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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 200


Chapter 200: Chapter 200 - Battling Against a Crowd

Chapter 200 - Battling Against a Crowd

Previously, it had gone from Dong Shaoxu and the rest of Four Great Geniuses arriving, to Dong Shaoxu showing his attitude, then asking Qin Nan’s name, and in the end Qin Nan laughing hysterically.

Why was he laughing?

This was because, Qin Nan did not expect Dong Yuehao’s Thousand Miles Sound Conducting Rune to only summon Dong Shaoxu and the other young geniuses, without any sign of a Martial Emperor expert.

With Qin Nan’s current strength, even though Dong Shaoxu’s side had a total of thirty six people, he was not intimidated.

What even more surprising to him was that these people were blinded by profits, who had no idea the grave danger they were in right now. Even he did not have the intention to rob them yet, and this crowd planned to rob him—their eyes were bigger than their stomach.

Qin Nan turned hostile after his laugh, “Interesting, very interesting indeed. Even the Trading Alliance failed to rob me before, and the Four Great Clans are courageous enough to try doing so. Where do you guys get your confidence from? Let me make this clear. Dong Shaoxu should hand over all his possessions at once, and the others should get out of my sight as far as you can before my rage goes out of control!”

Qin Nan was already tired of Dong Shaoxu’s acting, hence he did not show any mercy.

As for the other three clans, Qin Nan was willing to compromise, to save him some troubles for the future, as long as they were smart enough to make the right decisions.

However, Dong Shaoxu, Xi Fengxiao, Bei Rou, Nan Chen, and the crowd of disciples were left in awe after hearing the words.

They did hear rumors about Qin Nan’s lofty attitude, but they did not think he could be this lawless, showing no respect whatsoever when facing them alone!


Dong Shaoxu’s face reddened as rage rose within him.

What did this Qin Nan mean, ordering only him to hand over his possessions?

Is he purposely picking on him?

“What about me?” Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh, “You shame your younger brother because he is not strong enough, and even have the intention to disown him—it’s inhumane. Then, provoking the others to rob me for mere benefits like bandits is unrighteous! Such an inhumane and unrighteous person like you is worse than an animal. If I were your father, I would die of anger because of you.”

How harsh were his words, that even Ling Zixiao and the others from before felt like dying just from hearing his words, not to mention Dong Shaoxu.

“I will kill you!”

Dong Shaoxu’s eyes instantly reddened as he completely lost his mind, and uttered a roar and dived in Qin Nan’s direction.

Dong Shaoxu, as the top genius of Dong Clan, possessed a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Apart from his sixth-layer Xiantian Realm cultivation, he had also mastered the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm, allowing his punch to unleash his Qi, taking the shape of the head of a dragon emitting raging cries, forming a rolling wave of Fist Intent toward his enemy.

The ability was known as the strongest Martial Skill of the Dong Clan, Crying Dragon Punch!

“Great timing!”

Qin Nan immediately felt a burning Battle Intent within him, and similarly lashed out a punch with a stomp on the ground.

The punch was not of any ability, it was just a simple punch. However, the Fist Intent emitting from his punch was the Greater Success Stage of the Arcane Realm. The rolling wave of Fist Intent was like a tide surging forward.

Comparing Dong Shaoxu’s Fist Intent to his was like comparing a rivulet to an ocean.


A loud explosion was heard. Under everyone’s attention, Dong Shaoxu uttered a shriek of pain as his whole figure was sent flying eighteen feet away by the punch, with blood splattering everywhere.

A layer difference between their Martial Intents was like the distance between Heaven and Earth.

“Is this… the Greater Success Stage of the Arcane Realm?”

Xi Fengxiao, Bei Rou, Nan Chen, and the rest of the disciples were left speechless.

They never expected Qin Nan’s Martial Skill Talent to be so powerful, to have mastered the Greater Success Stage of the Arcane Realm.

“Dong Dragon Spear!”

Dong Changxu, who was sent flying by the punch, had not fallen yet, and turned even madder. Following a raging roar, he drew out a six foot long spear from his storage bag. The spear was thoroughly golden in color, with dragon veins spiraling on its surface, and its tip taking the shape of a dragon tooth, giving it a marvelous appearance.

Dong Changxu held the spear in his hands while bursting forth with a forceful Spear Intent with a continuation of dragon cries which enfolded Qin Nan within it.

“Hmm? This spear is quite fascinating, an impressive Mystical Weapon with a nice power…”

Qin Nan executed his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and inspected the Dong Dragon Spear as his figure had turned phantom-like due to his Mystical Eight Steps, while dodging the terrifying spear attacks of Dong Changxu with ease as if he were taking a stroll in the park.

He was excited after seeing the appearance of the Dong Dragon Spear, hence he was not in a rush to defeat Dong Changxu.

“What are you guys waiting for?”

Dong Changxu was shameful and angry at the same time. His succession of powerful blows did not even harm Qin Nan at all, which shattered his pride.


A hint of hesitation could be seen on the faces of Xi Fengxiao and Nan Chen.

In just a short period, Qin Nan had displayed a formidable strength, causing their hearts to be slightly shaken.

“Fine, but only hurting Qin Nan so he will tell us the secrets, we will not harm his life!”

Xi Fengxiao and Nan Chen stepped forward first, as they emitted a terrifying strength and joined the battle.

A hint of excitement could be seen from Bei Rou’s eyes, who hesitated for a moment before she too immersed herself in the fight.

With the three more of the Great Geniuses joining the fight, Qin Nan could instantly feel the pressure increasing.

Xi Fengxiao possessed a strong brute force, Nan Chen was the cunning type, and Bei Rou was sharp and menacing in her decisions. The three of them joining forces, in addition to Dong Changxu in charge of the main attacks, restricted the area of movement of Qin Nan’s Mystical Eight Steps;it was as if a net was cast and drew in slowly, leaving him no space to run.

It was quite an ingenious formation. Although they had never cooperated before, with their outstanding Martial Talents, they were able to make it work efficiently during their first time cooperating.


With the sharp observation of his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, Qin Nan could easily analyze the situation of the battle, and drew out his ancient saber Superbia as his opponents came closer. The ancient saber began to emit a stream of terrifying Saber Intent, like a beam of light firing at Dong Changxu.

He had been waiting to teach this guy a lesson.

Dong Changxu instantly felt his scalp going numb. Facing the intimidating Saber Intent, even while holding his Dong Dragon Spear, he could feel a sense of death.

“Xi Fengxiao, save me!”

At the crucial moment, Dong Changxu uttered a cry in agony.

Xi Fengxiao knew that if Dong Changxu were to be slain, their opponent would gain the upper hand. Hence, without hesitation, he let out a roar as nine golden rays were emitted behind him, which transformed into an arcane shield.

As soon as the Shield-type Martial Spirit appeared, it immediately landed onto Dong Changxu’s figure with a shoosh, tightly enclosing him within it.

This was the capability of Xi Fengxiao’s Martial Spirit, available for summoning at any time to protect its target’s life.


The shocking Saber Intent collided with the Shield-type Martial Spirit, producing a tremendous clashing sound. The Martial Spirit vibrated vigorously, as its golden rays turned exceedingly dull.

Xi Fengxiao let out a groan as his face turned pale.

The slash from Qin Nan was nothing ordinary. His Martial Spirit barely blocked the attack, receiving great damage, which affected him too.

“Damn it!”

Nan Chen and Bei Rou wore an unpleasant look. They clearly knew how tough Xi Fengxiao’s Martial Spirit was, but it seemed like Qin Nan’s Saber Intent was even more shocking.

On the other hand, Dong Changxu completely lost his thoughts, as he felt his body turning flaccid, with no sign of his previous anger.

In the meantime, before Dong Changxu could react, Qin Nan uttered a hollow laugh and immediately drew out another ancient saber from his back. With a swing, the two ancient sabers fired a powerful Saber Intent in Dong Changxu’s direction like a series of explosions.

One saber might not be enough, but can you defend against this second saber?

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