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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 184


Chapter 184: Chapter 184 - An Utter Disappointment

Chapter 184 - An Utter Disappointment

The next day, the shocking news was spread to everyone within the Mystic Spirit Sect.

“What? Qin Nan surrendered?”

“What the f**k, what is wrong with this guy, being so smug at the start and challenging Leng Feng, but choosing to surrender now?”

“Tsk, what the hell, what kind of trash is this?”

“Damn it, I even lent him my pills. Who could have thought that he was such a coward, disgusting!’

“I think it’s reasonable for him to surrender. With Leng Feng’s strength, it’s like committing suicide for Qin Nan to challenge him. If I were him, I would surrender too.”

“Hehe, either way, this Qin Nan, despite his formidable background and Martial Spirit, is only a mere coward!”


The disciples and elders of the entire Mystic Spirit Sect instantly cursed without any hesitation.

Why would anyone surrender after personally accepting the challenge to a duel?

Especially with Qin Nan’s extraordinary identity, his actions of surrendering were definitely treated like a huge joke, bringing shame to his name.

That being said, many of them did agree that his actions were rational, or totally understandable.

...However, among the outer disciples, at the Outer Domain Peak...

Xiao Yunhe, Luo Jianhao, Wang Chu, and the disciples who took part in the Trial of Versatility could not believe what they heard when the news was made known to them.

Their minds were filled with the figure of a prideful person who had had an incredibly weak appearance in the beginning.

How is it possible for such a man to surrender?

At that instant, Xiao Yunhe, Luo Jianhao, Wang Chu, and the rest fell into silence, wearing wry smiles on their faces.

So this is the Martial World?

Its cruelty is enough to crush one’s beliefs?

Not only them, even Huang Long, Mo Zishan, Xu You, and Da Hu who were now promoted to inner domain disciples could not help but burst out laughing after hearing the news, as if it was the funniest thing they’d heard in their lives.

Qin Nan surrendering?

What, are you kidding me?

At the Outer Domain Trial, even facing the pressure from the First Elder and Nangong Cheng, his expression did not even budge, and handled it bravely and ended up making miracles happen.

Last, but not least, at the Trial of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, facing the super geniuses from the top three sects—consisting of the Flying Sword Sect, the Disordered Flames Sect, and the Qing Nu Sect—Qin Nan remained steady and made miracles happen in the first, second, and third round, placing him first as he crushed all his opponents.

In the end, Qin Nan passed the fourth and fifth layers and retrieved the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

Why would such a man surrender now?

However, Huang Long, Mo Zishan, Xu You, Da Hu, and the others immersed themselves in silence. They could sort of imagine the scene of a prideful, confident young man filled with battle intent, turning dispirited and surrendering with a sense of helplessness.

At that instant, Huang Long and the rest could feel their hearts aching, and their noses twitching, as they felt like weeping.

Since long ago, in their hearts, Qin Nan’s firm back was gradually seen as their dream, their goal, the presence they strove for.

Today, their dreams were shattered, their goals vanquished.

This was an incredibly sorrowful moment.

...Meanwhile, in the Disciplinary Hall...

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun became enraged after receiving the news from the disciple before them, and yelled while emitting a murderous aura, “Stop the nonsense, who do you think Senior Brother Qin Nan is? Do you guys have any idea who he is? Let me tell you, even if he were dead, he would never lower his head and surrender!”

At that instant, Xiao Leng and Chu Yun were incredibly furious.

They were different from Huang Long and the others. They were the first ones to follow Qin Nan, and the closest to him too. Therefore, they clearly knew who Qin Nan was, and they clearly knew his personality.

What kind of person was Qin Nan?

No matter who tried to go against him, he would never give up on paying the person back.

Even if his opponents were stronger, he never compromised or feared them.

The reason for this was because of his extreme pride—a natural born pride. As such, he never lowered his head to anyone.

Although his personality was relatively ridiculous, it was worthy of everyone’s respect!

Such a person like Qin Nan surrendered?

For Xiao Leng and Chu Yun, the news of Qin Nan taking the initiative to surrender was more shocking than hearing that Qin Nan had been crippled.

However, after hearing the same news for a couple more times, the anger on Xiao Leng and Chu Yun’s faces went numb.

Qin Nan did surrender.

The previously prideful, fearless Qin Nan really chose to surrender.

“No way, no way, impossible!” Veins popped out on Xiao Leng’s forehead as he yelled with his eyes turning red, “Senior Brother Qin Nan, Big Bro Qin Nan, even if it means death, even if his limbs were crippled, he would never surrender, never surrender, never surrender…”

At that instant, Xiao Leng seemed to enter a frenzied state, but his voice turned softer with each repetition, which eventually lapsed into a period of silence.

“Humans do change eventually.”

Chu Yun broke the silence and said in a soft tone, her eyes were filled with unshielded disappointment.

...Meanwhile, in the pagoda beside the Skills Library...

Old Shan’s figure rose from his chair and said with a terrifying expression, “What? Did you just say he surrendered? He chose to surrender?”

The one sitting in front of Old Shan was none other than Gong Yang.

Although it was Gong Yang’s first time meeting Old Shan, and he should have been acting politely, at that instant, he chose to remain silent.

“Ridiculous, this is ridiculous!” Old Shan laughed angrily, “What a waste of my fondness for such a person who can’t even keep his own words! I’m blind, I’m so blind!’

At that instant, Old Shan was incredibly angry.

Gong Yang let out a sigh in his heart and calmly said after a pause, “Old Shan, I feel like the whole thing is not that simple. We clearly understood Qin Nan’s personality, he is not one to lower his head and surrender, I believe he must be having some difficulties behind it.”


Old Shan’s expression turned cold, “I don’t care what difficulties he’s having, that shouldn’t be the reason he surrendered. Although it was unwise that he challenged Leng Feng to a duel in the beginning, I still believed in him to exceed his limits and make miracles happen! Even if he ended up losing to Leng Feng, he could still be considered an indomitable man.”

Gong Yang shook his head with a wry smile. Despite the confusion, Qin Nan surrendering had had too big of an impact to him, but he still chose to believe in Qin Nan.

“Let’s give him some time.” Gong Yang said, “This won’t be the end of it, and I believe his next appearance will show the crowd who he really is.”

After Gong Yang left the place, the unpleasant expression on Old Shan’s face turned calm, as he faced the empty courtyard and said with a wry smile, “Senior Brother, I did not expect that he would surrender…”

A mysterious old man suddenly appeared in the courtyard.

If Qin Nan were here, he would realize that this mysterious old man was the same person he had met on the Island of Versatility—Old Shan’s Senior Brother.

“Don’t worry, finding him was already tough enough.” The mysterious old man calmly said, “Trust me, the young lad will not bow his head so easily. If my predictions are accurate, soon he will stir up a storm big enough to shake the top four sects, and the entire Luohe Kingdom!”

Old Shan shuddered slightly, What does that mean?

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