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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 19


Chapter 19 Saber Intent Within the Rain

In the following few days, the news of the Mystic Spirit Sect's coming was thoroughly spread throughout Linshui City. This news undoubtedly made the disciples of Qin Clan and Fang Clan boil with excitement. Everyone one of them began to wake up early and go to sleep late, putting their utmost effort into cultivation in hopes that their cultivation level would increase once more by the time the Mystic Spirit Sect arrived. Not only that, even the upper echelon of Qin Clan and Fang Clan was nervously preparing for something. However, none of this had anything to do with Qin Nan.

Ever since Qin Nan awakened his eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, he had been exceedingly diligent, entering a dull and tedious cultivation. During the three days and three nights he cultivated, Qin Nan did not move in the slightest. It was as if he turned crazy. The Spiritual Qi turned into a large serpent of condensed essence that was continuously moving throughout Qin Nan's body, whilst letting oppressive explosive sounds loose. It was like there was a mass of force quietly erupting within his body.

After going through three days and three nights of cultivation, Qin Nan's current aura had become incomparably sharp due to the support of the eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. His aura radiated all around him to the point where it showed indistinct signs of coagulation. Suddenly, Qin Nan opened his eyes;in them showed a mysterious radiance.

’’The fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm is to refine the viscera. Allowing one's own viscera to turn increasingly more resilient and pliable.’’

’’In that case, the fifth-layer of Body Tempering Realm should cause the skin, flesh, muscle, bones and viscera to improve to yet another level, and become even stronger.’’

’’If I could reach the fifth-layer of Body Tempering Realm, then I could definitely be invulnerable. Fire and water would not be able to approach me!’’

In this moment, the many questions within Qin Nan's mind slowly dissipated;everything became clear to him. Naturally, thecause of his ease in understanding this concept was his increase to the eighth-grade divine Battle Spirit, as well as Qin Nan's insane three day, and three night meditation. This is what it means to be prepared, so the success can come smoothly after.

’’Now, let's break through the fifth-layer of Body Tempering Realm in a go!’’

Qin Nan shouted in a deep voice. His entire body's energy abruptly surged, and a powerful attraction force also erupted from the divine Battle Spirit behind his back. Within this instant, Qin Nan's body had become like a gigantic vortex, absorbing the Spiritual Qi from all directions into his own body. As the majestic Spiritual Qi scoured him, Qin Nan's corporeal body couldn't help but to tremble a bit.


A series of explosions continuously came from Qin Nan's body. He gritted his teeth as he endured the pain that came from the excessive amount of Spiritual Qi washing through his body. His eyes turned scarlet red, as though he was an angry wild beast. He refused to yield and said nothing, not even a single word came from his mouth.

Two hours... Four hours.... Eight hours...

After ten hours, Qin Nan's body suddenly trembled once more. The pain within his body was like a tide, completely dissipating, and in its place was an exceedingly majestic power surging around him.

’’This is...the fifth-layer of Body Tempering Realm!’’

Qin Nan stood up with his face showing delight. He couldn't help but to clench his fist and feel the surging power within himself. If one were to say the fourth-layer of Body Tempering is just a small transformation within the Body Tempering Realm, then the fifth-layer of Body Tempering was on a whole different level. This level not only strengthened one's physique, but also the strength and perception stepped into a whole different level. Without exaggerating, one could say that if Qin Nan were to meet Qin Changkong now, he would only need to use half of his strength to thoroughly defeat him.

’’Nan'er,’’ In this moment, Qin Tian entered and met eyes with Qin Nan, his face filled with joy, and he couldn't help but to say, ’’Did something good happen?’’

Following behind Qin Tian was Tie San, who was also slightly suspicious as he observed Qin Nan with a glance. Although it did seem like Qin Nan was different from before, he just couldn't tell how exactly. Suddenly, Tie San came to a realization, and said with a great shock, ’’You've broken through the fifth-layer of Body Tempering stage?’’

As Qin Tian heard this, he also took a glance at Qin Nan to observe him. After doing a careful examination of Qin Nan, even Qin Tian, the one known as the number one expert of Qin Clan, was thoroughly astonished. Qin Nan... He really broke through to the fifth-layer of Body Tempering stage!

It was only half a year ago since the Martial Spirit Awakening ceremony. Breaking through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering stage within this period of time was overwhelming, but now he had even broken through to the fifth-layer of Body Tempering stage? This was simply too frightening.

Seeing the two people's expression, Qin Nan immediately started explaining, ’’Father, Uncle San, the fortuitous encounter that I had in the Longhu Mountain Range was actually a Spiritual Medicine of heaven and earth. I hadn't finished refining it when I had broken through to the fourth-layer of Body Tempering stage. I was relying on the leftover potency of it to breakthrough to the fifth-layer of Body Tempering stage.

After Qin Tian and Tie San heard this explanation, their faces promptly eased, without leaving behind any suspicion. If it wasn't for this Spiritual Medicine of Heaven and Earth, then the two of them would not believe in this kind of frightening speed of advancement. After all, Qin Nan's Martial Spirit was only of a trifling first-grade Huang rank. As they thought to this point, Qin Tian and Tie San had some envy for Qin Nan's luck. A Spiritual Medicine of Heaven and Earth that allowed someone to breakthrough to the fifth-layer of Body Tempering stage in just half a month could be considered exceptionally precious, and something exceedingly rare to come by.

’’That's right. Father, Uncle San, is there a reason you're looking for me today?’’ Qin Nan changed the topic with his question.

Qin Tian slapped his head and remembered what he had come here for. He couldn't help but laugh and curse himself, ’’Of course there is a reason. Tomorrow is the day when the Mystic Spirit Sect Disciple Recruiting Ceremony occurs. Everyone in the Qin Clan and Fang Clan are nearly busy to the point of craziness. You're the only person who is hiding in your courtyard, cultivating as if it is completely irrelevant to you.’’

Tie San, who was beside him, also smiled as he added, ’’Young Lord Qin Nan, the reason as to why the Patriarch and I came today is to ask you whether or not you are planning on participating in the Mystic Spirit Sect's Disciple Recruiting Ceremony?’’

’’I'm participating. Of course I am participating,’’ Qin Nan said without the slightest hesitation, ’’Father, Uncle San, you have no need to worry right now. Even if I wasn't selected to become one of the disciples for the Mystic Spirit Sect, no one within the youth generation would be able to injure me thanks to my current cultivation level.’’

As Qin Tian and Tie San heard this, they both nodded their heads. A fifth-grade Huang ranked cultivation is a peak existence within both Qin Clan and Fang Clan, and no one in the youth generation could match it. If one focused solely on the cultivation, then no one was on par with Qin Nan.

As Qin Tian digressed the concern in his heart he said, ’’The Mystic Spirit Sect's Disciple Recruiting Ceremony this time is a joint meeting between Qin Clan and Fang Clan. It will be divided into two rounds. The first round is for the Fang Clan and Qin Clan to select thirty disciples, have them draw lots, and fight each other. The top five winners will be allowed to participate in the second round. The second round is just as you have guessed;it is to release your Martial Spirit, and analyze the Martial Spirit's grade. As for how many they will select, this is something the people in Mystic Spirit Sect have not revealed.’’

’’Is that so....’’ Qin Tian nodded his head. Suddenly, something came to mind and he asked, ’’Where will this ceremony be located?’’

’’The location will be at Fang Clan,’’ Qin Tian said indifferently.

Qin Tian couldn't help but crease his eyebrows.

The Disciple Recruiting Ceremony will be held in Fang Clan's grounds. Although there wasn't a specific reason, exactly, the matter of Fang Rulong being within Fang Clan caused Qin Nan to feel increasingly more certain of the fact that Fang Clan was conspiring something. They're most likely planning on using the Disciple Recruiting Ceremony this time to deal with Qin Clan. As Qin Nan understood one of their reasons, his heart began to feel calm;there was not the slightest bit of concern, thus, he didn't say anything to warn Qin Tian and Tie San.

’’Oh right. Qin Nan, I heard from the Patriarch that the art you used to defeat Qin Changkong was the Thundercrash Saber Art?’’ Tie San, to the side of Qin Tian, suddenly asked.

’’Yes, Uncle San,’’ Qin Nan answered.

’’That's great! It just so happens that I also cultivate the Thundercrash Saber Art, and I have quite a bit of comprehension within it. I'll let Young Lord observe this, and I hope it can be of help to you,’’ Tie San laughed and extracted an antique book from his bosom.

Qin Nan was shocked at what he heard. He never realized Tie San also cultivated the Thundercrash Saber Art.

’’You little fella, hurry up and accept it. Uncle San has immersed himself in the Thundercrash Saber Art for several years. He has even achieved the realm of 'One with the Saber'. Now, your Uncle San is imparting his comprehension on you, and that's a very big advantage for you,’’ Qin Tian said.

’’One with the Saber?’’ The shock in Qin Nan's face increased, but he did not argue against receiving this aid. Instead, he directly accepted the antique book, and bowed to Tie San with a serious voice, ’’Thank you Uncle San, for your generosity. I, Qin Nan, really can't thank you enough!’’

Within the Martial World, the comprehension a Martial Artist had toward a Martial Skill was exceedingly precious, so one could imagine the value of the written experiences of it. Due to these experiences, one's Martial Skill could become increasingly more profound, and even tread upon a much higher realm. Thus, this gift that Tie San presented Qin Nan was really quite precious.

Tie San didn't oppose this action either. Instead he said, ’’Young Lord, your Martial Skill talent has always exceeded mine. Within this city, no one is on par with you. Luckily, you are suitable for the records of my cultivation. There's one more day before the start of the Mystic Spirit Disciple Recruiting Ceremony. I will stay here, so if you have any puzzling questions, don't be afraid to ask me.’’

’’This... good!’’ Although he did hesitate a bit, Qin Nan immediately promised and thanked him.

Tie San personally came forth to give guidance, and this was his good will. He wished for Qin Nan to become even stronger during the Disciple Recruiting Ceremony. Qin Nan just had to accept this good will.

’’Father, Uncle San, I will leave you alone now,’’ Qin Nan gave his goodband then immediately went to the big rock within his courtyard, and began to concentrate on flipping through the antique book. He looked completely obsessed with it.

Qin Nan had always been extremely interested in Martial Skills, so this interest was even greater than his interest in cultivation. As Qin Tian and Tie San saw this scene, they gave each other a glance. Their eyes carried a little helplessness, but mostly satisfaction. So what if Qin Nan only possessed a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit? Qin Nan had the will and perseverance to grow stronger. This trait was already incredibly precious;it made people feel a sense of satisfaction.

Following this, Qin Nan completely immersed himself within the antique book. Just like what Qin Tian had said, Tie San had at least achieved the 'One with the Saber' realm. The comprehension within it made Qin Nan's eyes shine, and gave him a feeling of hope. Tie San stood in the middle of the courtyard, and occasionally looked toward Qin Nan. His heart felt increasingly satisfied. During this time, a thought suddenly appeared in Tie San's mind: How much can Qin Nan comprehend within the time frame of a single day?

Following this, Tie San laughed involuntarily. Although Qin Nan's innate talent for Martial Skill was great, to make progress within a single day was simply impossible. As the time slowly passed, Qin Nan was still completely immersed in the antique book. After six hours had passed by, the color of the sky suddenly changed. An endless amount of black cloud came together, causing the sky to turn completely pitch. Within this sky, a faint muffled thunder resounded. Following this, the sky opened up like a sluice gate, and an endless amount of rainwater poured down instantly with a boundless vigor.

’’Bloody hell, how can this weather change like this...’’ Tie San couldn't help but to let out some curses, but he couldn't do anything about it. He promptly turned toward Qin Nan and yelled, ’’Qin Nan, Qin Nan....’’

Even if Tie San didn't disturb Qin Nan, with this thunderstorm - the thunder, the rain and everything else would interfere in his training. To people who are in the midst of an awakening, not only is it undesired but may even bring harm. As Tie San yelled, his gaze subconsciously looked toward Qin Nan. Under these circumstances, Tie San, as if struck by lightning, threw the resonating sounds of the sky's pouring rain and thrashing thunder to the back of his head.

All that he could see was the rain pouring from the sky, hitting on the ground, and hearing the pitter-patter sounds that it made, splashing everywhere. Qin Nan, holding the ancient archive, started flipping through the book page by page. As if he entered a magical trance, he paid no heed towards his surroundings. It seemed as though an invisible barrier had been put up, and the pouring rain was stopped abruptly ten inches from where Qin Nan sat, deflected by an invisible shield. Ten inches around Qin Nan's body seemingly had turned into a piece of sacred land, which neither water nor fire could enter. However, Tie San, who had several decades of experience in thunder sword arts, understood this very well. It was no invisible barrier, it was... Saber Intent!


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