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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 197


Chapter 197: Chapter 197 - The Arrival of a Genius

Chapter 197 - The Arrival of a Genius


Qin Nan’s expression slightly altered.

The rune which was fired into the air was known as the Thousand Miles Sound Conducting Rune, a one-time consumable object. Once used, it would transmit the user’s location, information, etc. to the receiving end within a thousand miles, and would arrive within five breaths’ time.

The rune was incredibly valuable, which would only be used by a somewhat powerful faction for emergency purposes.

Qin Nan did not expect Dong Yuehao, who was under his custody, to hide a Thousand Miles Sound Conducting Rune, and use it at such crucial moment.

“Not bad, not bad, it seems like I’ve underestimated you.” Qin Nan turned around and glanced at Dong Yuehao indifferently, “Do you have any idea that your action not only would cost you your life, but would also drag the other disciples with you too?”

The disciples of the Dong Clan wore terrified expressions with a hint of hatred after hearing this.

Despite the fear on Dong Yuehao’s face, he still clenched his teeth and said, “Donghu Mountain Range is a restricted zone for outsiders. Even if you kill me today, I still have to report your trespassing to the others to prevent you from ruining our plan!’

The words took Qin Nan by surprise.

He had not expected this Dong Yuehao to be willing to sacrifice his own life just for the benefits of his clan.

This courage was worthy of his respect.

“I won’t kill you!”

Qin Nan calmly uttered, and under the surprised gazes of the crowd, he decided to leave at once.

Now that Dong Yuehao had used the Thousand Miles Sound Conducting Rune, it would surely attract many experts of the Dong Clan. If they were all below the eighth-layer Xiantian Realm there was no need to worry, but there would be a problem if they happened to be above the eighth-layer Xiantian Realm, or if they might even happen to be Martial Emperor Realm experts.

Despite Qin Nan’s outstanding strength, he would not stand a chance against such formidable foes.

At that instant, a loud shoosh could be heard, as a cold flicker was seen approaching him at great speed.

The cold flicker turned out to be an arrow, but slightly different than ordinary ones, as the tip of the arrow was emitting a green light and, although dull, it was enough to intimidate anyone.

“This is…”

Dong Yuehao and the disciples were astonished, as a hint of hope could be seen from their eyes.


Qin Nan’s eyes glistened.

He did not expect the experts of the Dong Clan to arrive in such a short time, plus the one who fired the arrow possessed a decent cultivation base, whom he identified to be a sixth-layer Xiantian Realm presence.

“A poisonous arrow alone is not enough to stop me!”

Qin Nan executed his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit. Despite the fact that the arrow was fast as lightning for the others, in his eyes, there were many flaws regarding the approaching arrow. With an effortless movement, he dodged the arrow straight away, whose speed continued to increase as his figure vanished.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

Before Qin Nan could escape, another ten piercing sounds could be heard. Ten arrows flashing with a green light, accompanied by a powerful Arrow Intent resembling ten dragons could be seen flying across the woods. Not only was their speed as fast as lightning, a murderous formation was established from them, sealing the Heavens and Earth, preventing one from escaping.

“Hmm? Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon? That’s more like it!”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered. It was quite rare to see such a formation formed by arrows, executing a great damage when established.

Either way, with Qin Nan’s Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, despite the fact that the arrow formation was quite abstruse, he could easily discover its weakness. However, he still ended up being delayed for a period of ten breaths’ time due to being restricted by the arrow formation.

Meanwhile, from the woods ahead, a powerful aura approached them at a great speed, and arrived in front of the crowd before Qin Nan could take his leave.

The stranger was a young man, wearing a fancy outfit. Five quivers were seen hanging on his back and his waist. His facial features faintly bore similarities to that of Dong Yuehao.


Dong Yuehao turned joyful after seeing the person, but his movement pulled the wound on his face, causing him to cry in agony, leaving him in a devastated appearance.

The initial fear on the faces of the Dong Clan’s disciples vanished, replaced by excitement. One of the disciples who was relatively timid to begin with, in addition to the torture from before which had applied an extreme pressure to his heart, blurted out after seeing the genius of their clan, “Young Master, you’re finally here. If you didn’t arrive in time, we would all have died at the hands of this guy…”

This young archer is the Young Master of the Dong Clan, Dong Shaoxu.

Dong Shaoxu snapped after hearing the words, “Shut the f**k up!”

The disciples were left in awe, not daring to speak further.

On the other hand, Dong Shaomu gazed at Dong Yuehao, his face filled with disgust after seeing his miserable appearance, “I’m telling you, Dong Yuehao, a coward like you is not worthy enough to be my brother. You can’t even defeat an outsider, you’re such a shame. From today onward, don’t you dare call me your brother. Otherwise, don’t blame me for hurting my own clan member!”

Dong Yuehao’s face turned pale, as his body began to tremble.

The other disciples of the Dong Clan remained silent, and ignored Dong Yuehao’s presence.

Dong Shaoxu finally noticed Qin Nan’s presence. He glanced up and down at Qin Nan’s figure, and instead of attacking him straight away, said, “The fact that you are able to dodge my attacks twice means you are no ordinary person. Reveal your name and identity at once, and maybe I will spare your life for the sake of your background!”

“I’m afraid you don’t have the right to know.”

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh and abruptly remained in place.

He was not very fond of this Dong Shaoxu.

Although Dong Yuehao was his enemy, he could easily tell that this Dong Shaoxu was also the son of a Patriarch, and Dong Yuehao’s brother. As a brother, instead of comforting his younger brother after seeing his miserable state, his first reaction was to scold and shame him.

Even if this person were a genius, there was no difference between him and a wild animal if he was not mindful of his brother’s wellbeing!

This type of person was the most hated by Qin Nan.

As a result, Qin Nan decided not to leave immediately, but was keen to witness the capabilities of this Dong Shaoxu with his own eyes.

Even if that meant that the Martial Emperor Realm experts of the Dong Clan might arrive in time, he could still contact Princess Miao Miao through his Sound Conducting Rune, which at most would mean that he owed Princess Miao Miao another favor.

Dong Yuehao and the disciples of the Dong Clan stared with their eyes opened wide. They had witnessed Qin Nan’s scornful attitude, but they had yet to witness such lawless attitude from him.

Who was Dong Shaoxu?

The top genius of Dong Clan, who possessed a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. In just a few years of cultivating, he had reached the sixth-layer Xiantian Realm, mastered the Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon, and together with his fascinating archery skill, he was not any weaker than the geniuses of the top four sects.


Dong Shaoxu’s expression stiffened, as he took a deep breath to suppress the anger in his heart and let out a hollow laugh, “My guess is that your cultivation has at least reached the sixth-layer Xiantian Realm. At such a young age, you are surely considered a super genius too, no wonder you are so full of yourself. But now, even if you are a dragon, if I were to have you kneel before me, then you must do so!”

Following this, some streams of powerful auras could be felt coming from the woods, which actually turned out to be thirty six of them.

Twenty streams of the auras had reached the fourth-layer Xiantian Realm, and twelve had reached the fifth-layer Xiantian Realm. Most importantly, three of them had reached the sixth-layer Xiantian Realm, on par with Dong Shaoxu’s cultivation!

It felt like a platoon of an army was approaching them from the woods.

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered slightly.

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