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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 187


Chapter 187: Chapter 187 - Cooperating Once Again

Chapter 187 - Cooperating Once Again

The Longhu Mountain Range;although it was not as well known as Autumn Mountain, many beasts could be found within the wide-area mountain range, with countless secrets to be discovered.

It was at the Longhu Mountain Range that Qin Nan had been struck by a ray of lightning when he was younger, granting him the divine Battle Spirit.

“I need to have a chat with Princess Miao Miao.” Qin Nan immediately took out a Sound Conducting Rune and inserted his thoughts.

In just over ten breaths’ time, a tiny figure came from the sky and said, “Servant, what do you want from the Princess? For your information, the Princess is super-duper busy, every minute wasted is equivalent to losing millions of Martial Emperor Pills…”

Princess Miao Miao landed before Qin Nan, her attractive face fully filled with unpleasantness.

“I have something to discuss with you,” Qin Nan ignored her words and said, “I’ve accepted a quest which requires me to kill some beasts, hence I’ll be leaving the Mystic Spirit Sect for a while.”


Princess Miao Miao raised her tone and snapped, “No, no way, you can’t leave the Mystic Spirit Sect!”

Leaving the Mystic Spirit Sect, are you kidding me?

She, Princess Miao Miao, was respected by everyone within the Mystic Spirit Sect, granting her countless of opportunities to a fortune of pills.

And now Qin Nan wanted her to leave?

Qin Nan, of course, had no idea what she was thinking, as he explained, “I’ll be heading to the Longhu Mountain Range to hunt the beasts there. Only by hunting beasts can I earn some Martial Emperor Pills.”

“Hmm? Longhu Mountain Range?”

Princess Miao Miao’s expression gradually became calm, as her big eyes began to roll around and glisten, not showing what she was thinking.

Qin Nan was aware of her change, and immediately lashed out with his final blow, “If I can’t earn my pills, I’m afraid I can never pay you your pills. Therefore, it’s fine if you don’t want to go to the Longhu Mountain Range, as long as you won’t need me to pay you…”

Before he could finish, Princess Miao Miao straightened her face and said in a raging tone, “In your dreams, you must pay the pills you owe me. Only more, no less!”

“If that’s the case, let’s now head to the Longhu Mountain Range.”

Qin Nan chuckled in his heart;although Princess Miao Miao possessed an incredibly strong cultivation, when it had something to do with pills, she would turn exceedingly stingy.

Even though Qin Nan despised her attitude of placing profit first, he could not deny that with great control, this attitude could be his greatest aid at crucial timings.

“It’s ok to go to the Longhu Mountain Range.” Princess Miao Miao’s eyes flickered, as if a thought came up to her as a grin appeared on her face, “When we reach the Longhu Mountain Range, the Princess has a few missions for you to accomplish.”

“Missions? What missions?”

Qin Nan slightly startled, before he came to a realization after recollecting the events on Autumn Mountain.

Previously, Princess Miao Miao gave him a map, and guided by the map, Qin Nan was able to loot eighty stalks of Crystalline Flowers, which were equivalent to eighty thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

Since then, Qin Nan had already been suspicious, and his suspicion grew even stronger upon hearing Princess Miao Miao’s words now.

Princess Miao Miao’s identity remained unknown, except for the fact that she had evolved from a ginseng, with a terrifying cultivation. Was it possible that she knew some sort of outstanding technique, allowing her to detect the location of rare materials?

“If it’s similar to finding Crystalline Flowers on the Autumn Mountain, I’m down for it, but on one condition. Half of the loot is mine, and this is non-negotiable!” Qin Nan was the first to speak.

As he now had a huge debt, it was his priority now to earn enough pills to pay his debts.

“Hehe,” Princess Miao Miao uttered a hollow laugh and said, “Qin Nan, did you forget that previously at the peak of Autumn Mountain, the Trading Alliance, and other three sects were planning to hurt you. Do you think you could’ve escaped in one piece without my help? The Princess never helps anyone for free—every time you are saved, you must repay me by doing me a favor, if not…”


Qin Nan instantly felt a headache, leaving him speechless.

Although he was eager to deny it, what Princess Miao Miao had said was the absolute truth.

Qin Nan took a deep breath to calm himself down, before he said, “You’re right, I owe you a favor. When we arrive at the Longhu Mountain Range, I’ll help you unconditionally once, but only once!”

“That’s more like it.”

Princess Miao Miao squinted her eyes, expressing her joy, “So, when will we be leaving?”

“We’ll leave at once.”

Qin Nan had no intention of speaking any nonsense, and turned around and headed toward the White Jade Dojo, toward the route to descend from the mountain.

Before he left, Qin Nan hesitated for a slight moment, before he shook his head and made up his mind.

Initially, before he left, he would like to visit Old Shan, Gong Yang, and also Xiao Leng, Chu Yun, and the others along the way, but after he pondered it, he got rid of the thought.

There was no need for extra explanation, as his true friends would know his personality, and would trust in the decisions he made.



This time, Qin Nan chose to leave the Mystic Spirit Sect without triggering a great storm.

Since Qin Nan’s surrender, many either uttered scornful comments regarding his actions, or chose to ignore it, as everyone was utterly disappointed in him.

Except for the man in the first residence on the Inner Domain Peak, who had followed Qin Nan’s latest news since the very beginning.

This person was none other than Ouyang Jun.

“HAHA, Senior Brother Ouyang, I was just told that Qin Nan has left the Mystic Spirit Sect. In my opinion, there is no way he could stay at the Mystic Spirit Sect from today onward.” Leng Feng uttered a great laugh, his face reddened with joy.

Since Qin Nan had conceded, his reputation rapidly rose;even the other three sects were curious to know what methods this infamous Leng Feng used to force Qin Nan to lower his head.

As the saying went, “Reputation is harder to be earned than a thousand gold.”

Ouyang Jun let out an indifferent laugh and said, “Not only is this Qin Nan trash intimidated by death, he is also a coward. I still can’t understand the reason why the Great Elder and the Honourable Elder were so fond of him.”

“I heard that after Qin Nan surrendered, the Great Elder became enraged, as he was utterly disappointed…” Leng Feng stopped halfway, an evil grin appearing on his face.

“Just pure acting, no need to take it seriously.”

Ouyang Jun’s eyes emitted a flicker, “That old man has quite high expectations for Qin Nan. If not, why would he not interrogate him for the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion? Leng Feng, spread my words, gather the geniuses of the Jun Alliance, tell them to stalk Qin Nan, and eliminate him.”


Leng Feng was left in awe, as he did not expect Ouyang Jun to hunt down Qin Nan straight away. After a slight pause, he said, “Qin Nan is accompanied by the Honourable Elder this time. Even the Sect Leader would have difficulties killing him!”

“Accompanied by the Honourable Elder?” Ouyang Jun spoke to himself, before he let out an evil grin, “Then we shall delay that for now, he will eventually return to the Mystic Spirit Sect. Since he has offended me, conceding is nowhere enough! The day will soon arrive that he must die!”

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