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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 211


Chapter 211: Chapter 211 - Longhu Ancestor Beast

Chapter 211 - Longhu Ancestor Beast

The entire third floor was completely empty apart from the silence, and was covered in darkness. Only the entrance to the fourth floor could be seen.

“How is this possible?”

Qin Nan took a deep breath.

Generally speaking, there should be something here on the third floor too.

“Weird, very weird indeed…” Princess Miao Miao’s face was filled with a hint of doubt as well.

Qin Nan glanced at her and said, “Let’s head to the fourth floor at once!”

Following this, the two figures pressed on toward the fourth floor.

The fourth floor was the same as the third floor, completely empty apart from a terrifying silence.


Qin Nan’s expression was replaced by a stern look as he proceeded forward.

The fifth floor!

The sixth floor!

The seventh floor!

The next three floors were empty too, without a single thing to be spotted.

“Impossible, the first three floors all had beasts, formations, and treasures. It’s impossible for the rest of the floors to be empty!” Qin Nan’s eyes were filled with a ferocious look, “Princess Miao Miao, are you trying to hide something from me?”

“Hide something?”

Princess Miao Miao instantly turned mad, “Qin Nan, how could you doubt the Princess! Why would I hide something from you? The Princess has no clue at all!”

Qin Nan did not reply, but the ferocious look in his eyes began to dissipate.

Although he did not trust Princess Miao Miao, there was no backing off now.

“Let's head to the eighth floor!”

Qin Nan made up his mind.

There was no way the last floor would be empty. Otherwise, what was the point of the existence of this Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda? Although it also meant that the last floor would be extremely hazardous, Qin Nan was not one to be easily intimidated.

He had to make sure if his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit were being summoned by the legendary tenth word ‘Zhan’

“Let’s go!”

Qin Nan led the way and arrived at the entrance of the eighth-floor.

He was not aware that from the eyes of Princess Miao Miao behind him the previous furious look had been replaced by a burning desire.

In just three breaths’ time, the duo had arrived at the eighth floor.

Qin Nan stabilized his figure and scanned his surroundings with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, emitting a golden light.

The entire eighth-floor only covered a circumference of less than a hundred meters, covered in total darkness.

To Qin Nan’s relief, in the center of the area stood an ancient platform made of stones. On the platform lay three ancient wooden boxes.

“This last floor is different as expected, but what do these three boxes contain…”

Qin Nan peeked at the three wooden boxes with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, whose face stiffened with a glimpse.

Although these wooden boxes were made of an ordinary type of redwood, they were enclosed by mysterious forces. Even the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit failed to look through it!

On a side note, the current Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit had no trouble peeking at Martial Dominator Realm experts!

“The contents of these three wooden boxes are surely fascinating!”

A sudden thought came up in Qin Nan’s mind, as he turned around looking at Princess Miao Miao instead of going up straight to the center.

He could only see Princess Miao Miao staring at a particular wooden box, whose eyes were filled with a mix of excitement, desire, dismay, and relief, resulting in Qin Nan being shocked.

“This wooden box is mine, the rest is yours!”

Princess Miao Miao yelled as her figure sprang forward after a kick with her hidden technique, preparing to grab the wooden box in the middle.

At that instant, a shout was heard, which sounded like the roar of a dragon or the cry of a tiger, “Running out of patience so soon? Do you have any respect for me?”

Princess Miao Miao’s figure came to a stop.

Qin Nan’s expression turned pale instantly. He did not expect there to be a third person here as he immediately switched his gaze toward the sound.

With a glimpse, he was left in awe on the spot. It was not a person, but a beast.

The beast had a ferocious head of a dragon, with a pair of bronze eyes emitting an intimidating gaze. The most shocking thing was that its body was the body of a tiger, forming an obvious contrast with its head of a dragon.

Most importantly, the aura of the beast had reached the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm, on par with Princess Miao Miao’s cultivation!

“Longhu Ancestor Beast!”

Princess Miao Miao collected her thoughts and uttered a hollow laugh, “I was trying to figure who this is, but it turned out to be a son of a bitch. Why are you seeking death here at the Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda instead of living your peaceful life in the Longhu Mountain Range?”

Qin Nan standing aside was dumbfounded. Longhu Ancestor Beast, is he related to the Longhu Mountain Range? Is he the one uttering the cries of dragons and tigers?

Could he be the one who took all the treasures from the third floor to the seventh floor?

“You dare to call me a son of a bitch!”

Longhu Ancestor Beast became enraged as if someone had just stepped on its tail, who uttered a roar shaking the entire floor, “I am the descendant of the Heavenly Dragons and Thunderous Tigers, and you dare call me a son of a bitch! You dare to call a noble presence like me a son of a bitch! I will beat the shit out of you today!”

The entire floor was filled with endless auras of dragons and tigers.

“Bring it on!”

Princess Miao Miao’s face turned cold. This son of a bitch dares to interrupt her business at the most critical moment. She would surely suck his Dragon Blood out and extract his Dragon Muscles!

Two presences of the Martial Ancestor Realm going enraged caused the entire floor to be swept by endless gusts of wind, as a great battle was on the verge of breaking out.

At that instant, a harsh voice was heard all of a sudden, “Is now the time to fight?”

The one speaking was none other than Qin Nan.

Qin Nan was seriously mad at that instant. He had no idea where this Longhu Ancestor Beast came from, but he only knew that if the battle were to take place on the ninth floor of the pagoda, the consequences would be unbearable!

The human and beast had not expected Qin Nan to interfere in a furious manner, who both turned their heads to glance at him.

“Mere ant, do you think you have the right to speak?” Longhu Ancestor Beast cracked out laughing. With Qin Nan’s weak cultivation, he could easily kill him with a single Dragon Breath.

“This is none of your business!’

Princess Miao Miao ignored Qin Nan straight away, as her eyes glared coldly at Longhu Ancestor Beast, “I am not in the mood to fight with you, so you better behave yourself!”

Her figure began to move forward, as she reached out her hand grabbing at the wooden box.

“Trying to take the treasure? Not on my watch!” Longhu Ancestor Beast opened his bloody mouth, emitting a terrifying beam like a stream of river!

“Screw you!”

Princess Miao Miao instantly became enraged, as terrifying Blade Auras appeared from her body to form the Seven Deadly Blade Formation encapsulating the beam of light.

The battle between two Martial Ancestor Realm experts instantly took place, shaking the Heavens and Earth.

Although Qin Nan stood at the edge of the battle, he felt like a tiny stalk of grass swaying in the midst of a windy rain, which would be easily destroyed in any second.

However, Princess Miao Miao seemed to be aware of his whereabouts, who prevented him from being harmed despite the fact that she had ignored Qin Nan’s concern.

“I knew I couldn’t trust her!”

Qin Nan’s face turned incredibly cold.

This Princess Miao Miao is a typical snob. She will be patient with you when she needs your help, but abandon you without mercy when she doesn’t need you anymore.


At that instant, Qin Nan was startled.

An intense burning sensation could be felt coming from his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit which began to bounce abruptly, emitting a shocking thumping sound, like the resonance of a drum.

The weird behavior of the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit was even more intense when compared to previous occasions!


Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast’s expressions utterly changed in the midst of their fight as they glanced toward Qin Nan, and were confused upon seeing Qin Nan’s pair of glowing golden eyes, causing their battle to come to a stop.

Just a moment ago, they had both felt a terrifying force, enough to cause their hearts to beat rapidly.

Before the two could speak, an imperious voice could be heard within the Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda, “The Nine Symbolic Words have arrived, any battle is prohibited!”


Following the thunderous voice, nine figures emitting a terrifying aura landed at the same time.

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