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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 210


Chapter 210: Chapter 210 - Great Profit

Chapter 210 - Great Profit

“Three hundred and sixty Emperor Beast Cores…”

As soon as Qin Nan entered the first floor, before he had time to observe his surroundings, he immediately calculated the number of Beast Cores he had collected on the ground floor, and wore a disappointed expression.

Although three hundred and sixty Emperor Beast Cores was not a small value, Princess Miao Miao had slain at least close to one thousand Emperor Beasts, but the corpses were incredibly tough, and were difficult to be cleaved in a short period of time. even with his Seven Deadly Sins.

“Let’s check out this first floor!”

Qin Nan swiftly calmed his thoughts and raised his head. With a glance, his face was filled with astonishment.

Even though the first floor was only a few miles[1] large, he could see Crystalline Aventurines everywhere the height of a human, and within each of them was placed Arcane Realm Stones.

There were a total of thirty six Crystalline Aventurines, while each of them contained over thirty Arcane Realm Stones.

In other words, there were a total of a thousand and eighty Arcane Realm Stones here!

How significant was a thousand and eighty Arcane Realm Stones?

It would be a terrifying value if these were to be exchanged with Martial Emperor Pills!

Qin Nan took a deep breath and instinctively glanced backward at Princess Miao Miao, whose eyes were locked onto the Crystalline Aventurines, causing her previous pale face to turn red due to her excitement.


A piercing sound was heard, which turned out to be Princess Miao Miao who ran out of patience and rushed forward to grab a Crystalline Aventurine.

Suddenly, a shocking light was emitted from the surface of the Crystalline Aventurine, together with a forceful aura not any weaker than that of a Martial Ancestor Realm expert!


Princess Miao Miao’s face slightly turned pale, as she swiftly withdrew her hand while executing a hidden technique to conceal her previous aura, as if nothing had happened.

The terrifying light seemed to have some sort of conscience, which returned to its calm state after not detecting any threat.

“Such a close call…”

Princess Miao Miao patted herself on the chest and exhaled deeply.

She had wasted a significant amount of energy to deal with the previous Emperor Beasts, hence she needed a rest.

“These Crystalline Aventurines are protected by an ancient seal, just like the Lin palace, stopping you from using brute force. Let me deal with these seals while you take a rest.” Qin Nan said after a brief pause, “Don’t worry, we are still splitting fifty-fifty.”


Princess Miao Miao gave him a curious look.

Since when was this asshole so kind-hearted toward her?

She was about to say something, but her face suddenly turned pale and her aura weakened. She immediately sat down with her legs crossed and meditated.

Qin Nan gave her a glance without saying anything, and his eyes then emitted a golden light.

After arriving at the Longhu Mountain Range, his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit surprisingly evolved, and hence they were now even stronger than before.

“Oh? These seals are quite interesting…”

Qin Nan soon immersed himself into the powerful seals and formations.

With the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, he began to crack the seals and the formations, and gained experiences through their secrets at the same time.

It would serve as a great benefit both to his cultivation and to his comprehension toward Martial Skills.

As Qin Nan was busy in his work, Princess Miao Miao rapidly consumed lots of powerful pills, and after an hour her aura finally stabilized as she restored her strength.

“This guy…”

Princess Miao Miao blinked her eyes while staring at the fully focused Qin Nan whose face was filled with a hint of passion.

Time passed slowly until two hours were gone.

Qin Nan moved his hand at a lightning speed, as his fingers tapped on the surface of the seal before him like raindrops, which triggered a dull explosion in the end as the seal which was capable of bursting out with powerful force shattered.


Qin Nan immediately let out a sigh of relief, as his face wore a satisfied look.

In three hours’ time, he managed to crack all the thirty six seals while learning from them, causing him to be more experienced with Martial Arts.

“Not bad, that’s quite impressive.”

Meanwhile, Princess Miao Miao approached him, and with a wave of her hand, eighteen of the Crystalline Aventurines were stored inside her bag, without saying anything more with a pair of squinted eyes.

“Did you just realize that?” Qin Nan gave her a glance and swiftly collected the remaining Crystalline Aventurines before heading toward the second floor.

He was now even more interested in the second, third, fourth layers, etc. of the Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda.

What kind of treasures was he going to find ahead?

Not only was Qin Nan interested, so was Princess Miao Miao.

When the two arrived at the second floor, they were both stunned.

The space on the second floor was even smaller, with only a surface area of a thousand meters. However, countless shocking Blade Auras could be seen taking the shape of dragons and phoenixes, indicating the presence of a huge Blade Formation. The aura emitting from it alone was terrifying enough.

Within this terrifying Blade Formation were eight shiny Xiantian Weapons floating in mid-air!


Qin Nan’s heart began to throb intensely.

If he were to exchange his loot from the previous two floors, and the Xiantian Weapons here with Martial Emperor Pills, there was no doubt that he could improve his divine Battle Spirit to an unimaginable level!

“Qin Nan, don’t be too excited yet. This is the Dragon-Pheonix Forbidding Blade Formation, which possesses a great power!” Princess Miao Miao looked at him and poured a bucket of cold water on his head without mercy, “Even the Princess stands no chance against it.”

“Is that so?”

Qin Nan let out a sudden laugh and said, “If you are willing to listen to my words, and promise not to call me your servant from now onward, I’ll teach you how to crack his Blade Formation, deal?”


Princess Miao Miao ignored him straight away.

She clearly understood the enormous power of the Dragon-Pheonix Forbidding Blade Formation, which was supported by the endless Qi of the Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda. Even a Martial Dominator Realm expert had no chance of destroying it.

Although Qin Nan’s eyes were outstanding enough to discover the secrets within it, with his current strength, his body would be crushed into pieces when he arrived within fifty meters of the Blade Formation.

“Open your eyes widely and look carefully!”

Qin Nan uttered a hollow laugh and sat down with his legs crossed. His eyes began to glow in a golden light as he scanned the formation.

A moment later, the abstruse secrets of the entire Dragon-Phoenix Forbidding Blade Formation rose up in his thoughts.

“Hit the spot three steps left from the top!”

All of a sudden, Qin Nan uttered a command.


Princess Miao Miao was stunned. It was her first time to encounter someone who dared to command her. However, she soon collected her thoughts and came to a realization. It seemed like Qin Nan planned to make use of her cultivation to target the weak spots of the formation.

“This guy is pretty smart, huh…”

A thought came up to Princess Miao Miao as she rapidly lashed out a powerful attack toward the coordinates given.

“One step right from the bottom.”

“Ten steps left from the bottom.”

“Take a step backward and aim at the purple flashing dot!”


Qin Nan gave out his commands at a fast speed.

Princess Miao Miao followed his orders like a puppet and landed countless attacks onto the formation.


Qin Nan dusted his palms and rose from the ground.


Princess Miao Miao stared at the forceful Dragon-Phoenix Forbidding Blade Formation in front of her, and her face turned dull as she said, “Qin Nan, are you making fun of me? Does that look like it’s destroyed?”

Qin Nan sprang forward toward the formation without looking at her.

“What are you trying to do?”

Princess Miao Miao was dumbfounded. Was this guy’s brain kicked by a donkey, trying to commit suicide like that?

As she prepared herself to attack, she saw Qin Nan’s figure stepping into the Dragon-Pheonix Forbidding Blade Formation without being harmed.

She immediately stared ahead with her eyes open wide, What is going on?

Qin Nan’s calm voice could be heard coming from the formation, “Although my cultivation is weaker than yours, my eyes and my capabilities of comprehending the secrets of formations are better than yours. Although it seems like the formation is not affected judging from its appearance, it is actually cracked. All that remains is a mere illusion.”

“An illusion?” Princess Miao Miao slightly blushed, but her voice stayed firm as she harrumphed, “So what? It’s just a fluke!”

After saying this, she began to walk toward the formation. As she arrived within twenty meters of the formation, a terrifying Blade Aura was fired from the formation in her direction, causing her expression to change greatly, and she quickly evaded it with a close call.

“Qin Nan!”

Princess Miao Miao’s expression turned incredibly dull.


She was nearly hit by the attack, how was it a f**king illusion!

Qin Nan’s calm voice could be heard once again, “Forgot to mention, although it is an illusion, if you don’t enter in the right order of steps, you could still trigger the attacks from the formation.”

After a slight pause, he continued, “Are you convinced of my capabilities now?”


Princess Miao Miao almost vomited blood.

Since she had arrived here for the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure, this asshole had started to act as he pleased just because she needed his help, and had even tried to make fun of her.

“I will surely teach you a lesson after I’ve found that thing!”

Princess Miao Miao clenched her teeth and she slowly entered the formation.

When she arrived, Qin Nan had already picked four of the Xiantian Weapons.

He had already checked the Xiantian Weapons with his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit. In terms of strength and quality, these four Xiantian Weapons were the best among them.

“Great, let’s head to the third floor!”

Qin Nan managed to make fun of the despicable Princess Miao Miao a few times in a row today, leaving him in a great mood as he advanced toward the third floor with his face relaxed.

As he approached the entrance to the third floor, his movement came to a sudden halt, as he could feel a string being pulled in his mind.

He had neglected an important question.

Didn’t their journey seem to be a little too smooth?

Weren’t these treasures of the Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda too easy to be claimed?

Also, why were there treasures here apart from the Nine Symbolic Words within this Nine-floored Underworld Pagoda?

His mind was filled with countless doubts all of a sudden.

A confused look appeared on Qin Nan’s face, who cautiously arrived at the third floor. His whole expression stiffened after he took a look at the surroundings of the third floor.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: Apparently the mile here is referring to the Chinese mile, which is around 500 meters during the ancient Chinese era


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