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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 195


Chapter 195: Chapter 195 - Dong Yuehao

Chapter 195 - Dong Yuehao

Following the voice, a series of footsteps could be heard coming from ahead, breaking the silence of the surroundings.

The Nine Variations Flower and the Black-feathered Bird spiraling above were instantly alerted, as they checked their surroundings and discovered Qin Nan, who was about to make his move.

Qin Nan’s expression stiffened, as he had not expected to be disturbed at this crucial time.

“Shit, this ain’t good. If the Black-feathered Bird were to bother me, the Nine Variations Flower would surely escape, making it difficult to be captured. If I were to miss this chance, I’m not sure how long I’d have to wait to find its trace again…” Qin Nan’s brain swiftly calculated, thoroughly analyzing the situation beforehand.

However, outside of his expectations, the Nine Variations Flower remained on the spot instead of fleeing, as if it was not aware of the approaching danger.

On the other hand, the Black-feathered Bird uttered a cry before abruptly flapping its wings, producing a few bursts of strong gusts in the Pitch-black Woods’ direction, causing the pitch-black trees to sway wildly, and their leaves to fall like a rain of leaves.

Following this, the Black-feathered Bird halted its actions, and glanced sharply toward Qin Nan with a hint of disdain.

The hell?”

Qin Nan was startled.

What is this Black-feathered Bird implying?

Is this bird mocking me?

Qin Nan then switched his gaze toward the Nine Variations Flower, which uttered a chuckling sound at Qin Nan and with a flash, then transformed into a pool of dried leaves, mixing with the falling leaves on the ground, impossible to be distinguished.

Upon seeing this, Qin Nan instantly came to a realization.

The Nine Variations Flowers possessed nine different variations, and once the transformation was completed, even one with vision-related hidden techniques would not be able to distinguish it.

Now that the ground was covered in at least ten thousand dried leaves, it was impossible to distinguish the Nine Variations Flower after it camouflaged itself among them.

“Interesting, very interesting. A beast and a stalk of a rare plant dare to mock me even after discovering my presence.” Qin Nan let out a hysterical laugh after understanding the situation.

It seemed like the Black-feathered Bird in mid-air and the Nine Variations Flower on the ground were confident that Qin Nan would never capture its presence.

If he were someone ordinary, or even a Martial Emperor Realm expert, it did seem like it would be a helpless situation, but unfortunately, they had stumbled into Qin Nan, someone who possessed the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

“Show yourself!”

Qin Nan’s eyes brilliantly flickered, as he quickly scanned the sea of leaves and discovered the presence of the Nine Variations Flower.

Following this, with a kick onto the ground, his figure turned into a ray of lightning and dived into the woods. Before the Black-feathered Bird could react, Qin Nan reached out his hand, and with a burst of his Saber Intent, grabbed the leaves which were actually the Nine Variations Flower.

With a bang, the Nine Variations Flower transformed back to its original appearance, while displaying an extremely shocked expression.

What just happened?

Did I just get caught by this human?

The disdainful look in the eyes of the Black-feathered Bird was gone, replaced by a blank expression.

“Don’t be too smug when you’re just a plant stalk!”

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh and instantly stored the Nine Variations Flower in his storage bag.

The Black-feathered Bird in mid-air swiftly recovered from the shock and let out a furious roar, which turned into a pitch-black flash of lightning with a powerful flap of its wings, descending toward Qin Nan at an incredible speed.

“Perfect timing!”

Qin Nan yelled as his eyes were filled with a thick sense of Battle Intent, who took a step forward and fired a punch.


After a loud explosion, the diving Black-feathered Bird was immediately knocked over ten meters back by the huge force, before its movement came to a stop.

Although Qin Nan only had seventy percent of his strength now, since he had mastered the Greater Success Stage of the Arcane Realm, even ordinary seventh-layer Xiantian Realm opponents would be killed instantly.

Not to mention that the Black-feathered Bird was only a sixth-layer Xiantian Realm Intermediate Marshal Beast.

A great terror could be seen through the eyes of the Black-feathered Bird. It could not understand how this human could detect the presence of the Nine Variations Flower, and possessed such a powerful strength, but it could tell that its defeat was unavoidable.

The Black-feathered Bird was incredibly smart. In just a breath’s time, it rapidly flapped its wings and flew upward trying to escape.

“Running away?”

Qin Nan raised his eyebrow, as the seven ancient sabers on his back began to vibrate, emitting the force of Mystical Weapons.

Although he could not fly, with his Hundred Steps Soaring Saber he could easily snipe his opponents in the air or on the ground, as long as they were within a hundred meters from him.

However, at that instant, the sound of the footsteps sped up, producing loud thumps on the ground, which was followed by a loud yell, “I heard someone fighting just ahead. Faster, if not the Nine Variations Flower could be captured by the other clans!”

Qin Nan hesitated slightly after being disturbed by the noise.

In the midst of his hesitation, the Black-feathered Bird flew upward with all its might, bursting with its fastest speed and fled.


Qin Nan’s expression instantly turned cold.

That was an Intermediate Marshal Beast; its Beast Core was equivalent to fifty thousand Xiantian Pills, which Qin Nan considered to be quite a fortune.

Meanwhile, a group of people appeared from the woods and arrived before Qin Nan.

There were eight people in total, six males and two females. Everyone’s cultivation base was around the third-layer Xiantian Realm, and their ages around twenty years old. They all wore flaming red outfits, which had the eye-catching word ‘Dong’ at the center.

“They must be from the Dong Clan.”

Qin Nan scanned the crowd and instantly came to a realization, wearing an uneasy expression.

These eight young cultivators were startled after they saw Qin Nan standing in the Pitch-black Woods.

Who is this guy?

Why have we not seen him before?

“Which clan are you from? Why aren’t you wearing your clan outfit? What are you doing here?” The leading young man stepped forward and questioned with an unpleasant face.

His voice sounded familiar to Qin Nan, as he was the one yelling previously.

“What rights do you have to question what clan I belong to?”

This young man had interrupted Qin Nan twice in a row, that he had almost failed to capture the Nine Variations Flower and had missed the chance to obtain an Intermediate Marshal Beast Core. Hence, Qin Nan did not show any mercy and was harsh with his words.


The young man immediately turned mad. As the son of a Patriarch, it was his first time encountering someone who was impolite to him.

The other disciples of the Dong Clan wore unpleasant and gloomy expressions.

The Great Four Clans had always been close to each other. Although there would be some frictions between the disciples as they competed with each other, as a whole, they were still friendly to each other.

Who is this guy? Which clan does he belong to? How dare he be so scornful?

“Well, well, well, you are the first to talk to me like that.” The leading young men withheld his anger and stared coldly at Qin Nan, “I am Dong Yuehao, I’m sure you have heard of me before. I don’t want to waste my time, so tell me at once, where is the Nine Variations Flower!”

“Dong Yuehao?”

Qin Nan instantly shocked the crowd with his words, “What Dong Yuehao? Sorry, I’ve never heard of this name before. By the way, I’m not feeling pleasant at the moment, so don’t bother me anymore!”

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