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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 199


Chapter 199: Chapter 199 - The Start of Greed

Chapter 199 - The Start of Greed

Qin Nan?

This young man is Qin Nan?

Dong Shaoxu, Xi Fengxiao, Bei Rou, Nan Chen and the rest halted their breaths.

Being a part of the Four Great Clans of the Luohe Kingdom, they had been keeping themselves updated with the various news of the top four sects. If it were someone else, they would not have such a reaction, but Qin Nan’s name was ear-piercing like thunder.

“Are you really Qin Nan?” Bei Rou’s breathing intensified, showing a hint of excitement while feeling nervous, “I remember now, you are the disciple of the Qin Clan from Linshui City!”

Bei Rou’s words thoroughly dispelled the final doubt in everyone’s mind. Since Qin Nan was a disciple of Linshui City’s Qin Clan, he would surely be notified about the Rare Longhu Phenomenon.

As a super genius, it was reasonable for Qin Nan to arrive here despite the fact that the place was sealed off by the Four Great Clans.

“Oh? Seems like you guys know me well.” Qin Nan glanced at Bei Rou with a surprised look, then at Dong Shaoxu and the others while wearing a gentle smile, “It seems like I’m quite famous here, that you all have heard of my name. That makes everything easier. Now it’s your turn to decide, are you Four Great Clans still planning to throw me out of the Longhu Mountain Range?”

The crowd was astonished.

If it were some ordinary super genius, they would no doubt expel him without hesitation.

However, the person in front of them was Qin Nan, who was not only a super genius, but one with a formidable background.

A background that not even those of the Four Great Clans could afford to offend.

Dong Shaoxu, Xi Fengxiao, Nan Chen, and Bei Rou instinctively exchange glances with one another, seeking their suggestions.

This trip to Longhum Mountain Range was incredibly important for the Four Great Clans, hence it was a must for them to think twice whether they should drive Qin Nan away or not.

“This person Qin Nan is not someone we can offend…” Bei Rou picked up a badge and inserted her Qi into it, and began to move her lips, transmitting her voice accurately into the ears of Dong Changxu, Xi Fengxiao, and Nan Chen.

This badge was known as the ‘Jewel Voice Ear’, a special type of equipment allowing one to transmit their voice into the receivers’ ears by inserting Qi into it.

In this operation of the Four Great Clans at the Longhu Mountain Range, only those Four Great Geniuses were given the Jewel Voice Ear, to be used under special circumstances.

Dong Shaoxu, Xi Fengxiao, and Nan Chen all frowned slightly.

Qin Nan’s background, although terrifying, how could they be so careless since it might serve as trouble for the Four Great Clans. Is this Bei Rou implying that they should let Qin Nan go just like that?

What they did not know was that, as a matter of fact, since Qin Nan’s name was made known to the top four sects and numerous Martial Clans, there would be people who were jealous of him, hated him, disliked him or even looked down on him. At the same time, there were people who liked him, respected him, adored him, and people who were impressed by him.

When Bei Rou first heard of Qin Nan, she immediately investigated him, and after knowing his various achievements, her heart was filled with adoration.

Everyone should live their lives like Qin Nan, prideful and unyielding!

Although not long ago, Qin Nan took the initiative to surrender, losing his reputation, Bei Rou believed that it was because Qin Nan had some unresolvable difficulties.

That being said, although Bei Rou adored Qin Nan, there was something crazier in her heart toward Qin Nan.

“I think we can’t let him go just like that!” Dong Shaoxu suddenly spoke with a sharp gaze.


Xi Fengxiao and Nan Chen knitted their brows once again.

“I agree that we can’t kill Qin Nan, otherwise the Four Great Clans could not bear the consequences, but we can’t let him go for free either.” Dong Shaoxu’s eyes flickered, “But previously, Qin Nan took the initiative to surrender after challenging Leng Feng to a duel, causing his reputation to drop tremendously. I heard that his two masters were utterly disappointed in him.”

“So what?” Bei Rou let out a hollow laugh, “Qin Nan is still the disciple of two Martial Ancestor Realm experts. If we offend him, we would be offending them too. Do you think those behind him would not seek revenge from us?”

Xi Fengxiao and Nan Chen nodded their heads. They could not help but admit that Bei Rou’s words were reasonable.

Dong Changxu wore a calm smile, “Miss Bei Rou, why are you so impatient? Now that we have challenged Qin Nan, if we let him go just like that, he would not be satisfied. If we don’t let him go, we would enrage the experts behind him. Since either way is still not a good solution, why don’t we compromise between these two options? Let’s demand some benefits from him, and let him go. Since he is a prideful person, after giving us the benefits, he would not spread it around as it would cause him to lose reputation. Besides, it could also make up for our loss.”

“Demand some benefits? If that’s the case…”

Bei Rou’s eyes glistened slightly as she spoke.

Dong Shaoxu’s eyes were filled with lustful flames, “Guys, I believe you all know that Qin Nan had completed the fifth-layer of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and made miracles. You would also know that he has obtained the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. I believe you all know how valuable these secrets are!”

“The secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion?”

At that instant, everyone fell into silence.

As the super geniuses of the Four Great Clans, they surely knew how important the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion were!

Even the top four sects and the Trading Alliance were eager to know the secrets. If it weren’t for Qin Nan’s formidable background, he would surely have a hard time against them all.

If the Four Great Clans were to obtain the secrets, even if they could not hold the secrets to themselves, they could choose to sell them to the top four sects or the Trading Alliance in exchange for great benefits.

In comparison to the great benefits, it was worth it even if they ended up offending Qin Nan, or the people behind him.

Dong Shaoxu, being aware that the others were quite eager, continued to befog them, “Since we can not let Qin Nan go for free, it is reasonable for us to ask for some compensation if we let him go. I believe the elders of our clans would agree with our plan!”

“I agree!”

Outside of everyone’s expectations, the first one to agree turned out to be Bei Rou.

Bei Rou, seeing that her plan was going to succeed, immediately withheld the joy in her heart, and wore a troubled expression while clenching her teeth, “But first things first, let’s try not to start a fight.”

Dong Shaoxu glimpsed at Bei Rou. He could sense that this girl was planning something fishy, but he could not guess what it was, plus his priority now was to deal with Qin Nan, hence he nodded his head, “Sure thing.”

Xi Fengxiao and Nan Chen both lost their ground after hearing mention of the secrets of Martial Serendipity Pavilion, causing their hearts to beat faster. Therefore, they both had no objection and agreed too.

It only took them just over ten breaths’ time to discuss and made up their minds.

As Dong Shaoxu took a step forward, he immediately attracted the attention of the crowd of disciples.

They immediately realized that the Four Great Geniuses had come up with a solution, and now was the time to declare it.

Dong Shaoxu slightly raised his head, with his face filled with a hint of pride, “It’s a surprise to know that you are Qin Nan, I beg your pardon for our previous misbehaving. On the other hand, we have just reached a conclusion. Since the Longhu Mountain Range is being sealed off by the Four Great Clans, anyone who trespasses into the mountain range will be eliminated!”

The crowd of disciples was astonished, as their breathing intensified.

Are the Four Great Clans going to attack this incredibly famous super genius?

Qin Nan slightly squinted his eyes, “According to your words, I assume the Four Great Clans planning to unite and silence me?”

Although the words were said with a calm tone, they were accompanied by a sense of imperiousness, causing the disciples to feel their hearts racing.

Some disciples who did not have a firm heart even guessed that Qin Nan’s calm attitude was a signal of him being polite before showing violence. The next thing they knew, he would definitely execute his terrifying abilities just like the rumors, and start a war.

Even Dong Shaoxu, Xi Fengxiao and Nan Chen could not help but admit that this Qin Nan was indeed extraordinary, who applied a great pressure to their minds with just a short sentence, influencing their thoughts.

Dong Shaoxu immediately shook his head and said with a smile, “If it were somebody else, there is no doubt we would do so, but you are different. After our discussion, we decided to let you go if you are able to give us sufficient benefits. That way, us Four Great Clans would still be accountable to the outsiders.”

“Give you benefits? What benefits?”

Qin Nan could not help but admit that despite this Dong Shaoxu being a man of shallow feelings, he was good at playing with words.

From his words, it seemed like it was a splendid grace that the Four Great Clans were willing to let him go!

Xi Fengjiao stepped forward and said with a smile, “It would be enough if you were to tell us the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, nothing more.”

The other three nodded their heads too.

As for the disciples of the Four Great Clans, they could feel their eyelids jumping.

These ordinary disciples finally recollected that Qin Nan did hold the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!

The secrets that even countless magnates were envious of!

“The secrets of Martial Serendipity Pavilion? Nothing more?”

Qin Nan was startled for a moment, before he began laughing hysterically.

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