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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 205


Chapter 205: Chapter 205 - Mystic Serpent Mirror

Chapter 205 - Mystic Serpent Mirror

As Qin Nan was sensing the guidance of his eyes, meanwhile, Dong Shaoxu, Xi Fengxiao, and Nan Chen led a group of young geniuses to an open space and halted their movements.

“Here is good enough, quickly inform the elders of all clans!”

Xi Fengxiao uttered a command, and immediately took out a Thousand-Mile Sound Conducting Rune and inserted his Qi into it, which was fired into the air.

The geniuses from the other three clans followed him.

“We can’t let Qin Nan take all the benefits for free!”

A hint of hatred could be seen from Xi Fengxiao’s eyes.

Not only Xi Fengxiao, but Nan Chen, Dong Shaoxu, and the rest had their eyes filled with murderous intent too.

Although Qin Nan had a formidable background, it was unacceptable to them that he had robbed all of them at the Longhu Mountain Range, causing a great loss for them.

Nan Chen and Dong Shaoxu in particular, since the former’s Martial Spirit was shattered, and the latter felt that he had experienced the greatest shame of his life.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, there was still no reaction an hour after the Thousand-Mile Sound Conducting Rune were fired.

“What is happening?”

The crowd of disciples began to feel disturbed, triggering an uproar within them.

“Guys, don’t panic. It is likely that our elders have discovered the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure, hence they could not make it in time,” yelled Xi Fengxiao, who had gradually become the leader here among the young geniuses of the Four Great Clans.

The disciples nodded their heads, as their faces returned calm. It seemed like Xi Fengxiao’s words were quite effective.

This was because, in the previous fight, Nan Chen’s Martial Spirit had been shattered, Bei Rou had lost the ability of her Martial Spirit and Dong Shaoxu was thoroughly bullied by Qin Nan, causing him to lose his reputation. Only Xi Fengxiao managed to impress them by unleashing his Martial Spirit to rescue Dong Shaoxu during the fight.

At last, after another half an hour, rapid footsteps were heard approaching them.

“The elders are here!”

The disciples instantly turned energetic.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

What the disciples had not expected was to see the elders of the Dong Clan, Nan Clan, and Xi Clan all arrive at once!

Not only that, the disciples were even more shocked after realizing something.

These elders before them were all wearing swollen faces and ragged clothes covered with smudges of blood. Their auras were incredibly weakened, as if everyone had been just trampled mercilessly by countless beasts, and they no longer had the appearance of Martial Emperor Realm experts.


The crowd of disciples was stunned. What did the elders of the three clans go through?

“What happened, that you guys had to use the Thousand-Mile Sound Conducting Runes? What happened to you all? Did you guys find the treasure?” The Patriarch of the Dong Clan spoke first with an exceedingly unpleasant expression, as if a storm was approaching.


Dong Shaoxu was scared to death looking at his father’s terrifying expression, and failed to speak properly.

Xi Fengxiao stepped forward and explained what happened in detail.

“Unacceptable! Darn it! This Qin Nan has gone too far, gone too far!”

The elders all became enraged at the same time, emitting powerful auras from their bodies, which caused the woods to quaver.

Especially the people of the Dong Clan, Nan Clan and Xi Clan, who felt like their chests were going to explode.

Sigh, it’s over, it’s over…” After a while, the Patriarch of the Nan Clan stared at Nan Chen whose Martial Spirit was shattered, as the anger on his face was replaced with despair.

Nan Chen was dumbfounded. Even though his Martial Spirit was shattered and he was robbed, why would his father say that it’s over?

“Damn it! Goddamn it!

The Patriarchs of the Dong Clan and Xi Clan wore hideous expressions after recollecting the events which had taken place moments ago.

At that instant, everyone was stunned, as they became aware that something was not right.

What is going on?

What exactly is going on?

“Let me explain it to them.” An aging elder rubbed his swollen nose and said with a wry smile, “Just a while ago, when we discovered some clues regarding the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure, a Martial Ancestor Realm little girl appeared out of nowhere, and beat the crap out of us without saying anything, and robbed our possessions. She then warned us not to advance any further into the mountain range. Otherwise, she will kill us all. Initially, after receiving the Thousand-Mile Sound Conducting Rune from you guys, we assumed that you had found the treasure, but who could have thought that you had stumbled into Qin Nan…”

The disciples were left in awe after hearing the words of the elder.

It’s not enough that they were robbed by Qin Nan. Even the elders of these three clans stumbled into a Martial Ancestor Realm expert and were robbed too?

What, what, what did this mean?

The elders of the three clans wore dull expressions in addition to being furious.

The loss that the Four Great Clans had suffered this time would not easily be mitigated in ten years’ time!

“What is going on here? What happened to you all? How is Bei Rou? Where is she?”

At that instant, a furious voice could be heard approaching them.

A bald man carrying a huge sword with a length of eighteen feet, along with over twenty elders behind him arrived.

This man was none other than Bei Rou’s father, the Patriarch of the Bei Clan, Bei Liexue!

“The Bei Clan!”

The elders of the three clans turned energetic.

As the Four Great Clans went in separate ways searching for clues, the Bei Clan was in charge of searching a remote mountain, hence they were not robbed. They still had sufficient Mystical Weapons and pills on them.

However, the thought of the menacing little girl instantly broke their hopes.

Facing a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, so what if the Bei Clan is unharmed?

The aging elder stepped forward once again and said with a wry smile, “Patriarch of the Bei Clan, allow me to explain..."

After a moment, the group of the Bei Clan’s elders stared with their eyes open wide. Bei Liexue even uttered a scream, “What? You guys bumped into a Martial Ancestor Realm expert? How can we obtain the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure now? And Qin Nan alone managed to defeat all the geniuses of our clans?”

His scream was not filled with doubts, but astonishment.

The crowd remained silent, but their hopeless expressions were enough to describe the misfortune they had encountered here at the Longhu Mountain Range.

“Where is my daughter?”

Bei Liexue soon collected his thoughts. Now that the Bei Clan was unharmed, and the remaining three clans had suffered great losses, he could even use this chance to suppress the other three clans and obtain great benefits.

Hence, his only concern now was Bei Rou’s well-being.

“Patriarch, Young Master… Young Master…”

A young disciple of the Bei Clan stepped forward and narrated the event which had taken place.

The elders and disciples of the other three sects dropped their jaws once again. They had not expected this Qin Nan to be so powerful, who managed to defeat Bei Rou’s Martial Spirit with a single shout, leaving her unconscious.

“Screw him! It’s his pleasure to be my daughter’s servant. He dares to harm my daughter! Elders, use the Mystic Serpent Mirror at once, and track him down!”

Bei Liexue uttered a furious cry.

The previously dull eyes of the other clans’ elders instantly glistened.

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