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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 203


Chapter 203: Chapter 203 - The Hidden Tenth Word Treasure

Chapter 203 - The Hidden Tenth Word Treasure

The crowd was filled with absolute terror.

What just happened?

How was Bei Rou’s powerful Martial Spirit destroyed instantly just like that?

At that instant, facing Qin Nan’s questioning, no one spoke—no one dared to speak.

Seeing this, Qin Nan’s Battle Intent gradually dropped, as he said with a smile, “It seems like no one dares to fight me. To be honest, I am very disappointed.”

The crowd could feel their lips twitching.

Following this, Qin Nan said while squinting his eyes, “Let’s have a talk now regarding whether I should let you guys go. If I’m not mistaken, I remember you guys demanded me to reveal the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. Now that I’ve won, it’s time for you all to hand over your pills and weapons etc. If someone were to hide something…”

Qin Nan’s tone instantly turned cold, “I’ll kill you all!”

The crowd all shuddered violently. At that instant, they could smell the scent of death, and there was no doubt that Qin Nan would not hesitate to kill them all.

“I’ll do it!”

These disciples of the Four Great Clans all lost their ground due to the fear, with no intention of resisting, and immediately took all of their possessions out.

In a blink of an eye, Xiantian Pills, Martial Emperor Pills, healing medicines, and all kinds of weapons, and even some books of their clans’ Martial Skills were placed before Qin Nan, stacking up into a shiny, eye-catching pile of valuable items.

Qin Nan’s heart began to race shamelessly.

Although he had yet to calculate the value of the pile of items before him, he could faintly feel that it would be a great fortune.

Before the crowd was aware of Qin Nan’s emotions, he took a few deep breaths to calm his thoughts, and then picked up the medicines from the ground and consumed them, while glancing at the unconscious Bei Rou nearby.

Qin Nan swiftly approached her and searched her storage bag. With a glance, he nearly uttered a shout in his amazement.

Surprisingly, in this storage bag lay thirty thousand Martial Emperor Pills. Besides that, there were also many rare medicines and precious Martial Skills of the Bei Clan.

These items combined together would have a value of roughly fifty to sixty Martial Emperor Pills.


Qin Nan’s eyes glistened all of a sudden.

Among the contents of Bei Rou’s storage bag, he also found a fragmented piece of ancient map, which was a quarter of the entire map. Furthermore, this fragmented piece of map was made with a Martial Ancestor Realm beast’s skin, and despite the erosion after such a long time, it still possessed a faintly terrifying suppression.

“This map is most likely related to the Longhu Mountain Range!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered, but soon returned to calm as he switched his gaze onto the other three geniuses.

Dong Shaoxu, Xi Fengxiao, and Nan Chen were aware of Qin Nan’s gaze, causing their expressions to change slightly. They were sure that Qin Nan had found the map after searching Bei Rou’s storage bag.

Following this, they heard Qin Nan’s cold voice, “Take the initiative, don’t force me!”

Dong Shaoxu, Xi Fengxiao, and Nan Chen’s faces instantly turned pale, and wore indecisive expressions.

These three great geniuses were different than the others. In their storage bags, apart from the great fortune, it also contained the secrets of the Longhu Mountain Range. If these secrets were to be obtained by Qin Nan, it would surely not bring a good influence to them.

Dong Shaoxu clenched his teeth and forcibly said, “Qin Nan, it was our fault for what happened just then, but we can’t hand over the map…”

Every clan held a piece of the map, and it could only be completed by collecting all four pieces.

If the map were to be in Qin Nan’s hands, it would cause a severe loss in the operations of the Four Great Clans in the Longhu Mountain Range.

Before he could finish, Qin Nan immediately interrupted, becoming enraged!

“Stop this bullshit!”

A layer of ice could be seen forming in Qin Nan’s eyes as he said, “Let’s ignore the fact that it is unacceptable for you Four Great Clans to seal off the Longhu Mountain Range, but how could I forgive the fact that you guys intercepted me before and tried to blackmail me to tell you the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion by utilizing your numbers? Do you really think a mere apology is enough? If it weren’t for my strength, my ending would surely be worse than what I could imagine!”


Qin Nan drew out a saber from his back, and stared straight at Dong Shaoxu, “I’ll start with you;if you don’t hand it over, I’ll kill you on the spot!”

This time, Qin Nan had really gone mad.

The Martial World followed the law of jungle. Since this group of people planned to rob him in the first place, how could he let them go so easily?

Dong Shaoxu’s body shuddered, as his eyes were filled with a hint of terror.

He had not expected Qin Nan to suddenly pick on him.

“I…” Dong Shaoxu went silent for a period of three breaths’ time. Within this period, he only felt that time became incredibly slow, as a cold feeling began to rise within him, sending a chill down his spine. At last, he swallowed his saliva with difficulty and said, “Qin… Qin Nan, I’ll… I’ll give it to you!”

He swiftly took out his storage bag and shoved it toward Qin Nan, and forced an unpleasant smile on his face, “Qin… Qin Nan… A great man like you won’t harbor grievance for my past mistakes… can you let me go now?”

The disciples glanced disgustingly at Dong Shaoxu. As the top genius of the Dong Clan, how could he admit his defeat so easily, such a shame to the Dong Clan.

Qin Nan’s expression turned calmer, and glanced toward Xi Fengxiao and Nan Chen.

Xi Fengxiao and Nan Chen initially planned to persist, but after seeing Dong Shaoxu giving up, and that the elders were yet to arrive still, they both had no choice but to clench their teeth and take out their storage bags.

After receiving the storage bags from the three geniuses, Qin Nan was not in a rush to check their contents, but waved his hand and said, “Apart from Dong Shaoxu, you guys can all leave now.”

The crowd of disciples, including the disciples of the Dong Clan, immediately left the scene after hearing these words.

They were now completely afraid of Qin Nan, and hence had no reason to stay any longer. Besides, as soon as they left, they could inform the elders of their clans, and let them deal with Qin Nan.

“Why are you keeping me still, I’ve already given you the storage bag!”

Dong Shaoxu’s face instantly turned pale.

“Apologize to him!”

Qin Nan pointed his finger toward Dong Yuehao not far from him and said in a cold tone.

When the crowd of disciples fled, only Dong Yuehao chose to stay.

“How could I apologize to that trash…” Dong Shaoxu was finally aware of Dong Yuehao’s presence and instinctively rebuked the idea of apologizing to him.

The word ‘trash’ instantly caused the anger in Qin Nan’s heart to rise exponentially.


Before he could finish his words, Qin Nan lashed out a slap in his face and snapped, “Apologize to him!”


After receiving the sudden slap, Dong Shaoxu felt his mind going blank, as he was unable to react in time.


Another slap!

Qin Nan’s voice turned colder, “So are you going to apologize?”

“Sure, sure…” Dong Shaoxu thoroughly lost his ground and his ability to interpret the situation, and obeyed the command. He immediately looked at Dong Yuehao, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please forgive me, brother…”

Dong Yuehao was stunned looking at this.

Previously, after knowing that Dong Shaoxu was being kept behind, he decided to stay too as he was worried about his brother’s safety. However, he had not expected Qin Nan to teach his brother a lesson and force him to apologize.

“Very well, next question. What are you Four Great Clans looking for, coming all the way to the Longhu Mountain Range?” Qin Nan nodded his head in satisfaction, and slowly drew out a saber once again from his back.

Dong Shaoxu was scared to death after seeing this action, and blurted out, “We are here for the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure, which was discovered by the ancestors of the Four Great Clans. From the teachings of our ancestors, when the cries of dragons and tigers reappear, it is the sign of the reappearance of the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure. Our ancestors once said that if we were able to find these treasures, us Four Great Clans would have a chance to be on par with the top four sects…”

After saying this, he secretly glanced at Qin Nan, and immediately halted his words after seeing Qin Nan immersed in thought.

“The Hidden Tenth Word Treasure? On par with top four sects?”

Qin Nan frowned and continued after a brief pause, “What are the maps in your storage bags? And where are the elders of your clans?”

“These maps are referring to another piece of treasure hidden in the Longhu Mountain Range. We initially planned to retrieve this treasure today.” Dong Shaoxu explained with all honesty, “As for the elders of your clans, they are currently looking for the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure deep within the mountain range…”

“I see.”

Qin Nan nodded his head and left the scene with a kick off the ground.

Dong Shaoxu instantly felt relieved, and his body fell to the ground, panting heavily in a miserable state.

Dong Yuehao was stunned for a moment before he collected his thoughts. He glanced at Dong Shaoxu who remained lying on the ground and suddenly felt that the brother whom he had adored previously was now a pretty petty being, who had even lost his dignity as a man.

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