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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 180


Chapter 180: Chapter 180 - Leveling Up in Three Days

Chapter 180 - Leveling Up in Three Days

The Qi in the entire third residence was swept toward Qin Nan at a crazy speed as if it were under the influence of a terrifying absorption force, producing dull explosive sounds—a shocking sight indeed.

In just a brief while, a huge amount of Qi was absorbed into Qin Nan’s body, at a rate three times faster than with his previous tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

“The Synthesis of Wind and Thunder! What a surprise indeed! A Xuan ranked Martial Spirit is certainly extremely powerful!”

Qin Nan’s entire soul shuddered violently.

When a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was absorbing Qi, it would produce a marvelous sight of the Qi taking the shape of dragons and phoenixes, which was known as the Synthesis of Dragons and Phoenixes. On the other hand, Xuan ranked Martial Spirits were even more powerful, which would destabilize the Heaven and Earth during the process of cultivation, known as the Synthesis of Wind and Thunder.

The divine Battle Spirit was currently only first-grade Xuan ranked. If Qin Nan were to upgrade it to the legendary tenth-grade Xuan ranked, while cultivating, the surrounding Qi would transform into real wind, thunder, fire, and lightning surging from the Heaven and Earth, an equivalent sight of a peerless expert being born when he was merely cultivating!

“With this Xuan-ranked Martial Spirit, and the abundant Qi from the third residence, it won’t take long for an Atavistic Cultivator like me to have a breakthrough!” Qin Nan eyes flickered with excitement, and he swiftly calmed his thoughts and immersed himself in the process of cultivation.

At that instant, the entire third residence was filled with the sound of powerful gusts and thunder. Without the sound filtration of the third residence’s forbidding aura, the whole Inner Domain Peak would no doubt vibrate vigorously.

Time swiftly passed;three days were gone in a blink of the eye.

In the past three days, it was as if Qin Nan had turned into a stationary statue, continuously consuming the Qi which the divine Battle Spirit absorbed from the Heaven and Earth.

If someone were to glance down from above the third residence, they would see an enormous black hole forming at the position of the divine Battle Spirit, engulfing the surrounding Qi at a crazy rate.

From the sight of it, one could easily tell that Qin Nan had absorbed an unimaginable amount of Qi in the past three days.

The absorption force of the divine Battle Spirit came to a stop all of a sudden, as Qin Nan opened his eyes in a rapid fashion.

“Third-layer Xiantian Realm!”

Qin Nan uttered a shout, the accumulated Atavistic Qi in his body producing a buzz at that instant, rapidly increasing the amount of Qi within his body.

Qin Nan’s aura had now reached the third-layer Xiantian Realm.

“Three days, in just three days, I managed to raise my cultivation to the third-layer Xiantian Realm! At this rate, the remaining fifty plus days will be sufficient to raise my cultivation to the fifth-layer Xiantian Realm;I even have a chance of reaching the sixth-layer Xiantian Realm!”

Not a hint of joy could be seen on Qin Nan’s face. Instead, it was filled with great astonishment.

Through the cultivation of the past three days, he could finally experience the utter difference between a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit and a Huang ranked Martial Spirit, which allowed him to realize—once again—how important the rank of Martial Spirits were on the Canglan Continent.

How crazy would it be to cultivate for a day straight with a Tian ranked Martial Spirit?

It would be totally unimaginable!

“However, it took a total of over five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills to upgrade my divine Battle Spirit to a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit. Is a faster cultivation speed the only benefit from it?”

Qin Nan frowned.

Previously, it only took him less than one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills to awaken the imperious Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit. Surely a faster cultivation speed was not the only benefit he would get by upgrading it to a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit.

“This is…”

As he was lost in thought, he suddenly noticed a flickering purple light within the transparent skull of the blurry divine Battle Spirit.

The purple light was incredibly faint, which Qin Nan would have missed if he had not just noticed it coincidentally.

“What is this purple light? What is being hidden inside?”

Qin Nan fell into a deep thought, but still failed to come up with an explanation for it. However, his instinct told him that this purple light was closely related to the level up of the divine Battle Spirit, most likely a new ability similar to the awakening of the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit.

A Xuan ranked Martial Spirit would not be that simple.

“Well, time will tell eventually, there’s no need to overthink it for now.” Qin Nan thought in his mind, “Now that I’ve reached the third-layer Xiantian Realm, known as the barrier of the Xiantian Realm, I should spend more time cultivating, aiming for a breakthrough!”

The barrier of the Xiantian Realm occurred when one reached the third-layer Xiantian Realm, as the person now possessed sufficient Qi in their body, allowing them to discover the secrets of unleashing Qi from their body.

Unleashing Qi from one’s body was referring to one’s ability to emit Qi from the body, which could then solidify and take the form of sabers, swords, spears, etc.

In other words, only after mastering the technique of unleashing Qi could one then be considered a Xiantian Realm expert.

Currently, Qin Nan’s task was to discover the techniques of unleashing his Qi.

“As Qi is stored inside the body, how can I unleash it from my body? My guess is that there are two ways of doing it;firstly, it could be unleashed through the meridians of the body. Secondly, it could be unleashed by transferring it into my entire body through my blood flow!”

“Either through the meridians, or through the blood flow, it still comes down to one question, how can it be released from the body?”

“No, that’s not right. It’s impossible to unleash Qi through these methods!”


Qin Nan swiftly immersed himself in his thoughts, as different scenarios were considered in his mind.

After the divine Battle Spirit upgraded into a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, not only had his cultivation was improved, his comprehension, perception, etc, were improved too—they were a lot stronger than with his previous tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit.

There was an old saying in the Canglan Continent, “A man with a strong Martial Spirit is a wise man indeed.”

The sentence clearly meant that, as long as one’s Martial Spirit had a relatively high rank, the person’s comprehension, talent, and other attributes were expected to be outstanding too.

Time flew by rapidly, as another day was gone in a blink of the eye.

When night fell, Qin Nan’s thoughts were on the verge of being condensed.

“The unleashing of Qi should be done through the glands of the body. Only the glands are able to release the Qi!”

“No, no, that’s wrong. My meridians, my blood, or my glands could never withstand the pressure of the Qi, and they would end up shattering into pieces.”

“Then how could the Qi be unleashed from the body? I can’t find a suitable part of my body to release the Qi!”


It felt like Qin Nan’s thoughts had arrived in front of a large door. Despite trying his best, he could not push open the door to obtain the truth.

This was known as reaching the limit of cultivation. If one’s Martial Heart was not firm enough, the person would suffer greatly when encountering such a limit of cultivation, and give up easily.

However, with Qin Nan’s firm Martial Heart, he would not have that kind of trouble.

He had entered the state of a Martial Addict, driving him into a frenzy, where he would not give up unless the truth was discovered!

At that instant, a cold voice could be heard, “Unleashing Qi is an abstruse task to begin with. How could it be released through human flesh? It is a disgrace that my servant is being so dumb, and can’t even understand the secrets of it!”

The owner of the voice was none other than Princess Miao Miao.

Qin Nan had no idea when she had returned. Upon seeing Qin Nan’s struggling expression, and sensing the third-layer Xiantian Realm aura from his body, she instantly knew what he was going through, and gave him a piece of advice.

Qin Nan’s body shuddered violently after hearing this, as a clap of thunder appeared in his mind!

“Unleashing Qi is an abstruse task to begin with. How could it be released through the human flesh?”

“Right, that is so damn right!”

“My flesh could not withstand the pressure of the Qi, thus there is no way the Qi could be released from my body!’

“Maybe I should think outside the box. Since the Qi is something stored in my body, and I can control it at my will, I can gather it in my Dantian, or around my body, which is why it can be released!”

Qin Nan’s thoughts became clear at that instant.

The cloud of Qi inside his Dantian exploded and vanished completely.

Meanwhile, Qin Nan’s entire body uttered a thump, as a layer of Qi was formed on his skin, rumbling with a crackling noise.

So, this is unleashing Qi!

Qin Nan slowly opened his eyes, while feeling the Qi within his body and mumbled, “This is how Qi is unleashed. In simple words, it is done by scattering the Qi inside my body, and gathered it on my flesh, which produces the effect of unleashing the Qi in my body!”

Qin Nan’s eyes turned bright and, with a thought, the Qi outside his body began to transform into a Qi saber, slashing at the space before him, producing a terrifying Saber Intent which exploded, resulting in terrifying damage.

The damage from the attack was enough to defeat any cultivator of the third-layer Xiantian Realm, or even ordinary fourth-layer Xiantian Realm cultivators.

“The release of Qi is indeed very powerful!”

Qin Nan’s heart skipped a beat, but he soon calmed his thoughts, and raised his head glancing at Princess Miao Miao wearing a mystical dress, “Princess, I apologize for my misbehaviour from before. I hope you will forgive me!”

After seeing this, the initial unpleasant feelings of Princess Miao Miao dissipated, but she definitely would not reveal it, as she harrumphed, “You’re lucky that the Princess is generous enough to not dwell upon it. Besides, how should you thank me for giving you the crucial piece of advice? I don’t need much, one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills would do.”


Qin Nan’s face turned dull instantly. He was now poor as f**k, how could he even find so many pills now?

Besides, his divine Battle Spirit was only able to level up into a Xuan ranked Martial Spirit thanks to the Body-Tempering Pill from Ouyang Jun.

Princess Miao Miao did not continue the topic, but stared at Qin Nan with a stern look, “The aura from your body is at least ten times stronger than before, and also more mysterious too. I am keen to know, what have you done?”

Although Princess Miao Miao treated Qin Nan with an indifferent attitude, she could now sense an indescribable pressure hiding inside Qin Nan’s body, together with a terrifyingly mysterious feeling.

Normally, ordinary cultivators were unable to detect such a pressure, but Princess Miao Miao had a sharp sense due to her special abilities.

“Princess, you will know when the time comes.”

Qin Nan let out a smile, and was going to switch the topic, before an important question came up in his mind.

Now that the divine Battle Spirit has been upgraded, would there be any change to the Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit?

Upon having this thought, Qin Nan could not wait any longer to unleash his Eyes of the divine Battle Spirit and gazed toward Princess Miao Miao. With a glimpse, a great change of expression could be seen on his face.

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