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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 204


Chapter 204: Chapter 204 - The Ancient Summoning

Chapter 204 - The Ancient Summoning

Qin Nan left the place at his fastest speed.

It was likely that Xi Fengxiao and the others had contacted the elders of their clans, hence there was no reason for him to stay any longer.

After an hour, Qin Nan came to a stop at a well-hidden cave.

“I should be safe here.” Qin Nan observed his surroundings and took a deep breath, before his eyes were engulfed in flames, “Let’s see how much I earned this time…”

Qin Nan rummaged through the storage bags and took out all the Martial Emperor Pills and the rest, placing them before him to form a small shiny pile of treasures.

Qin Nan instantly executed his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and scanned his loot.

“This is Xi Fengxiao’s storage bag. There are three books of his clan’s Martial Skills. Tsk tsk, these skills are incredibly valuable. F**k me, this guy also had two other Mystical Weapons, although they are uncomparable to the Sun Moon Bracelet.”

“Hmm? So many Martial Emperor Pills? What is this Nan Chen trying to do?”

“F**k me!”


A series of shouts could be heard in this empty cave.

After half an hour, Qin Nan’s entire face turned red due to excitement, as if he were drunk.

A total of three hundred and sixty thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

Healing medicines with a total value of eighty thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

Numerous top-tier Martial Skills which were worth at least thirty thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

Plus the Sun Moon Bracelet, the Dong Dragon Spear, the Underworld Ocean Orb, the Emperor Slaying Sword, and the other Mystical Weapons—these are worth at least fifty thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

In summary, Qin Nan had earned a total of five hundred and twenty thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

Not only that, including the forty Foundation Marshal Beast Cores and the fifty two thousand Martial Emperor Pils he had robbed from Dong Yuehao, that would be a total of five hundred and seventy thousand Martial Emperor Pills!

“I just need to kill some beasts, and I could then pay all my debts!”

A smile appeared on Qin Nan’s face.

He was extremely lucky in his trip here to stumble into the disciples of Dong Clan. If not, he had no idea how long he would need to spend killing beasts to earn such a fortune.

However, through this experience, Qin Nan had also learned a new lesson.

“I should find some way to earn pills in the future. It doesn’t always work by robbing people and hunting beasts. It took five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills for the divine Battle Spirit to level up last time. The pressure will be greater for the next level up…” Qin Nan thought in his heart.

There were various ways of earning pills in the Martial World;for example, killing people, gathering intel, making pills, forging weapons, etc. Making pills and forging weapons were the most common ones.

In other words, almost half of the cultivators earned their pills through making pills and forging weapons.

“Well, now is not the time to think about this. My priority now is the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement as he mumbled, “It is likely that Princess Miao Miao is searching for the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure, same as the Four Great Clans. If these two were to stumble into each other…”

Upon having this thought, Qin Nan suddenly felt that these Four Great Clans were quite unfortunate.

The younger generation was thoroughly robbed after stumbling into him.

If the older generations were to bump into Princess Miao Miao, the outcome could be easily predicted.

“Since I have no idea where the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure is, I should look for the other treasure that Dong Shaoxu mentioned!”

Qin Nan swiftly made up his mind.

Although he was really interested in the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure, the truth was, he had no information regarding it.

However, that did not mean that Qin Nan had given up. The Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit did behave strangely when he entered the Longhu Mountain Range. Hence, he assumed that it would be linked to the Longhu Phenomenon and the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure.

“Let’s look at the location on the map!”

Qin Nan took out the pieces of ancient map from the storage bags of the Four Great Geniuses and placed them on the ground.

As soon as the four maps were placed together, they all vibrated slightly, emitting a Martial Ancestor Beast’s aura toward the surroundings.

Even Qin Nan felt like he was being crushed under a huge mountain.

“This treasure is definitely unusual!”

Despite the pressure, Qin Nan could feel his heart engulfed in fire, as he reached out his hands with difficulty and merged the pieces of the map together.

As he had expected, when the pieces of map were joined together, the furious roar of a beast was heard, together with a bright golden beam. The silhouette of an atavistic beast could be seen coming out from the map and it dashed upward into the air.

At that instant, all the weather began to change tremendously within the three miles around him!

Qin Nan’s expression turned pale. He had not expected such a great change to occur when the pieces of map were joined together.

At that instant, he could feel the blood within his body begin to solidify, as his breathing became difficult under the pressure of the silhouette of the giant beast, while he trembled like a tiny ant.

The enormous beast’s figure glimpsed coldly at Qin Nan, and began to move, as if it was going to attack him.

Surprisingly, countless runes could be seen emitting from the body of the huge beast, whose figure began to expand. Even as a Martial Ancestor Beast, its struggles had no effect, as it soon exploded, turning into light spots filling the sky.

These light spots then combined to form a map.

“This is…”

Qin Nan was filled with astonishment. He immediately memorized the map in his mind.

After a period of just over ten breaths’ time, the light spots began to vanish, as the surroundings returned to normal, as if nothing had happened.

“What a close call!”

Qin Nan let out a mouthful of air and gradually calmed his thoughts. He then headed toward the marked place on the map.

However, at that instant, a rare phenomenon took place!

A strong burning sensation could be felt from Qin Nan’s eyes, as if his eyes were engulfed by huge flames—it was extremely painful.


Qin Nan felt the pain from his eyes and exhaled deeply, before a stern expression appeared on his face as he collected his thoughts.

What is happening to the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit?

Why are they acting strangely, and even worse than the previous time?

Tu! Tu! Tu!

In the midst of his doubts, Qin Nan could feel his eyes begin to jump suddenly, as if they had turned into hearts, jumping one at a time in rhythm.


Qin Nan was shocked, What is going on?

Tu Tu Tu Tu!

His eyes then jumped at a faster beat, aiming to his left, as if they were going to jump out from his sockets toward the sky to his left.

“This… Are they trying to guide me?”

In the midst of his shock, an unbelievable thought appeared in his mind, as he raised his head and glanced toward the left of the mountain range.

What could he find in that area?

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