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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 17


Chapter 17 - Bai Heng

Several disciples were seen sitting cross-legged on the Martial Training Ground of Qin Clan. Hovering behind them were their Martial Spirits, constantly absorbing the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. These disciples had clearly not yet heard news of the events that had transpired in the Conference Hall.

One disciple who wore a splendid robe on his body, and great pride on his face opened his mouth to say, ’’Everyone, pause your cultivation. Do you guys know what happened in the Qin Clan's great Hall?’’

As the disciples said this, he immediately attracted the attention of the people present, and some promptly asked, ’’Brother Qin Hai, what happened in the Qin Clan? Hurry up and tell me.’’

The other disciples were also waiting with curiosity filling their faces. Qin Hai, had awakened a fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, which is second only to Qin Changkong. Thus, it was common for him to receive news that the other disciples did not yet know.

As Qin Hai felt the crowd's gaze on himself, his complexion turned increasingly proud. He directly tossed out some awe inspiring information, ’’In this Clan Meeting, Big Brother Qin Changkong is going to impeach the Patriarch position of Qin Tian!’’

As he said this, the everyone's faces revealed great astonishment.

Qin Changkong is actually impeaching Qin Tian's position in the Clan? That is simply too amazing!

However, soon enough, the disciples regained their senses and their faces simultaneously revealed excitement. None of them seemed angry about this turn of events.

’’Hahaha, impeaching Qin Tian is only right. That fella actually gave five hundred Body Tempering Pills to his waste of a son.’’

’’That's right, why should a waste like Qin Nan enjoy the use of so many Elixirs?’’

’’For his waste of a son, he would actually dare to do something like this. He absolutely does not have the qualification to be the Patriarch anymore.’’

’’Haha, what Big Brother Qin Changkong is doing is only right.’’


All of the present disciples started condemning Qin Tian. They were extremely envious and jealous when Qin Tian transferred five hundred Body Tempering Pills to Qin Nan a while ago, however, they dared not hinder Qin Tian. Now, what Qin Changkong was doing made them feel extremely satisfied.

As Qin Hai sensed everyone's reaction to this, he felt exceedingly satisfied as he continued to shock them, ’’Qin Tian will definitely not maintain his current position. This is because Big Brother Qing Changkong has already been selected as a disciple for the Mystic Spirit Sect. In five days, the Mystic Spirit Sect comes to Linshui City, and will officially receive him.’’

In the next moment, everyone's emotions surged. Each and every one of the disciples eyes widened in shock. Qin Changkong has actually become one of the selected disciples for Mystic Spirit Sect? The present people fully understood what kind of existence the Mystic Spirit Sect maintained. This is because the Mystic Spirit Sect was their objective. Entering the Mystic Spirit Sect was their dream.

A moment later, these disciples eyes held a great reverence toward Qin Changkong. Qin Changkong was no longer an existence they could surpass. Qin Hai laughed. Suddenly, he thought of something that caused his face to show disdain;he carried a sense of mocking as he said, ’’When Qin Tian loses his position as the Clan Patriarch, then Qin Nan will be completely out of luck. Hahaha!’’

As he started to laugh, the other people followed suit, and began to laugh as well.

What does the current Qin Nan count as? He was just a trash that possessed a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. If it wasn't for Qin Nan being the number one genius of the Linshui City once upon a time, as well as being Qin Tian's son, then they wouldn't give him a single bit of attention.

However, at this moment, a sudden figure rushed into the Martial Training Grounds and shouted frantically, ’’There's... there's a been a big incident...’’

Everyone looked over to the figure at the same time, and Qin Hai was naturally one of them. With a clueless tone, Qin Hai asked, ’’What's wrong? Did they impeach Qin Tian's position? Hahaha! We knew of this matter ages ago!’’

Others started laughing once more. As the people who came over heard the laughing, they promptly gasped and held their breath until their faces turned red. Eventually they said, ’’The most recent news states, Qin Nan trespassed in the Hall of Conference. He had a fortuitous encounter in the Longhu Mountain Range, causing his cultivation to break through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm! Qin Nan and Qin Changkong had a fight to determine who was superior, and in just a single move Qin Nan defeated Qin Changkong, who was using the strongest move of his Martial Spirit!’’


As the disciples heard this, they felt as though their heads were exploding. A waste like Qin Nan had a fortuitous encounter and broke through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm? He only used a single move to defeat Qin Changkong when he was using his Martial Spirit's strongest move? How could a waste like Qin Nan be this frightening?

’’This.....this....’’ Qin Hai was shocked beyond belief. He could not utter a single word. He recalled his mocking from before, and began shivering.

Not only him, but the other disciples also began to shiver. So what if Qin Nan only possessed a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit? His cultivation had already reached the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm, and he only used a single move to defeat Qin Changkong who used his strongest move!

How are these people comparable to the current Qin Nan? They definitely did not have any qualifications!

While the disciples on the Martial Training Ground were surprised by the abrupt news, the incident at the Hall of Conference also quickly spread to the inner circle of Qin Clan, and to the Linshui City. This time, everyone was completely dumbfounded.

Qin Nan only used a single move to defeat Qin Changkong. This was actually the renowned waste, Qin Nan? However, most of these people quickly recovered their senses, and none of them put the matter in their own heart. After all, Qin Nan only possessed a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. His future achievements would definitely be exceedingly dull. This time, he might have had a fortuitous encounter, but will that happen the next time as well? Qin Changkong was a fifth-grade Huang ranked genius. Although Qin Changkong may have lost this time, his future would definitely be limitless and incomparable.


At this moment, within a luxurious court in Qin Clan.

’’I will kill him, I will definitely kill him!’’ Qin Changkong's eyes turned red, his killing aura overflowed, ’’That trash actually defeated me. How? How?!’’

Qin Tieba looked into Qin Changkong's eyes, and shook his head. However, his heart was also incomparably angry. That was because Qin Nan completely ruined his plan. Not only did Qin Tieba not take over the position as the Patriarch, his son, Qin Changkong, was also defeated;thus, leaving behind a traumatic experience that would affect his growth.

’’Calm down,’’ Qin Tieba said as he restrained his anger. He whispered, ’’Five days later, the Mystic Spirit Sect's Elder Bai Heng will come here. After Elder Bai Heng has officially taken you up as his disciple, we will finally be able to seek revenge for what happened today. We'll make Qin Nan and Qin Tian, the father and son, suffer.’’

’’Yes, once Elder Bai Heng is here, I'll definitely show them!’’ Qin Changkong revealed a gaze reminiscent of a hungry wolf.


Meanwhile, on the other side of Linshui City, within the Fang Clan, in a private room.

’’How long before Elder Bai Heng comes here?’’ asked a middle aged man. This man had a white tiger skin draped over himself, and his figure was lofty, emanating an indescribable pressure. He was the Patriarch of the Fang Clan, Fang Li.

’’He'll be here in three days,’’ the youth in front of Fang Li laughed, ’’Elder Bai Heng told Qin Clan that it'd be five days after. There's two days for us to take care of our matters.’’

A radiance flashed through Fang Li's eyes, ’’Good. I'd like to see just how Qin Clan is going to survive this time.’’

As the youth heard this, his brows slightly creased followed by saying, ’’Father, I don't understand what's the point of this plan. Just who are these Qin Clan people? The number one genius of Qin Clan, Qin Changkong, is trash in front of my eyes. There's no way I'd fear him.’’

The youth was the son of Fang Li, the brother of Fang Xue, Fang Rulong. Fang Li slightly shook his head before saying, ’’You don't understand. The disciples of Qin Clan, with a fifth-grade and fourth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, have potential. We want to completely clean out the entire Qin Clan and not leave anything behind.’’ Fang Rulong was expressionless. One could tell by the blood-thirsty intent exuding from his eyes that he didn't take the words Fang Li said to heart.

Fang Li suddenly remembered something and said, ’’I heard that Qin Nan defeated Qin Changkong?’’

As he heard this, Fang Rulong sneered in disdain without saying anything. It was very evident that Qin Nan did not have the qualifications for Fang Rulong to comment. The former number one genius, Qin Nan, was a formidable rival in Fang Rulong's heart. However, the current Qin Nan was only an ant in Fang Rulong's eyes. A trash;nothing that he would fear.

Fang Li also shook his head;it was as though he was rebuking himself for mentioning Qin Nan. He followed by asking, ’’Oh right, is there any news about your sister?’’

Fang Rulong shook his head and said nothing. His sister was not worthy of his caring.

Fang Li snorted in discontent, ’’This Fang Xue is getting crazier and crazier. Alright, you may leave now. Go and cultivate. If you're lacking anything, come and find me.’’


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