


He could feel himself regaining control of his body, which began to drop down from a height, and landed on the ground.


Before Qin Nan familiarized himself with the surroundings, a curse could be heard all of a sudden.

Not far away from Qin Nan, the Longhu Ancestor Beast crashed into the ground, resulting in a huge crater. Its dragon head penetrated straight into the ground, leaving him in a miserable state.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast felt incredibly unpleasant. He was focusing on some weird thoughts in his mind, causing him not to react in time as he landed, and fall straight into the ground.


Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao both let out hollow laughs.

An ancestor beast expert falling to the ground?

So embarrassing.

After uttering the laugh, Qin Nan and Princess Miao Miao were both startled, as they raised their heads glancing at each other. The latter immediately turned her head around, showing no expression on her pretty face.

Something’s not right!

Qin Nan withdrew his gaze and a troubled look could be seen on his face.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast was still an Ancestor Beast expert, how did he end up falling into the ground?

With this thought, Qin Nan immediately inspected his body. As he expected, his cultivation was thoroughly sealed, turning him back into an ordinary human.

“F**k me, I was being confused at how I end up falling into the ground, it turns out that my cultivation was sealed!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast soon reacted, with a hint of rejoice shown on his face.

On the other hand, Princess Miao Miao slightly frowned her eyebrows, and began to move around while checking out her surroundings, leaving a beautiful view of her back in Qin Nan and the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s visions.

“Hey, wait for me!”

The Longhu Ancestor Beast could not help but yell, and then shamelessly approached her.

Qin Nan waited until the two were a distance away, who then checked his surroundings before withdrawing his gaze after discovering there was nothing but a grass field. He then took out the white wooden box from his chest.

The trial was never his concern. He was only interested in the object inside the white wooden box!

He was born in Linshui City, without any significant background. Apart from the divine Battle Spirit, he did not experience any other fortunate encounters. What kind of presence could be waiting for his arrival since a thousand years ago?

Once again, his body was filled with a hint of restlessness and his hand started trembling as he swiftly opened the lid of the white wooden box.

At that instant, the Heavens and Earth began to change!

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