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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 190


Chapter 190: Chapter 190 - Trip to the Mountain Range

Chapter 190 - Trip to the Mountain Range

Qin Tian and Tie San no longer prohibited Qin Nan from going to the mountain range.

They clearly understood that the phenomenon was a sign of rare treasure, a fortunate encounter appearing within the Longhu Mountain Range.

“Let’s go, we’ll now head to the Longhu Mountain Range.”

Princess Miao Miao urged.

“Princess, before we leave, I have a favor to ask of you…” Qin Nan pondered for a brief moment before he made up his mind, and said in a serious tone, “I hope that you could set up a defensive formation here to protect the Qin Clan.”

Qin Tian and Tie San’s eyes turned bright.

After all, Princess Miao Miao was an expert on par with the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect. If she was willing to personally set up a defensive formation here, it would serve as a guarantee to the Qin Clan’s safety from today onward.

The question is, would Princess Miao Miao be willing to do so?

Princess Miao Miao grinned after hearing this, “Qin Nan, why would you ask such a naive question?”

“I can promise to do you another favor.” Qin Nan said while clenching his teeth.


Princess Miao Miao squinted her eyes and fell into silence as she immersed herself in her thoughts.

Following her silence, the atmosphere in the hall instantly condensed, as if an invisible pressure was emitted.

Even if Qin Tian and Tie San felt like saying something, they could not do so under such an atmosphere.

After a while, Princess Miao Miao chuckled as the atmosphere dissipated like the blossoming of a hundred flowers, and said with a pleasant voice, “Qin Nan, you really are something special. It goes without saying that the Princess is willing to help you, there’s no need for the extra offer.”


Qin Nan was left speechless, as the corner of his lips were severely twisted.

He had to admit that even he stood no chance against Princess Miao Miao’s shamelessness, and had no choice but to candidly admit his defeat.

“I’ll now set up a defensive formation!”

Princess Miao Miao instantly executed her promise. Without hesitation, she squinted her eyes as if two invisible rays of godly light were emitted from them, while she thoroughly unleashed the Martial Ancestor Realm aura. The entire hall began to vibrate vigorously under the suppression of the aura, which shocked everyone among the Qin Clan.

Everyone was astonished in the Qin Clan, as they felt like their hearts were being suppressed by a huge and heavy ancient rock, which was impossible to get rid of.

“Shatter the fabricated, indigenous of the immeasurable, revert to square one, the secrets of ancestors, neither extreme nor just...”

A stern look could be seen on Princess Miao Miao’s attractive face, as she uttered a series of obscure words, like the crooning of a Nio[1]. Every word felt like it was fired into the void to assimilate the force of a supreme existence.

The instant the crooning came to an end, Princess Miao Miao suddenly moved, curled her finger and tapped at the vacant space in front of her.


The entire hundred mile square surface area of the Qin Clan began to vibrate vigorously at that instant, shocking the entire Linshui City.

An endless stream of energy could be seen emitting from Princess Miao Miao’s fingertip into the air, which then formed a giant web, taking the shape of an upside-down bowl, encapsulating the Qin Clan within it.

Powerful gusts of wind, clashes of thunder and lightning, and a huge downpour took place in the region above the Qin Clan, which was replaced by calmness after a while.

“That’s it.”

Princess Miao Miao dusted her hands and glanced at the astonished Qin Tian and Tie San, and instinctively wore a proud look on her face.

After the brief shock, Qin Nan swiftly recovered, and glanced upward while executing his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

With a glance, he immediately saw a terrifying force forming a giant web, where the force flowed rapidly among the veins of the web that encapsulated the entire Qin Clan within it.

It was as if the force within the giant web was hibernating, but could be awakened with a slight disturbance, destroying everything.

“Such a powerful formation. I’m afraid that even experts who have reached the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm could be killed by it. It could even defend against ordinary Martial Ancestor Realm experts for a moment.”

Qin Nan was in awe from the bottom of his heart, as he glanced at Princess Miao Miao with a grateful look.

Despite Qin Nan being fearless all the time, he was most worried about the safety of his clan. There was no doubt that he would offend more experts as he continued to grow stronger, and if Linshui City were to face destruction because of him, he would definitely dwell upon it for the rest of his life.

He was finally relieved now that the Qin Clan was being protected by the formation.

“Thank you so much, Princess, thank you so much…”

As soon as Qin Tian and Tie San collected their thoughts, they immediately expressed their gratitude with excitement.

They clearly knew how beneficial the formation was to their clan!

“Nothing worth mentioning.” Princess Miao Miao slightly raised her jaw and glanced at Qin Nan, “Can we leave now?”


Qin Nan nodded his head.

“The Princess will bring you there.” Princess Miao Miao reached out her tiny hand and grabbed Qin Nan. Before he could react, they both sprung into the air and vanished from Qin Tian and Tie San’s sights in just two breaths’ time.

Qin Tian and Tie San were both filled with astonishment. It took them a long while to recover from the shock, as they uttered sighs with complicated expressions on their faces.

“Master, what a nice son you have.” Tie San said.

“Yeah, Nan’er would never let me down.”

Qin Tian’s eyes were filled with a hint of pride.

Meanwhile, outside the conference hall, a huge chatter was taking place.

The elders and disciples of the Qin Clan panicked after seeing the shocking occurrence just a moment ago, and were extremely terrified. They had all gathered here, hoping that someone could explain what had just happened to them.

“It’s enough that us two alone know the truth. There is no need to tell the others.” A smile appeared on Qin Tian’s face as he heard the chatter outside the hall.

“I agree.” Tie San nodded his head, as his eyes flickered coldly.

Since the incident that took place in Linshui City, both Qin Tian and Tie San had learned that only after experiencing life-threatening situations were they able to define trust and those who were trustworthy.



...The Longhu Mountain Range, at the bottom of the mountain range...

Two figures landed on the ground from the sky.

They were none other than Princess Miao Miao and Qin Nan.

“Here are two pieces of maps. Follow the maps and bring me the stuff described in them.” Princess Miao Miao did not even look at Qin Nan, as she transformed into a ray of light with a step after throwing two pieces of maps onto the ground, and disappeared into the vast mountain range.

Qin Nan shook his head in silence, before picking up the maps and started inspecting them.

With a glance, his expression instantly changed.

“Stone of the Abyss? Nine Variation Flower?” Qin Nan inhaled deeply.

He did not expect the maps would record the details of a Stone of the Abyss and Nine Variation Flower.

Stones of the Abyss and Nine Variation Flowers were both incredibly rare minerals. Either of them possessed a value of three hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills, or even higher.

“This Princess Miao Miao is something special indeed. Previously at Autumn Mountain—or even now at the Longhu Mountain Range—she happens to possess such maps.”

“Not only that, today at the Qin Clan, when she was told of the Longhu Phenomenon taking place in the Longhu Mountain Range, she immediately turned anxious. Although she tried to restrain her emotions, her intentions were revealed by her behaviors.”

“If my prediction is not wrong, I’m afraid she is heading straight toward the rare opportunity of the Longhu Mountain Range…”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with excitement. After a brief moment, he decided not to ponder any further, and walked toward the Longhu Mountain Range.

However, as he stepped into the territory of Longhu Mountain Range, a strange phenomenon took place.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: The guardian of Buddha


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