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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 21


Chapter 21 - First fight, Qin Hai

This ordinary gaze was possibly something the other party unconsciously cast over him.

However, from this gaze, Qin Nan felt a terrifying power. In front of this power, Qin Nan became like an ant- he could be pulverized by it at any time.

’’What a frightening power....’’

Qin Nan bit the tip of his tongue and suppressed his mood as he observed the person the gaze belonged to.

Atop the white-jade grand platform was a girl sitting upright.

The girl's complexion was silky white, her brows like a half moon. Her eyes were like a hook drawn by a paint brush. Not only that, this girl also wore a purple robe tightly wrapped around her body. As the sunlight reflected the girl's skin and purple robe, it gave rise to a certain divine aura. A breathtaking feeling bubbled forth from Qin Nan's heart- he couldn't help but look awestruck.

’’Huh?’’ The girl on top of the grand platform seemed a little startled. Her face revealed a trace of deliberation as she sized Qin Nan up.

Qin Nan immediately woke from his trance. The girl's gaze felt like a sharp sword stabbing through his body, causing Qin Nan to feel like he couldn't hide any secrets from her.

This kind of scrutiny made Qin Nan feel exceedingly uncomfortable. Fortunately, the other party was only quickly going through him without meticulously analyzing him. This caused Qin Nan to sigh in relief as he quickly shifted his own gaze.

Qin Nan then shifted his gaze onto the other person atop the white-jade grand platform. It was a middle-aged man. This middle-aged man wore a white robe with a golden cuff- on his chest were three golden dragons. He had a malevolent appearance, and gave off an incomparably tyrannical feeling. Moreover, this middle-aged man did not try to conceal his own majestic and seemingly immeasurable tyrannical aura.

’’These two Elders of the Mystic Spirit Sect are extremely powerful. They're at least at the peak of the Xiantian Realm. Especially this girl... it's possible that she has even surpassed the Xiantian Realm...’’ Qin Nan thought to himself, as his yearning toward the Mystic Spirit Sect grew increasingly stronger.

Any two random people coming from the Mystic Spirit Sect were at this level of cultivation. In that case, just how powerful was the Mystic Spirit Sect?

However, Qin Nan didn't comprehend a certain fact- he, who was at the fifth-layer Body Tempering stage, could actually estimate the Realm that two Elders of the Mystic Spirit Sect were at. Moreover, his estimation wasn't too far from the truth.

What Qin Nan hadn't realized was that ever since the last transformation of the divine Battle Spirit, his eyesight had gotten increasingly stronger. It seemed to contain many mysteries.

As the Qin Clan entered the grounds, they were coincidentally seated opposite the Fang Clan, giving rise to an intense battle intent. However, although the Qin Clan and the Fang Clan's people gave off a hostile aura, most of their gazes were actually directed toward the grand platform. It was very clear that they were just like Qin Nan;they were overflowing with curiosity toward the two Elders dispatched from the Mystic Spirit Sect.

At that moment, Fang Li's figure leapt and landed on the arena. He was facing the crowd with a very flushed complexion;it seemed like he was a little excited:

’’Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to formally introduce you once again. These two are from the Mystic Spirit Sect;Elder Xiao Qingxue, and Elder Bai Heng. ’’

As his voice faded, a deafening applause erupted from the crowd. The present disciples all carried excitement on their faces as they looked toward the top of the white-jade grand platform. Their eyes were brimming with a fiery reverence.

The middle aged man, Elder Bai Heng, seemed to be enjoying this scene. His face revealed a great arrogance, following which Elder Bai Heng stood and spoke in a loud voice,

’’You have the honor of attending the Mystic Spirit Sect's Disciple Recruiting Ceremony this time... That's all I wanted to say- Fang Li, we can start now.’’

In just these short words, one could feel the despise he had for the people in Linshui City. Not only that, but also his tyrannical power was completely obvious. However, the crowd didn't feel it was unfair. Only Qin Nan had slightly creased his eyebrows.

As Bai Heng said this, Fang Li promptly said,

’’Alright. Let us start the first round: the Martial Art Competition. I assume everyone knows the rules, so come on stage one by one and draw a stick number. The pattern will begin with number one battling against number sixty. The person who draws number thirty will immediately be disqualified.’’

The disciples present immediately walked towards the arena to draw a stick number. Qin Nan was not in a hurry, as he walked behind and casually drew a stick number. As he drew it, a large character saying 'One' could be seen.

’’What number are you?’’ Qin Tian and Tie San immediately moved closer to ask.

’’Number one,’’ Qin Nan raised his hand, and said indifferently, ’’It seems like I'll be the first fight.’’

Qin Tian and Tie San nodded their heads without saying anything else. Qin Nan's face seemed extremely tranquil, he didn't seem to have the nervosity of someone who would be in the first fight. He took a large stride toward the arena.

’’Qin Nan, how come it's you?!’’ Suddenly, an incomparably gloomy voice resounded.

Qin Nan turned around to look, only to get a slight shock. He never imagined that the person would actually be one of the geniuses of the Qin Clan, Qin Hai.

Qin Nan had quite a poor impression of Qin Hai. This was because Qin Hai would regularly defame Qin Nan within the Qin Clan. He had gone as far as to completely ridicule Qin Nan during the Disciple Examination. Thinking about this, Qin Nan's face revealed an curious color.

Could this possibly be karma?

Qin Hai's complexion turned extremely ugly. The people of the Qin Clan beneath, including Qin Changkong and Qin Tieba, looked at Qin Hai with faces full of sympathy. Although Qin Nan only had a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, he could still overpower Qin Changkong with his fourth-layer Body Tempering stage.

Qin Hai only had a fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit with a cultivation of the second-layer Body Tempering stage, how could he possibly be Qin Nan's match? Besides, Qin Hai had verbally attacked Qin Nan very frequently. Knowing Qin Nan's temperament, he will definitely not let Qin Hai go.

’’Stop dawdling, hurry up and start.’’ At this time, Bai Heng's impatient voice resounded.

Bai Heng didn't feel any kind of excitement toward this kind of Martial Art Competition. Although the Martial Art Competition was for observing the strength of the Martial Spirit, the most important factor was still the grade of Martial Spirit during the Disciple Recruitment. As long as the grade of your Martial Spirit is sufficient, then you would definitely be recruited into the Sect. Besides, in a small place like Linshui City, were there any geniuses other than Qin Changkong of the Qin Clan and Fang Rulong of the Fang Clan? Thus, Bai Heng was acting like this. He had no feelings whatsoever toward these trash.

’’Qin Nan, you...’’ As Qin Hai heard Bai Heng's words, his heart began to tremble. However, he still didn't move. This was because Qin Hai was very clear on the fact that he was not a match for Qin Nan.

As he thought of himself as a genius who possessed a fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, he should have an opportunity to enter the Mystic Spirit Sect. However, if he were to be defeated by Qin Nan here, then would he, Qin Hai, have another opportunity to enter the Mystic Spirit Sect?

As he thought about this, Qin Hai began to hold his breath even more. If he didn't become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect here, then it's possible that he would never have that opportunity for the rest of his lifetime.

’’Calm down, calm down. My cultivation may not be on par with his, however I'm sure I still have other methods....’’ Qin Hai was incessantly contemplating in his heart, his mind operating at a fast speed. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. A particular idea came to him.

Qin Hai began to relax. His face recovered its calm. Instead of making a move, he began to shout loudly,

’’Qin Nan, how about you just admit defeat? As long as you admit defeat, I'll be able to give you boundless benefits when I become a disciple of Mystic Spirit Sect. This will allow you to continue a good life for the rest of your days.’’

As these words were being spoken, the crowd were slightly shocked.

Qin Hai actually wanted someone to admit defeat?

Qin Nan was also slightly shocked. He never thought that Qin Hai would actually say this out loud. However, Qin Nan quickly recovered his calm, his face not showing any emotion.

Qin Hai sensed the gaze from the crowd and completely ignored them. Instead, when he saw that Qin Nan didn't give a reply, his heart began to feel even more anxious and he said, ’’Qin Nan, in regards of cultivation, I am definitely not your match. However, you are merely a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit waste. You are destined to not enter the Mystic Spirit Sect in this lifetime. You might as well give this opportunity to me, and when the time comes, I will definitely return the favor a hundredfold.....’’

’’You're noisy! Get out of here!’’

Before Qin Hai could finish what he was saying, a thunderous voice resounded. One could see Qin Nan's face was incomparably cold. This was because he never thought that while Qin Hai was begging him to admit defeat, he would also call him a waste. Thus, Qin Nan no longer wanted to stay still. His Saber Intent surged and suppressed Qin Hai. In this instant, Qin Hai's complexion suddenly changed greatly, his body couldn't help but tremble.

Qin Hai could only feel that his surrounding suddenly turned cold. An incorporeal killing intent was continuously wreaking havoc, it was as though a great Saber with flickering cold light was on top of his head. It felt like it would fall on down on him and sever his life.

’’I..... I..... I.....’’

Qin Hai opened his mouth, his face filled with fear. He couldn't stop repeating the word 'I'. At this time, it was as though he had lost the ability to think, leaving only the fear of death incessantly breeding within his heart.

At this moment, the entire audience was silent for a few breaths. Following this, their faces immediately gave rise to great shock.

How is this possible?

Just what is this surging cold intent?

How did Qin Nan put out such a formidable aura?

Even the originally impatient Elder Bai Heng on top of the white-jade grand platform was shocked. He was unable to conceal the shock rising to his face,

’’This is....fifth-layer of the Body Tempering stage? 'Greater Success' in 'One with the Saber'?’’

Behind Elder Bai Heng, Elder Xiao's eyes also shone slightly.

The Disciple Recruitment Ceremony this time was getting quite interesting!


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