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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 176


Chapter 176: Chapter 176 - The Loan Request which Shoked The En

Chapter 176 - The Loan Request Which Shocked the Entire Sect

In a small room within the Disciplinary Hall.

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun sat opposite each other, Martial Spirits floating behind them absorbing Qi as they immersed themselves in cultivation.

Since Qin Nan had passed all five layers of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, they both felt great pressure, and instantly decided to go into seclusion to cultivate.

However, a small figure suddenly appeared at that instant.

“Who’s that?”

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun were startled, as they opened their eyes and glanced at the figure, before their faces filled with blank expressions.

The figure was none other than Princess Miao Miao.

They could only see Princess Miao Miao handing a sheepskin to them with a smile, “This is a letter from Qin Nan.”

“A letter?”

Xiao Leng and Chu Yun were clueless.

They did know who Princess Miao Miao was, but they had no idea what was so important that QIn Nan had to send them letters with her help?

Filled with doubts, they reached out their hands to receive the letter and were speechless after reading its contents.

What’s this?

Loan pills?

A while later, in the Conference Room of the Disciplinary Hall.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader sat at the leading position, and before him were the Disciplinary Hall elders, who took turns to present their reports of the incidents happening in the past month.

At that instant, a tiny figure suddenly appeared in the center of the room.

The elders were astonished, Who is so ballsy to trespass into their Conference Room!?

The Disciplinary Hall Leader instinctively became enraged, but when he saw the tiny figure, his face stiffened, who then forced a smile and said, “Princ… Princess, why… Why are you here?”

In the Disciplinary Hall Leader’s eyes, Princess Miao Miao was like a nightmare, one that he would avoid at all costs.

The other elders collected their thoughts after hearing the words. There is only one person who would be referred to as the Princess in the Mystic Spirit Sect—their Honourable Elder!

The thought gave them a shudder. The Princess never came to their Disciplinary Hall, her arrival was definitely not good news for them!

“Yikes, everyone is here? Lucky.” Princess Miao Miao said with a pair of squinting eyes, “The Princess is here on behalf of her servant Qin Nan, to bring you all a letter.”

The crowd was confused after hearing the words.

Bringing a letter on behalf of Qin Nan?

What letter did Qin Nan write, that it had to be delivered by Princess Miao Miao?

Princess Miao Miao waved her hand, causing many letters to land into their hands like butterflies flying all over the room.

The crowd instinctively opened the letters in their hands, and their faces stiffened. Their lips began to twitch uncontrollably.

A loan request?

Loan pills?

Qin Nan wrote this letter to borrow pills from them?

After a period it took for an incense to burn, Princess Miao Miao’s figure arrived at the Skills Library. After another period it took for an incense to burn, she arrived at the Treasure Vault, then the Hall of Fame, and the Hall of Life and Death.

In less than an hour’s time, Princess Miao Miao went to five out of the six main halls of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

The only thing she did in the halls was to deliver letters on behalf of Qin Nan, with each letter having the same content—loan pills!

At that instant, the people from the halls were dumbfounded. Either disciples or elders, despite being cultivators for many years, it was their first time witnessing someone order a Martial Ancestor Realm expert to deliver letters, just to borrow pills.

Furthermore, to borrow pills from every single one of them!



Meanwhile, at the outer domain dojo of the Outer Domain Peak.

The disciples sat with their legs crossed, unleashing their Martial Spirits to absorb Qi as they carried out their daily cultivation.

Among these disciples, a few of them were quite familiar with Qin Nan, including Xiao Yunhe, Luo Jianhao, Wang Chu, etc. However, unlike Qin Nan—who was now famous throughout the entire sect—these disciples were still merely outer domain disciples.

Princess Miao Miao’s figure approached them from above and said in a loud voice, “Disciples, wake up now. I am the Honourable Elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect. I’m here on behalf of Qin Nan to declare something important!”

The words caused every outer domain disciple at the scene to be awakened.

Especially Xiao Yunhe, Luo Jianhao, Wang Chu, and those who participated in the Trial of Versatility wore shocked expressions on their faces.

The other outer domain disciples would only feel shocked and respectful after hearing Qin Nan’s name, but they were utterly impressed by Qin Nan’s talents after witnessing his achievements with their naked eyes.

It was also the main reason why they were shocked. Why would Qin Nan—who is now far from their reach—be looking for them?

Princess Miao Miao spoke, “Here is a letter from Qin Nan for everyone, which I’m delivering on behalf of him. Remember to take a look.”

After saying this, she waved her hand, causing countless letters made of sheepskin to rain from the sky.

The crowd of outer domain disciples was astonished. From the looks of it, there must be something serious happening to Qin Nan, forcing him to personally write letters to every single disciple.

However, when they ripped the envelopes apart, they were all dumbfounded.

What the hell is this?

A letter from Qin Nan, delivered by the Honourable Elder, just to borrow pills from them?



Inner Domain Peak.

Since Qin Nan joined the Inner Domain Peak, the entire atmosphere had changed, as everyone began to work hard in cultivation.

In the six hundred and twenty seventh residence, Da Hu sat with his legs crossed as he immersed himself in cultivation.

Through the Trial of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, he had witnessed Qin Nan growing rapidly in strength, crushing his opponents, which served as an inspiration for him. He ended up reaching the Xiantian Realm and became an inner domain disciple.

Now, Da Hu continued to work hard cultivating. He did not wish to catch up to Qin Nan, but he hoped he could work his best so he would not disappoint himself.

However, at that instant, a pleasant voice appeared out of nowhere, “Greetings, here is a letter for you.”

The next moment, in the five hundred and eighty third residence, Mo Zishan, Xu You, and Huang Long were there, with Xiantian Realm auras bursting out from their bodies as they faced each other, indicating that a fight would break out soon.

Since they had returned from the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, they had become best friends with each other, and had gathered today for a friendly battle.

As the battle was about to begin, a light-hearted voice was heard, “Hello, Qin Nan has written letters for you all, please accept them.”

The sudden occurrence gave Mo Zishan, Xu You, and Huang Long a terrifying shock, such that their Qi almost flew in reverse, which would result in their cultivation going haywire.



It was definitely not a calm day for the entire Mystic Spirit Sect.

A little girl who was self-acclaimed to be the Honourable Elder, carried letters from Qin Nan and delivered to everyone from the Outer Domain Peak to the Inner Domain Peak. From the outer elders to the inner disciples, everyone received a letter from her.

It did not matter if you were an insignificant disciple, or a famous genius of the Mystic Spirit Sect, or an elder with great authorities.

They all received a letter, a letter written to them by Qin Nan.

The letter consisted of two words—Loan pills!

At last, the Mystic Spirit Sect, one of the top four sects of the Luohe Kingdom, was entirely shaken by a single letter!

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