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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 177


Chapter 177: Chapter 177 - Let the Leveling Up Begin

Chapter 177 - Let the Leveling Up Begin

...The Mystic Spirit Sect, among the outer disciples...

“What on Earth, this is my first time encountering such a weird situation!”

“So are you going to loan him the pills? Damn it, Qin Nan is trying to borrow pills from the entire sect, I’m afraid he has no intention of paying back the loans.”

“Well, I have decided to give him a loan, one or two thousand Xiantian Pills will do. If not, what if Qin Nan dislikes me?”

“Fine, I’ll give him some too. I do not wish to get them back, I just hope I’ll be left alone.”


...The Mystic Spirit Sect, among the inner disciples...

“What the f**k is going on?”

“HAHAHA, this Qin Nan is so interesting. He dares to borrow pills from everyone within the sect. I like his guts though, so I am willing to lend him one thousand Xiantian Pills!”

“I do not know him personally, but I guess I’ll lend one or two hundred due to his background.”

“This Qin Nan is such a genius. I’m not sure how many pills would he will get this time, and he doesn't even need to pay back the loans, as no one would dare to ask him to pay.”


Gong Yang looked at the lively disciples around him, and glanced at the sheepskin letter in his hand, leaving a dumbfounded expression on his face.

...Meanwhile, a discussion took place among the elders of the Mystic Spirit Sect...

“Second Elder, are you going to loan him pills?”

“Loan my ass, Young Master Jun is his opponent, I wouldn’t dare to loan him the pills.”

“This young lad is quite interesting, I’ll lend him some Martial Emperor Pills.”

“Hmm, I should lend some too, as a friendly indication.”


Among the elders, the third elder of the inner disciples, Mo Qing, stared at the sheepskin letter with a twisted face.

He did not expect Qin Nan to be so shameless as to ask him for pills.

Meanwhile, the protagonist of the ‘Pill Loaning Incident’, Qin Nan sat in his third residence and glared at Princess Miao Miao.

Princess Miao Miao said while squinting her eyes, “What a surprise, my servant turns out to be a famous one, to receive so many pills.”

“How many?”

Qin Nan’s breathing came to a halt. Although he was not fond of Princess Miao Miao’s method, due to the cruelty of the situation, his only way was to loan pills from the others, so he could raise the rank of his divine Battle Spirit to Xuan rank.

That being said, Qin Nan swore in his heart that he would surely return every single one of these pills.

He disliked the idea of owing people favors.

“A total of five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills.” Princess Miao Miao said in an indifferent tone.

“What? Five hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills?” Qin Nan’s face was filled with astonishment, with his eyes opened wide, “How is there so many? It’s impossible to borrow so many from the disciples!”

Princess Miao Miao glanced contentedly at Qin Nan, “I borrowed one hundred thousand from Old Shan, twenty thousand each from the Hall Leaders, which would be two hundred thousand pills. Besides, with my charm, the inner disciples and the outer disciples were willing to lend us a total of one hundred thousand pills, including thirty thousand just from Elder Zhang Taiyi who brought you guys to the Martial Serendipity Pavilion recently. Furthermore, the inner disciple with the name Gong Yang…”

Qin Nan’s expression utterly changed.

In his discussed plan with Princess Miao Miao, she was only to approach the outer disciples, the inner disciples, and the outer disciples elders, and borrow a small amount of pills. It would be considered a great success if they were able to collect twenty thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

However, Princess Miao Miao did not follow his plan, but borrowed the pills from Old Shan, the Hall Leaders, the inner disciple elders, etc!


Qin Nan felt like vomiting blood due to the anger, unable to say any words.

With Princess Miao Miao’s actions, how would Old Shan, the Hall Leaders, and the elders see him?

“What about me?” Princess Miao Miao cast him a side glance and said in a cold tone, “How could I, the Princess, have such a stupid servant? I was running around, spending my precious time to collect the pills, and you now want to blame it on me? Don’t you know you could return the pills if a portion of them is enough?”


Qin Nan was stunned. Princess Miao Miao was right, if he ended up only using fifty thousand Martial Emperor Pills to upgrade his divine Battle Spirit, he could return the remaining pills.

“I’m sorry, I misunderstood you.” Qin Nan’s expression turned calm, showing a hint of sincerity.

Princess Miao Miao did help him a lot to collect the pills.

“Humph, that sounds better.” Princess Miao Miao raised her jaw and her eyes glistened, “Qin Nan, I am being so kind coming up with the plan and even running around to collect the pills. I now have a small request, you should be able to fulfill it right?”

Qin Nan’s expression suddenly changed as he said, “No way, these five hundred thousand pills were loaned, and must be returned in the future. I will not split them with you.”

After seeing his reaction, Princess Miao Miao said with an unpleasant tone, “I don’t want your pills, why would I need your pills for?”

Qin Nan was not convinced, as his eyes were filled with alertness, “What do you want then?”

“The request is fairly simple…” Princess Miao Miao scanned Qin Nan’s figure while she said with her eyes squinted, “If my guess is correct, these pills are collected for your Martial Spirit. You also accepted the duel with Leng Feng because of your Martial Spirit right? Therefore, my request is simple, I would like to see what you are doing to your Martial Spirit with these pills.”

This was what Princess Miao Miao was aiming for all along.

Before her human figure was restored, she could feel the extraordinary presence of the divine Battle Spirit inside Qin Nan’s body. After she regained her human form, she tried to compete against the divine Battle Spirit, but realized that the Martial Spirit inside Qin Nan’s body was far more terrifying than she could imagine.

Hence, Princess Miao Miao was curious what Qin Nan was doing to his Martial Spirit with so many pills.

Qin Nan’s face turned cold instantly after hearing the words and said in a cold tone, “That’s impossible, even if it means I won’t be getting any pills today, I will never accept your request!”

If it were something else, there was still room of consideration for Qin Nan, but he would never accept this request from Princess Miao Miao.

The divine Battle Spirit was his greatest secret, especially its capability of increasing its rank by consuming pills.

Not to mention that he and Princess Miao Miao were only partners;even if they were best friends, he still could not tell anyone this shocking secret of the divine Battle Spirit.


Princess Miao Miao turned angry upon seeing his firm attitude, “Who cares if you don’t agree, cheapskate!”

Although she planned to teach Qin Nan a lesson, after seeing Qin Nan’s expression, she threw the storage bag onto the ground, and left the place while panting with rage.

Qin Nan was surprised seeing this, as he initially thought that after rejecting the offer, Princess Miao Miao would turn enraged and leave with the pills, but it did not turn out according to his expectations.


Qin Nan uttered a shout while glancing at his empty residence. After a while, he then went up and picked up the storage bag.

“Five hundred Martial Emperor Pills, please don’t let me down.”

Qin Nan scanned his surroundings with his Eyes of divine Battle Spirit, to make sure no one was spying on him, before he took a deep breath, and took out all the pills from the storage bag.

At that instant, golden rays flashed across the place, along with an eruption of Qi.

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