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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 206


Chapter 206: Chapter 206 - Killing the Serpent with The Eyes

Chapter 206 - Killing the Serpent with the Eyes

Every clan among these Four Great Clans possessed their own clan treasures. This Mystic Serpent Mirror turned out to be one of the Bei Clan’s treasures, a famous Houtian Weapon.

“The Mystic Serpent Mirror!”

Bei Liexue was decisive, as he instantly took out a red square-shaped mirror from his storage bag. An ocean could be seen on the surface of the mirror, occupied by a serpent the size of a dragon. The serpent’s eyes flickered with a hint of madness, as if it was ready to spring out from the mirror.

“Let the rain fall, the Serpent exiting the ocean!”

Bei Liexue fired a stream of Martial Emperor force with a flick of his finger into the mirror, causing the entire Mystic Serpent Mirror to glow radiantly, as a strong beast aura was fired into the air!


A blasting roar could be heard, leaving the disciples utterly shaken, their faces filled with terror.

Inside the Mystic Serpent Mirror, the blurry silhouette of a thirty foot long serpent exited the ocean and entered a portal while swinging its tail.

“Humph, that son of a bitch will not escape from our palms!”

Bei Liexue harrumphed with a strong murderous intent.

The elders of other clans immediately gathered around and focused their gazes onto the Mystic Serpent Mirror.

They clearly knew the uses of the Mystic Serpent Mirror. Once activated, it would allow them to detect every living thing within a thousand miles through the eyes of the serpent.

Although three of the clans were thoroughly robbed by the Martial Ancestor Realm expert, they would not be afraid to face a mere Qin Nan. As they would not dare to kill him, their aim was to rob all of his possessions and to retrieve the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion from him!

...Meanwhile, somewhere in the woods...

Qin Nan’s eyes kept on jumping in an increasingly intense fashion, which guided him left and right at times as he advanced forward.

If anyone were to be here, they would see Qin Nan’s eyes to have a golden glow, faintly emitting a mysterious yet terrifying suppression.

“I’m not sure why, but I can tell that I’m not far from the destination…”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself, as he swiftly took out one pill after another from his storage bag and consumed them to heal his injuries.

He had no idea what he would be facing next, hence it was better for him to prepare himself.

At that instant, a weird feeling rose within Qin Nan’s heart, as if he could sense a pair of invisible eyes staring at him, sending chills down his spine.

“What is going on?”

Qin Nan was shocked, as he used all of his might to control his jumping eyes, and glanced upward at the sky.

His face turned pale with a glimpse.

Above the layers of cloud, a green-scaled serpent could be seen soaring above him, with a pair of icy eyes staring down at Qin Nan, as if it were looking at a miniscule ant.

“What is going on? Where did this serpent come from?”

“No no, this serpent is only a virtual figure, it does not possess any fighting capabilities!”

“However, I can feel this serpent is alive. Could it be that it is spying on me?”

Qin Nan swiftly came to a realization.

In the Martial World, there existed various techniques and items which had the ability to spy on someone.

It seemed like this serpent was a result of someone executing certain techniques or equipment.

“Such a fascinating equipment or technique. It’s surely not from someone ordinary, and I can sense that it is staring at me. Could it be someone from the Four Great Clans?”

Qin Nan’s expression gradually turned serious.

Although he had no problem facing the young disciples of the Four Great Clans, it would not be beneficial to him if the elders of the Four Great Clans were seeking for him.

Not to mention that he was not willing to miss the opportunity of following the guidance of the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

While Qin Nan was immersed in his thoughts, a sudden burning sensation could be felt coming from his eyes.

“This is…”

Qin Nan’s heart skipped a beat.

Following this, two beams of golden rays were fired into the air from Qin Nan’s glowing eyes, aiming at the virtual image of the serpent.

A hint of terror could be seen from the icy eyes of the serpent as it began to flee at a great speed, but it was too late, as the beams of light penetrated its body.


The serpent uttered a shriek which shook the Heavens and Earth, and struggled for a moment, before shattering into dust.

“My eyes…”

Qin Nan’s heart was filled with astonishment, as he never knew such a change had taken place to his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, granting them the ability to fire such golden rays of light that were capable of killing the serpent.

What exactly is going on?

Qin Nan withheld the countless doubts in his mind and withdrew his Qi. He then continued to follow the guidance of his eyes and advanced deeper into the Longhu Mountain Range.



The place where the Four Great Clans assembled.

When the elders saw Qin Nan’s figure on the Mystic Serpent Mirror, they immediately turned energetic with their spirits lifted high.

This was particularly true for Bei Liexue, who exclaimed, “We found that son of a bitch, that bastard, I’ll tear him into pieces, and have him begging for a quick death!”

Surprisingly, as Bei Liexue finished cursing, a ray of golden light could be seen firing at the Mystic Serpent Mirror.

The crowd could feel their eyes blinded by a flash as the Mystic Serpent Mirror uttered a growl, before it exploded into pieces.

Bei Liexue was stunned.

The elders and disciples at the scene were stunned.

The Mystic Serpent Mirror is broken?

Did the Mystic Serpent Mirror just break before them?

Everyone knew that this Mystic Serpent Mirror was a Houtian Weapon. Even a full blow from a Martial Emperor Realm expert could not break it easily.

However, this Mystic Serpent Mirror was broken when it was only spying on Qin Nan?

“Uhh…” The Patriarchs of the Dong Clan, Xi Clan, and Nan Clan took a few deep breaths, before exchanging glances with one another and coming to a decision, “All clan members retreat to the Luohe Kingdom, and never mention anything about the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure from today onward!”

Judging from the appearance of the Martial Ancestor Realm expert, and Qin Nan’s reaction, they were now convinced that the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure was no longer within their reach.

If they chose to stay, they would likely end up as piles of bones.

In contrast, the Patriarch of the Bei Clan became enraged after a slight hesitation, “Screw that, I’ll never forgive that son of a bitch. I could never believe a mere disciple to have any outstanding capabilities! Now, people of the Bei Clan, follow me and destroy the Qin Clan of Linshui City!”

The other three clans were astounded.

Destroy the Qin Clan of Linshui City?

Everyone knew that in the Martial World, there existed a rule of not hurting one’s family despite what that person had done. If one were to include one’s family in their conflicts, he would be blacklisted and hunted down by countless cultivators.

This Bei Liexue is out of his mind!

“Are you guys going?” Bei Liexue glanced at the other three clans with a pair of reddened eyes.

The three clans hesitated for a while, before shaking their heads. Despite their hatred toward Qin Nan, they could not afford doing something like exterminating someone’s clan.

“Hehe, cowards!”

Bie Liexue assumed that the others were intimidated by Qin Nan’s background, and let out a disdainful laugh, before leading the people of the Bei Clan to descend from the mountain range.

Little did he know that the Qin Clan in Linshui City which he treated like an ant would turn out to be the real nightmare of his life.

In the meantime, the other three clans were glad that they had made the right decisions.



After three hours, Qin Nan finally arrived at the deeper region of the Longhu Mountain Range.

“I’m arriving at the destination at last…”

Qin Nan mumbled to himself as his eyes began to jump less rapidly.

At that instant, a rare phenomenon occurred!

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