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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 18


Chapter 18 Eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit

After leaving the Conference Hall, Qin Nan directly went to the Patriarch's courtyard with Qin Tian. The second they took a step into the courtyard, Tie San, who was waiting, immediately asked, ’’Big Brother, how did the things go?’’

Qin Tian laughed and said, ’’Little San, I have given birth to a good son. If it wasn't for Qin Nan, then I wouldn't know what we could expect from today's events.’’ Although Qin Tian had already thoroughly understood the matter, he could still only sigh when he thought back to it.

Tie San finally relaxed, followed by his face turning red as he looked at Qin Nan. He felt a little embarrassed as he said, ’’Young Lord, I was just anxious before. I hope you don't take what I said into your heart.’’

’’Don't worry, Uncle San. I know you're doing this for my father.’’ Qin Nan gave a faint smile. Qin Nan's attitude toward Tie San had always been respectful, thus, no matter how much Tie San insulted him, Qin Nan would not blame him.

At this moment, Qin Tian suddenly recalled something and looked at Qin Nan with his face turning stern, ’’Nan'er, although Qin Tieba and the rest didn't succeed this time, the situation is still not good. In five days, the Mystic Spirit Sect will come and officially accept Qin Changkong as a disciple. By then, I won't be able to preserve my position as Patriarch.’’

Qin Tian paused before he continued, ’’You offended them this time, so they definitely will not leave this matter alone. Instead of waiting for them to take their revenge, why don't you go pack up and we'll escape to a faraway land?’’ As Tie San heard this, his face turned solemn, and he nodded. It was evident that he agreed with what Qin Tian said.

Although Qin Nan only needed half a month to break through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm, and had touched upon the entrance of the 'One with the Saber' realm, his Martial Spirit was still only of first-grade Huang rank. This was definitely not enough to become a disciple of Mystic Spirit Sect.

A great sect like Mystic Spirit Sect prioritizes the grade of the Martial Spirit when they select disciples. Qin Nan didn't have the slightest bit of hesitation as he immediately shook his head, ’’Father, I'm not leaving. If I were to leave now, then I'm afraid that I would never rest again without worry. Don't fear father, Uncle San... I have my owns plans so you don't need to be so concerned.’’

As Qin Tian and Tie San heard this, they glanced at each other wanting to say something, but ultimately decided not to. How could they not worry about the current situation? However, considering Qin Nan's personality, the two of them simultaneously shook their heads. Even if they were to further advise him, his decision would remain unchanged. Nonetheless, the reason why Qin Tian didn't further argue was because he had a feeling that his own son hid another formidable trump card. This was also because they knew Qin Nan wasn't a reckless person.

Qin Nan looked at the two people and thought. He still hadn't informed them about the matter with Fang Rulong. Originally when Qin Nan heard from Tie San that Qin Tieba was planning on impeaching Qin Tian's position in the Clan, he was planning on releasing the divine Battle Spirit, turn the tables around, and defeat Qin Changkong. However, after he heard that Qin Changkong had been selected as a disciple for the Mystic Spirit Sect, Qin Nan ultimately decided to restrain himself and not release the divine Battle Spirit. This was because of Fang Clan's Fang Rulong.

The Fang Clan hadn't publicly released the fact that Fang Rulong had awakened a sixth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. This made Qin Nan question the reason behind it. Based on this suspicion, Qin Nan had a faint feeling that Fang Clan would make a big move during the selection of disciples five days later.

He didn't want to let Qin Tian and Tie San know of this because he did not want them to have too many worries. Furthermore, even if Fang Clan had some kind of conspiracy, it still wasn't a problem for Qin Nan. This was because Qin Nan's trump card was the divine Battle Spirit, which had reached the seventh-grade Huang ranks. Just like what Qin Nan had said to Fang Xue in the past, he was not afraid of Fang Rulong at all.

As he thought to this point, Qin Nan's heart regained its calm. After bidding farewell to Qin Tian and Tie San, he returned to his own courtyard. On the way back to his own courtyard, Qin Nan encountered something rather interesting. The servants of the Clan, as well as the disciples who had previously looked at him in disdain, were taking the initiative to greet him.

Qin Nan laughed to himself. It seemed like the incident tin the Conference Hall had already spread to these servants and disciples. However, Qin Nan ignored them. These were the same people who sneered and ridiculed him in the past. Thus, trying to repent for it now was simply too late.

After he returned to his courtyard, Qin Nan quickly went inside his house and brought out several jade bottles, withdrawing the Body Tempering Pills from within them. The Spiritual Qi emanating from these pills in a pile was extremely dense.

’’I wonder what level the divine Battle Spirit can reach with these five hundred Body Tempering Pills!’’

Qin Nan took a deep breath;his face revealed excitement. If one were to go by the previous condition, ten Body Tempering Pills was enough to increase the grade of the divine Battle Spirit by one. In that case, wouldn't five hundred Body Tempering Pills make the divine Battle Spirit rise to the legendary Tian rank? Naturally, Qin Nan knew that this idea was a bit too exaggerative. As long as he could raise it to the Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, he would be satisfied.

Qin Nan collected his thoughts and sat cross legged as seven golden rays began to dazzle. The divine Battle Spirit's avatar appeared behind his back, standing tall in the air, its aura as domineering as before. As he released the divine Battle Spirit, Qin Nan immediately reached out with his arm and swallowed the Body Tempering Pills. As the Body Tempering Pills entered Qin Nan, the divine Battle Spirit began to release an incorporeal attraction, just like the last time, causing the Elixir to be thoroughly absorbed.

One pill....four pills....nine pills....

As he picked up the tenth Body Tempering Pill, Qin Nan became a little nervous. He swallowed it, and carefully observed the changes to the divine Battle Spirit.

One breath....thirty breaths later...

After waiting for a long time, Qin Nan felt slightly disappointed, and his face had a bitter smile. This certainly wasn't as easy as he thought. The divine Battle Spirit didn't increase in grade, even after swallowing ten Body Tempering Pills.

’’Let's try again. Let's see how many I need!’’

Qin Nan quickly regained his calm. With full confidence, he began to toss the Body Tempering Pills into his mouth one after another. However, the results this time made Qin Nan's heart hit rock bottom.

Thirty pills!

Eighty pills!

One hundred seventy pills!

Three hundred fifty pills!

Qin Nan continuously swallowed until he reached four hundred and ninety pills, but the divine Battle Spirit behind his back remained inactive. The potency of these Body Tempering Pills was like a drop of water falling into a great sea, disappearing within the divine Battle Spirit.

’’It seems like... it's not that easy after all,’’ Qin Nan wore an increasingly sour smile, however, he quickly readjusted his attitude. Having the ability to raise a grade by relying on Elixirs was already opposing the heavens. There was no reason to make an even more extravagant demand.

’’Here's the last ten pills. Let's swallow them at same time. Let's see if I can raise the grade or not!’’

Qin Nan gritted his teeth and grabbed the remaining Body Tempering Pills, swallowing them all at once. He was not disappointed this time.

After the divine Battle Spirit had absorbed the potency of the ten Body Tempering Pills, its entire being suddenly trembled. Following this, a golden ray radiated from the top of the divine Battle Spirit. This caused the divine Battle Spirit's aura to suddenly turn even more formidable and tyrannical.

The divine Battle Spirit had finally broken through to the eighth-grade after consuming five hundred Body Tempering Pills! However, it was far more complicated than that. As Qin Nan felt delighted, the outline of of the lofty and fuzzy avatar of the divine Battle Spirit's eyes slowly became clearer compared to the rest its body. It was as though this fuzzy divine Battle Spirit's eyes were opening.


Qin Nan was greatly astonished. He could clearly sense when the divine Battle Spirit changed, and his own eyes also changed. Originally, when Qin Nan's cultivation had reached the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm, his eyesight had gotten exceedingly good. However, he could feel that his current eyesight was even better by tenfold.

As Qin Nan looked around him, the grass and trees within the circumference of ten Mi was incredibly clear. Even the muddy water was perceivable.

’’My eyesight has actually improved?’’

A thought came from Qin Nan's mind, and he thought back to the sudden changes to the divine Battle Spirit. His heart was shocked once more. As the eyes of divine Battle Spirit unveiled, a great change also occurred to his own eyes. Could this mean that the divine Battle Spirit's development also influenced Qin Nan's corporeal body, and brought along other benefits?

’’Not only could it increase ranks from consuming Elixirs, but I also felt my perception improve last time. I was afraid that had something to do with the divine Battle Spirit. Now I know that it can actually influence the corporeal body... This divine Battle Spirit is simply too frightening!’’

Qin Nan took a series of cold breaths. He was completely incapable of holding back his surging emotions. However, at this moment a thought came to Qin Nan's mind: I wonder what level I can reach in this lifetime with the help of this frightening divine Battle Spirit?

In this instant, Qin Nan began to feel that he knew too little. Within his world, a Martial King was already the strongest existence he could think of. He had never met or heard of anyone above the Martial King Realm, thus, he wasn't too certain about it.

’’divine Battle Spirit, there are none it does not fight, and there are none it does not win against....’’ Qin Nan suddenly recalled the words in his mind and muttered to himself. Only after a little while did he suddenly realize that his eyes emanated a radiance, ’’Since I possess a Martial Spirit this formidable, I wonder how I should choose my future? I should enter the Mystic Spirit Sect. By entering the sect I can truly understand this world and tread upon an even broader world...and then defeat all the enemies!’’

In this short moment, Qin Nan's Martial Heart followed the changes of the divine Battle Spirit, turning incomparably solemn.


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