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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 193


Chapter 193: Chapter 193 - Best Feeling Ever

Chapter 193 - Best Feeling Ever

Among the swarm of Ice-armored Ancient Insects, five screeching noises were heard all of a sudden, which turned out to be the sounds uttered by five of the Ice-armored Ancient Insects that had seemingly entered a frenzy state, whose eyes flickered brilliantly with a red light as they launched themselves forward to collide with the five flying ancient sabers.


A series of explosions was heard. Despite the solid defense possessed by the Ice-armored Ancient Insects, they ended up being shattered into pieces by the five ancient sabers.

On the other hand, the five ancient sabers came to a stop. In just a brief moment, the remaining Ice-armored Ancient Insects immediately reacted by flying in all directions to dodge the five ancient sabers, as if they had practiced this for a long time.

A stern look appeared on Qin Nan’s face.

He had not expected the Ice-armored Ancient Insects to be so ruthless, sacrificing five of their companions to preserve the situation by ensuring the survival of more Ice-armored Ancient Insects.

This was only the beginning, as the Ice-armored Ancient Insects flying toward in directions turned extremely incensed after witnessing the deaths of the previous suicide squad of five Ice-armored Ancient Insects. They began to split up in mid-air and combined into fifteen clouds of insects instead of one single swarm.

As a result, the area of his target instantly expanded, prohibiting Qin Nan from locking on his attacks accurately.

“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!”

That was not the end of their actions. While making a buzzing noise, the fifteen clouds of Ice-armored Ancient Insects began to surge in Qin Nan’s direction, which appeared to be forming some sort of formation with the aim of trapping Qin Nan within it to kill him.


Qin Nan’s expression instantly changed.

He did not expect the Ice-armored Ancient Insects to be so intelligent, knowing how to set up formations to deal with their enemies.

Despite the fact that his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit were capable of detecting the weakness of the formation, his current strength was not ideal to face fifteen platoons of beasts made up of over two hundred Ice-armored Ancient Insects.

“Even the Heavenly Accumulating Strike is ineffective against these Ice-armored Ancient Insects, there is only one way to do it now!”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned incredibly sharp, as he was engulfed in the flames ignited by his lust for battle.

I am the bearer of the divine Battle Spirit which wages war against the Heavens and Earth, there is none He does not fight and none He does not win against. How could he be defeated by these mere Ice-armored Ancient Insects?


Qin Nan uttered a long cry while fully unleashing his divine Battle Spirit, before lashing out shocking killing blows with the two ancient sabers held in his hands.


A series of explosions immediately took place, marking the beginning of a huge-scaled battle.

Throughout the process, Qin Nan carefully observed the situation with the help of his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, and continued to slay the Ice-armored Ancient Insects with his sabers.

However, he was yet to be considered a god of war. Even with his full strength, there were still countless attacks landing on his body like raindrops.

In just less than a hundred breaths’ time, Qin Nan was now in a disheveled state. Holes of various sizes could be seen on his clothing, with blood flowing out from them, giving him a tragic appearance.

If that was not tragic enough, Qin Nan’s Qi was also being consumed at a rapid speed.

He could not survive much longer at this rate.

“I can’t be relying on brute force! I must remain calm!”

“Be calm, be calm!”

Qin Nan kept reminding himself in the midst of the massacre.

Despite possessing the divine Battle Spirit, if he were to be reckless in this battle, the only possible outcome would be death itself.

“The defense of these Ice-armored Ancient Insects is way too insane!”

“If it weren’t for this insane defense, I could easily crush them with my cultivation even if there were five hundred of them here!”

“It’s a pity that these Ice-armored Ancient Insects almost don’t have any weaknesses. Their only weakness is they are vulnerable to fire, but I’m not a disciple of the Disordered Flames Sect, I never learned any fire-elemental Martial Skills!”


Qin Nan continued to lose his Qi in the midst of the battle, while his stamina was wearing out at a rapid speed too. His heart was gradually filled with a sense of helplessness.

Even with his strong Battle Intent, and the aid from his first-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, he still failed to change the tide of the battle.

“There’s got to be a way, there must be a way!”

“There is always a way out. The outcome of this battle is not guaranteed until the very end, it’s still early to predict my ending!”


A tiny hope still existed in Qin Nan’s heart, which he grasped tightly onto, showing no intention of giving up, as he tried to figure out a way to deal with the situation.

All of a sudden, a light bulb flickered in Qin Nan’s mind, as a daring thought came to him.

“The Ice-armored Ancient Insects are afraid of fire!”

“Although I don’t have any fire-elemental Martial Skill, can’t I just create one on the spot?”

Qin Nan’s eyes emitted a brilliant sparkle as he began to feel energetic, like a hopeless traveler making his way alone in the middle of a desert who suddenly discovered an oasis, causing an upsurge of emotion.

In his earlier days, he did invent a Saber Art himself. Now that his cultivation, Martial Spirit and knowledge had improved by a huge margin, wasn’t inventing a fire-elemental Martial Skill a plausible option?

Since every Martial Skill was invented by humans, if his predecessors could do it, he could do it too!

“That’s not a bad idea, that will be it!”

Qin Nan instantly made up his mind, and bet all his hope of winning the battle on this plan.

At that instant, he entered into a state of multitasking.

It was as if his body had transformed into a puppet swinging his two ancient sabers, killing the Ice-armored Ancient Insects at the expense of his Qi.

Half of his thoughts entered the state of a Martial Addict, as he immersed himself into the invention of a new Martial Skill.

“My strength is the Art of the Saber, hence I should invent a Saber Skill!”

“I once came upon a Martial Skill with the name Glacial Slash. A slash of this skill would trigger the howling of an icy gust of wind, buffing the attack with ice element. I should use this Martial Skill as a reference and reverse its concepts to invent a fire-elemental Saber Skill!”

Qin Nan instantly sunk into his thoughts of deducing the new skill, unable to extricate himself.

Although he was capable of multitasking, his body was not as agile as before without the help of his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit. His body was only lashing out blows with his instincts, thus he had no way of dodging the attacks from the Ice-armored Ancient Insects.

The burden which Qin Nan’s body suffered was instantly multiplied in just a brief moment.

In simple words, previously he could dodge eight out of ten attacks from the Ice-armored Ancient Insects, and receive the remaining two attacks. However, while he was multitasking, he could only dodge one of the attacks, which meant he had to withstand the remaining nine attacks!


A succession of attacks landed on Qin Nan’s body, which felt like the explosion of a series of grenades.

Qin Nan’s body was knocked backward, as his entire flesh was covered in countless bloody wounds, and his breathing weakened as time went on.

If he were anyone else, he would scream endlessly in pain, completely losing his will to fight. However, as Qin Nan’s consciousness was immersed into the state of a Martial Addict, he could not sense the pain from his flesh.

These Ice-armored Ancient Insects had incredible acute senses, allowing them to detect the change in Qin Nan’s behavior, causing them to become more aggressive, and they kept on attacking Qin Nan with stronger attacks.

Qin Nan’s flesh was now on the verge of collapsing. His body would crumble after receiving ten more attacks.




After receiving nine attacks, Qin Nan’s body began to tremble, with blood splattering everywhere, as his breath had reached its weakest state.

Ten of the Ice-armored Ancient Insects were aware of this, as they buzzed with excitement, and sprang toward Qin Nan at their fastest speed.

This final blow is enough to finish him off.

This final blow is enough to shatter him into dust.

In the nick of time, Qin Nan’s lifeless eyes suddenly emitted a dazzling flicker. It was as though he currently found himself entering a mysterious space, and whatever happened in the outer world could not influence his thoughts;with the help of the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit, it felt like time was now in slow motion, resulting in the speed of the Ice-armored Ancient Insects feeling ten times slower. Qin Nan effortlessly stepped aside and dodged all the attacks from the ten Ice-armored Ancient Insects.

“My saber is the saber of my heart!”

“The vast Heavens and Earth have no boundaries. The sun rises from the east, engulfing the land in fire, but freezes the land as night falls!”

Qin Nan mumbled as the two ancient sabers in his hands began to vibrate vigorously.

“The Heavenly Accumulating Strike accumulates the Heavens and Earth, the ocean, the mountains, and everything else!”

“Through the secrets of accumulating, the fire from the Heavens and Earth are accumulated, and merge with my saber!”

“My saber is the saber of my heart. If the saber is ignited, so is my heart!”

Qin Nan’s tone turned high-spirited, as a surging hot current was emitted from his body.

The surrounding Ice-armored Ancient Insects shuddered violently, as if they had encountered something terrifying, causing their eyes to be filled with fear.

Qin Nan’s eyes instantly turned sharp as he glanced at them and yelled, “Now that the Fire Accumulating Saber Art is invented, what better time am I waiting for to ignite everything with fire?”


The Qi emitted from the two ancient sabers in Qin Nan’s hands were transformed into raging flames, causing the temperature of the surroundings to rapidly increase.

It was as if he had turned into a disciple of the Disordered Flames Sect who practiced an advanced fire-elemental Martial Art, allowing hot current to surge from his body which aimed to evaporate everything around him.


Qin Nan uttered a prolonged shout once again, as he dived into the swarm of Ice-armored Ancient Insects, like a man engulfed by flames with a pair of sabers on fire.


At that instant, a shocking scene took place.

The Ice-armored Ancient Insects with outstanding defense were easily shattered into pieces by the burning sabers like the snapping of a rotting branch with just a light force, completely losing their resistance.

In just a short period, with over ten slashes, a total of sixty Ice-armored Ancient Insects were slain with ease.

The remaining Ice-armored Ancient Insects possessing intelligence and a crazy nature were utterly intimidated after witnessing the sight before them, as they shrieked with fear and rapidly flapped their wings, fleeing in all directions.


Qin Nan uttered a laugh, while his Battle Intent grew exceedingly stronger. He continued to dive into the swarm of Ice-armored Ancient Insects while executing the Mystical Eight Steps, eliminating every single one of them he stumbled into.


This is awesome!

A moment ago he was on the verge of dying, like dancing above the tips of blades, tasting the fear of death while utilizing every second to invent the Martial Skill so that he could turn the tide around. This allowed him to crush the previously intimidating Ice-armored Ancient Insects with ease, leaving a great sense of satisfaction in his heart.

This was the charm of battles, as he fought endlessly, defied death, defied everything, and immersed himself in the pleasure of it!

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Qin Nan’s emotions turned incredibly high-spirited, holding the ancient sabers in his hands, slaying everything blocking his path even if they were gods or buddhas. For him, it was the best feeling ever!

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