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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 174


Chapter 174: Chapter 174 - A Tempestuous Dispute

Chapter 174 - A Tempestuous Dispute

“In two months’ time?”

Leng Feng and Ouyang Jun went blank for a moment, failing to react.

They did not expect Qin Nan to have such a demand.

Does Qin Nan think he could raise his cultivation rapidly and defeat Leng Feng in just two months’ time?

What a goddamned joke.

Leng Feng’s cultivation had reached the seventh-layer Xiantian Realm, which was six layers higher than Qin Nan’s cultivation. Even though Qin Nan was an Atavistic Cultivator, it was impossible for him to reach the seventh-layer Xiantian Realm in just two month’s time.

Even if Qin Nan were to have some sort of fortunate encounter, and end up raising his cultivation by six layers, won’t Leng Feng’s strength improve in this two months’ time too?

In other words, it did not matter if the duel were to take place after two months or half a year, the outcome would still be the same, which was impossible to change.

Qin Nan was not aware of this problem, as he gazed at Leng Feng and coldly asked, “What’s wrong? Don’t dare to accept? If so, stop talking bullshit here with your scornful attitude, and get the hell out of my sight!”


Leng Feng immediately collected his thoughts and became enraged, as he let out a livid laugh, “HAHA, as expected of you, being fearless at all times. If that’s the case, we shall meet at the Hall of Life and Death after two months.”

After saying this, Leng Feng turned around and left the place, with no intention of staying any longer.

In his eyes, Qin Nan was too proud of himself, who only has a sharp tongue but was unwise. He had no intention of wasting his time talking nonsense with him.

Now that he had reached his aim, after two months’ time, he could then wipe this scornful Qin Nan out with his own hands.

“Courageous, very courageous, I, Ouyang Jun, am very impressed!”

Ouyang Jun collected his thoughts, and then laughed and raised his thumb to Qin Nan instead of being angry at his attitude.

Qin Nan did not even give Ouyang Jun a glimpse, who left immediately and returned to the third residence.

After being ignored by Qin Nan, Ouyang Jun’s expression instantly turned unpleasant, but he was soon relieved when he realized that Qin Nan only had two more months to live. He then left the scene after letting out a few hollow laughs.

Over a hundred disciples who had gathered outside the third residence, and the outer disciples elders not far away, exchanged glances in silence.

After the period it took for an incense to burn, the news revolving around Leng Feng challenging Qin Nan to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death, which would take place in two months’ time, were made known throughout the entire Mystic Spirit Sect.

The whole sect was shaken.

“F**k? Did I not hear it right? Qin Nan took the initiative to challenge Leng Feng?”

“Yeah, I heard that Leng Feng only dared to challenge Qin Nan after receiving the support from Ouyang Jun. Qin Nan on the other hand, fought back straight away and agreed to have a battle of life and death at the Hall of Life and Death!”

“What the hell, is there something wrong with Qin Nan’s brain?”

“Tsk, tsk, what I’m more curious about is, why would Ouyang Jun want to get rid of Qin Nan?”


Countless discussions took place within the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Since both of them have Martial Spirits of the same rank, isn’t Qin Nan’s act of taking the initiative to accept the duel against a seventh-layer Xiantian Realm—when his strength is only second-layer Xiantian Realm—considered the same as committing suicide?

What kind of trump cards does Qin Nan have, to give him the confidence to go against Leng Feng and challenge him?

The most eye-catching fact is that Leng Feng is troubling Qin Nan under Ouyang Jun’s support.

Many elders clearly knew Ouyang Jun’s identity and background.

What’s the reason behind Ouyang Jun’s behavior?

Could it be that Ouyang Jun’s father is planning to deal with the two elders who supported Qin Nan?

Although many elders were doubtful, they did not dare to seek the truth. Despite the fact that the battle between Qin Nan and Leng Feng was a mere fight between two disciples, it might actually involved the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect, the Great Elder, and the Honourable Elder who recently joined the sect, a total of three Martial Ancestor Realm experts!

A slight mistake could cause one to be shattered to pieces in this vortex of conflict.

Meanwhile, in the third residence, there was another person present apart from Qin Nan.

This person was none other than Gong Yang.

Gong Yang could not help but blurt out after seeing Qin Nan, “Didn’t I just tell you about Ouyang Jun’s identity, how did you involve yourself in such a mess with him this time? Most importantly, you dared to accept the challenge from Leng Feng? Are you tired of living?”

This time, Gong Yang was really angry.

Previously he had admired Qin Nan’s personality of never backing off from any challenges. However, despite such a great difference in terms of strength, Qin Nan still dared to challenge Leng Feng to a duel after two months’ time. Such action was stupidity in the extreme!

Qin Nan smilingly said, “Brother Yang, calm down. Ouyang Jun has already gone over my limit, do you expect me to stand down? Besides, it’s just a battle with Leng Feng, it won’t be as difficult as you expected.”

“What chance of winning do you have?” Gong Yang’s expression turned duller and he said, “Qin Nan, I did tell you not to be so ruthless! He has a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, so do you. With two Martial Spirits of the same rank, you won’t get any advantage from that! Besides, he has a strength of the seventh-layer Xiantian Realm, even if you are an Atavistic Cultivator, surely you won’t be able to raise your cultivation by six layers in two months’ time, right? Not to mention that while you are improving your strength, Leng Feng is improving too! How could you not understand such a simple fact?”

Qin Nan listened to Gong Yang’s scolding quietly, which did not make him feel unpleasant at all, but instead he could feel a sense of warmth in his heart.

Since his encounter with Gong Yang, he had always been helping him and looking after him.

After Gong Yang finished with his speech, Qin Nan said with a stern look, “Brother Yang, may I speak?”

“Fine, go ahead.” Gong Yang was still filled with anger, and his tone was stiff.

“In everyone’s opinion, my act of challenging Leng Feng is definitely committing suicide. However, in my opinion, I only do so because it is an impossible task. I could only feel the pressure from death from this challenge, and I could only improve with this pressure, by working ten times harder. If I were not to challenge Leng Feng, I would only cultivate in loneliness for the next one or two years while living a calm life, isn’t that the same as an ordinary person?”

Qin Nan said this with a calm tone.

Gong Yang’s expression remained the same as he said with a hollow laugh, “That’s the rule of the Martial World for everyone;cultivating is a slow process, not only does it involve one’s fortune, and determination, it also includes loneliness. If you can’t even withstand being lonely, then you are doomed to be an ordinary person.”

“You’re right.” Qin Nan nodded his head, but shouted, “But the path of cultivation is different for everyone. Now that Leng Feng dares to challenge me, why would I be intimidated? I insist on having a duel with him!”

“Besides, the Martial World is cruel to begin with. In two months’ time, if I were to be defeated, then he would use my skull as a stepping stone, and receive the fame and glory he seeks for. If I ended up winning, I would use his skull as a stepping stone, and advance toward the first rank of the outer disciples. I will advance forward on the path of becoming the best one step at a time! In the Martial World, the emergence of an expert, would always involve countless corpses behind him!”

Gong Yang stared with his eyes open wide;he felt there was something wrong with Qin Nan’s speech, but he could not refute it, as he failed to find any flaws from it.

After a long period, Gong Yang let out a deep sigh.

Although he did not approve Qin Nan’s words, he could sense from his them a pride that belonged to him.

The pride that would not allow him to be trespassed.

“If you have made up your mind, I won’t say anything further. I only have one request, don’t you dare lose in two months’ time.” Gong Yang said in a soft tone and was about to take his leave.

“Hold on.” Qin Nan stopped Gong Yang in his tracks.

Gong Yang halted his steps and glanced backward with his face filled with doubts.

“Brother Yang, I haven’t finished talking.”

Qin Nan exhaled and calmly said, “The reason I took the initiative to accept the duel was because a mere Leng Feng is not enough to defeat me!”

The sentence was the real symbol of his pride, a pride that emerged from his soul.

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Editor: DOCuinn


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