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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 201


Chapter 201: Chapter 201 - Robbing Treasures with Godly Eyes

Chapter 201 - Robbing Treasures with Godly Eyes

Dong Shaoxu felt like vomiting blood. He could never have expected Qin Nan to continue attacking him after he had just resolved the previous danger. Despite the hatred in his heart, he could feel his body breaking out in goosebumps as the two ancient sabers approached him piercing through the air, resulting in a chill rising straight from his spine into his brain.

“Perfect Accuracy Arrows!”

At this crucial moment, Dong Shaoxu was forced to unleash his Martial Spirit.

His Martial Spirit was a long bow, named ‘Wind Pursuit’.

After unleashing his Martial Spirit, he then rapidly grabbed all eighty-six arrows from his quivers with his hands fast like a phantom, which he continuously fired forward, forming a rain of arrows in front of him.


A series of explosions could be heard as the arrows were knocked aside from the shockwave. Although the slashes of the two ancient sabers did weaken, they still ended up on Dong Shaoxu’s body, causing him to feel unpleasant as he was sent flying once again while vomiting blood, further intensifying his injuries.

The crowd of disciples was astonished upon seeing this.

How crazy is Qin Nan’s strength, to be able to seriously injure Dong Shaoxu despite being bombarded with attacks from the Four Great Geniuses?

“A good chance!”

On the other hand, Xi Fengxiao, Bei Rou, and Nan Chen ignored Dong Shaoxu and let out a huge cry. The three of them surrounded Qin Nan with a flicker, their eyes locked onto his figure.

“Sun Moon Bracelets!”

Xi Fengxiao, who had sustained light injuries was the first to attack, as he took out a piece of a bracelet and hurled it toward Qin Nan.

The bracelet was the size of a palm, with a crystal-like appearance, emitting a mystic light similar to the Sun and the Moon. As soon as it was thrown, it suddenly expanded in a fascinating way into a large gleaming ring with the radiance of the Sun and the Moon, enfolding around Qin Nan’s figure.

Qin Nan could only feel his body stiffening, as his bones, blood, and Qi were experiencing a huge pressure, restricting his movements as if he were carrying a five thousand kilogram boulder.

“This is also an unusual Mystical Weapon!”

Qin Nan became joyful instead of being shocked, as he unleashed his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and inspected the Sun Moon Bracelet.

“Nan Chen, Bei Rou, what are you guys waiting for, hurry up and use your strongest abilities to suppress this guy!”

Xi Fengxiao yelled while controlling his Sun Moon Bracelet.

The Sun Moon Bracelet was given by his clan to protect his life during the most dangerous moments. However, seeing how strong Qin Nan was, his heart was already filled with terror, forcing him to use the Sun Moon Bracelet to entrap Qin Nan. Although Xi Fengxiao was extremely confident in the power of the Sun Moon Bracelet, due to Qin Nan’s various abilities and his strength, he wished to end the battle as soon as possible without any delay, to avoid the situation from getting out of control.

“Emperor Slaying Sword!”

“Underworld Ocean Orb!”

Nan Chen and Bei Rou did not hesitate to use their Mystical Weapons to attack after seeing Xi Fengxiao revealing his trump card.

The Emperor Slaying Sword in the hands of Nan Chen was three feet long, with a pitch-black body mixed with a faint dark red color, emitting a faint murderous aura, as if it were born to slay Martial Emperors. On the other hand, the Underworld Ocean Orb was forged with a thousand Underworld Ocean Secluded Fish. Sound of surging rivers could be heard from the orb with a size of a thumb, as if an Underworld Stream was stored within it.

The disciples at the scene were astonished. The sight of the two geniuses unleashing their Mystical Weapons alone was enough to make their hearts beat faster.

“Qin Nan, take this!”

A raging roar was heard at that instant, which turned out to be coming from the seriously injured Dong Shaoxu. Upon seeing Qin Nan being trapped, the rage in his heart exploded, as he gathered the remaining Qi in his body onto his Dong Dragon Spear, thrusting at Qin Nan while it emitted a golden glow.

The attacks from the three Mystical Weapons produced a terrifying gust of wind which shattered the woods in the surroundings, and leaves began to dance in the air.

If these attacks were to land on Qin Nan’s body, despite his toughness, he would be seriously injured, with no hope of recovering without the aid of some rare medicines.

Surprisingly, in such hopeless circumstances, Qin Nan felt excited instead of panicky as he said, “Four Mystical Weapons, which are considered top-tier among Mystical Weapons. If that’s the case, I’m more than happy to accept the gifts…”

Xi Fengxiao, Nan Chen, Bei Rou, and Dong Shaoxu who had thought victory was theirs and had let out a sigh of relief, suddenly realized that Qin Nan who was trapped within the Sun Moon Bracelet escaped with ease, as if he were not restrained at all.

Xi Fengxiao and the others wore blank expressions at that instant.

What is going on?

Did he escape from the Sun Moon Bracelet?

They had no idea that Qin Nan did not panic after being entrapped by the Sun Moon Bracelet, as he possessed the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

The Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit now possessed great power, with the ability to discern the Heavens and Earth. Hence, it could easily discover the secrets of the Sun Moon Bracelet, fully exposing its weaknesses.

After knowing its weaknesses, there was no difficulty at all in escaping from its grasp.

The reason why Qin Nan did not fight back was because he was enjoying this battle against the Four Great Geniuses.

“Trying to entrap me with just a mere Sun Moon Bracelet?”

Qin Nan laughed as if he had read their minds, and his figure flashed rapidly with a kick at the ground, dodging the attacks from Nan Chen, Bei Rou, and Dong Shaoxu with ease, placing them in a state of great shock, unable to recover in a short period of time.

“How is this possible?”

Xi Fengxiao was the first to recover, who completely lost his ground as veins began to pop out on his forehead.

This Sun Moon Bracelet was a top-tier Mystical Weapon with great powers given by his clan, which could even match the powers of a few Houtian Weapons. Once being trapped, even a tenth-layer Xiantian Realm expert would need at least the period for half an incense to burn to escape from it.

Qin Nan, with just a cultivation of the sixth-layer Xiantian Realm, how did he manage to escape?

“Sun Moon Bracelet, lock him down!”

Xi Fengxiao went into a state of frenzy, as he controlled the Sun Moon Bracelet which began to enclose around Qin Nan once again.

“Don’t ever think you can use the same methods on me twice in a row. The Sun Moon Bracelet is such a waste in your hands. I’ll make good use of it on your behalf!”

With a calm expression, Qin Nan reached out his left hand at the speed of lightning, and his finger struck a spot on the Sun Moon Bracelet.

The initially brilliant and powerful Sun Moon Bracelet let out a shrieking sound as if it had just received a powerful strike, and its power began to diminish together with its glow and transformed back into a palm-size bracelet.

Qin Nan was quick in his movements. With a flick of his finger, he caught the Sun Moon Bracelet with his hand.


Xi Fengxiao spurted a mouthful of blood with an astounded face.

A second ago, he could feel the loss of connection between him and the Sun Moon Bracelet which had been refined with his own blood.

The truth was that through Qin Nan’s Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, he had discovered the Sun Moon Bracelet to contain two streams of Yin and Yang. These two streams of Yin and Yang flowed inside the bracelet endlessly, forming a cycle which transformed into a formation, allowing it to call on a great power. The strike from Qin Nan’s finger was aimed at the center of these two streams of Yin and Yang, breaking the connection between them, which crumbled the formation and resulted in serious damage.

Under the great damage, the intelligence of the Mystical Weapon automatically broke the connection with its owner, and fell into a hibernating state.

“Only three left!”

Without hesitation, Qin Nan’s gaze locked onto Nan Chen, Bei Rou, and Dong Shaoxu, as his figure approached them as fast as lightning.

The first victim was Dong Shaoxu. Before he could react, he spurted a mouthful of blood once again, as the powerful and imperious Dong Dragon Spear ended up in Qin Nan’s hands, whose glow turned dimmer, and regained the appearance of an ordinary spear.

Nan Chen and Bei Rou finally reacted, but it was still too late. They both spurted a mouthful of blood before they had the chance to put their Mystical Weapons back into their storage bags.

The Emperor Slaying Sword and the Underworld Ocean Orb were taken by Qin Nan in similar fashions.

“Four Mystical Weapons…”

Qin Nan’s eyes filled with lustful lames. He had personally witnessed the powers of these four Mystical Weapons. He could surely sell them at a great price.

“Qin Nan, screw you!”

While Qin Nan was immersed in great joy, Dong Shaoxu, Xi Fengxiao, and Nan Chen collected their thoughts and became enraged.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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