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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 168


Chapter 168: Chapter 168 - Arrival of the VIPs

Chapter 168 - Arrival of the VIPs

...Meanwhile, at the Disordered Flames Sect...

“What? Qin Nan defeated Young Master Wei Hao? And made history by reaching the fifth-layer?”

“F**k me, there’s actually someone capable of defeating Young Master Wei Hao. How talented is that person!”

“Damn it, this Qin Nan is crazy as f**k!”


...The Flying Sword Sect...

“The Mystic Spirit Sect has recruited such a powerful genius!”

“What powerful genius? Humph, he was just lucky.”

“Hehe, he dares to be smug with a mere tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit? Wait until Senior Brother finishes his practice in seclusion, he will definitely beat the shit out of him!”

“That’s right, trashy Mystic Spirit Sect, trashy Qin Nan!”


…The Qing Nu Sect...

“Wow, this Qin Nan is so formidable, crushing the rest of the participants and making history. He is definitely the ideal man I’ve dreamed of before.”

“Boo, boo, boo, Senior Brother Qin Nan is my lover in my dream. What does he have anything to do with you?”

“Tsk tsk, Senior Brother Qin Nan is so handsome. Only such a man is worthy of me.”

“Hehe, I think maybe we should let Senior Sister approach him and seduce Senior Brother Qin Nan, turning him into a disciple of the Qing Nu Sect, so he will share the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion with us. Hmm, this idea is not bad.”


Among the other three sects, both the inner disciples and outer disciples were incredibly shocked by the outcome of the Trial of Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

Even a few core disciples who were in seclusion heard about Qin Nan’s name.

The reason being that many of the disciples of the top four sects had entered the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. They understood the significance of entering the fourth and fifth layers of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

In comparison with the disciples, the authorities of the other three sects began to organize secret gatherings to come up with a plan based on the information they had received.

The secrets which Qin Nan obtained from the Martial Serendipity Pavilion might be something exceedingly overwhelming, which made the authorities of the other sects to be envious.

Apart from the other three sects, when the news was spread among the Mystic Spirit Sect, the entire sect was startled.

“F**k me, Qin Nan had concealed his Martial Spirit’s rank. The rank of his Martial Spirit is actually tenth-grade Huang ranked!”

“Ouch! How crazy is this Qin Nan? He managed to crush the geniuses of the other sects and retrieve the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion.”

“My god, didn’t you guys realize? Not only is Qin Nan the disciple of the great elder, he is also the disciple of another Martial Ancestor Realm expert!’

“Such background and talent. Is it possible that this Qin Nan might become a core disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect?”


The disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect relentlessly discussed Qin Nan’s achievements;the astonishment in their eyes showed no sign of vanishing.

The main reason being that in the Mystic Spirit Sect, Qin Nan had managed to accomplish shocking achievements such as coming first in the Trial of Versatility, achieving one thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, and coming first in the Trial of the Outer Domain Disciples, which ended up summoning the four Hall Leaders to punish the First Elder of the Outer Domain and the ones involved.

Together with his recent achievements at the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, the disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect began to hold a thick sense of respect toward Qin Nan.

Even inner disciples were included among them!

Meanwhile, Qin Nan, who had shocked the top four sects, was now standing in the pagoda beside the Skills Library, and the person in front of him was none other than Old Shan.

Old Shan collected his thoughts and gave Qin Nan a stern look, “It seems like I had underestimated your talent before. From today onward, I shall pay more attention to you…”

Qin Nan had made miracles to happen one after another. He could no longer see it as a luck, but real strength!

Qin Nan let out a laugh and brought his fists together, “It’s all possible with your help.”

“Hehe, you piece of shit. I didn’t even help much, but you managed to bring me a significant amount of surprises since our first encounter. For example, the recruitment of Princess Miao Miao to our sect was indeed a relief for our sect leader, as the Flying Sword Sect, the Disordered Flames Sect, and the Qing Nu Sect were being ‘restless’ recently…” After saying this, Old Shan smiled without continuing the topic, but asked, “By the way, where is Princess Miao Miao?”

“She went back to the residence, I’ve no idea what she’s up to.” Qin Nan shook his head.

Princess Miao Miao’s whereabouts were never his concern. Besides, the distance between the two was always limited to a hundred miles.

Old Shan nodded his head, “There must be a reason why you’re here right?”

Qin Nan was about to speak when a few forceful auras could be felt approaching the pagoda from the sky.

These people arriving were the Skills Library Leader, the Hall of Fame Leader, the Disciplinary Hall Leader, and the Treasure Vault Leader.

The instant the four Hall Leaders arrived, they immediately greeted Old Shan, before their gazes landed on Qin Nan’s figure, as their eyes were filled with astonishment, curiosity, and thoughtful expressions.

On the previous occasion where Qin Nan was being picked on by the Outer Disciples’ First Elder, the four Hall Leaders received the order from Old Shan to arrive at the scene personally and resolve the danger on Qin Nan’s behalf.

They did not see Qin Nan as someone worthy of their attention, but who could have thought that in just a month’s time, Qin Nan would have become a super genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and made history by completing all five-layers the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!

The Disciplinary Hall Leader said while exposing his teeth, “I did mention that you were no ordinary person, but I am still amazed at your achievements in such a short period of time.”

Qin Nan remained silent, with a firm look in his eyes.

The Disciplinary Hall Leader did not say such words previously. There was obviously something fishy behind the compliment he gave to Qin Nan.

As for the Hall Leader’s intention, Qin Nan had kind of anticipated it, and he already had a plan in mind.

Old Shan glanced at the Disciplinary Hall Leader, before he smilingly said, “There must be something important since you four are here. There’s no need to be fearful or wasting time spinning in roundabouts, go straight to the point.”

A hint of hesitation was displayed on the faces of the four Hall Leaders.

The Skills Library Leader was the one to speak this time, with a smile on his face, “Qin Nan, you still remember me right? Just like me, you are a natural born Martial Addict, so I’ll get straight to the point. The reason we are here is because you have visited every layer of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. You’re the only one to do so, so the sect has decided to greatly reward you. Besides…”

The Skills Library Leader halted for a moment, before he straightened his face and said, “The Sect Leader personally demanded that he wishes you to reveal the secrets you retrieved from the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. Of course, your great contribution to the sect will not be in vain.”

At that instant, the four Hall Leaders had their eyes fixed upon Qin Nan.

Without any hesitation, Qin Nan shook his head and said in a serious tone, “Four Hall Leaders, please tell the Sect Leader that I chose not to reveal the secrets, not because I was unwilling to do so, but because the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion are relevant to me on a personal scale. Besides, to be honest with you all, the secrets I obtained from the Martial Serendipity Pavilion are not about the ancient era. The sect would not get any benefits from them at all.”

The four Hall Leaders stiffened their faces, as their eyes filled with anger.

The secrets are relevant to him on a personal scale?

The secrets are not about the ancient era?

The sect would not receive any benefits from it?

These are bullshit;even the Trading Alliance is so interested in the secrets hidden inside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. How could they be ordinary?

“Qin Nan…” The Skills Library Leader intended to speak further.

“That’s it, that will be the end of our discussion. Please tell the Sect Leader that Qin Nan is a rare genius, and also my disciple. Please remind him not to bother Qin Nan further, and especially not to let the disciples down.” Old Shan interrupted her speech as his face turned cold. A faint aura was emitted, with a sense of imperiousness.

The expressions of the four Hall Leaders instantly changed.

There were sayings that the Great Elder and the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect were having some conflicts with each other. It now seemed like the rumors were quite accurate.

Countless thoughts flashed inside the four Hall Leaders’ minds. They were currently representing the Sect Leader in retrieving the secrets from Qin Nan. Should they continue to pursue the secrets with a firm attitude, or choose to side with the Great Elder?

“Old Shan, this…” The Skills Library Leader spoke once again, as if she had no intention of giving up.

“Leave now, see you!”

Old Shan remained expressionless as he uttered a shout with great authority.

The expression on the Skills Library Leader’s face changed rapidly, who acknowledged the order and left the place. The other three Hall Leaders pondered for a moment after seeing this, before letting out a sigh in their hearts and leaving too.

Qin Nan was relieved after seeing this, and his heart filled with gratitude toward Old Shan.

It seemed that if Old Shan had not interfered just then, the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect would not have given up so easily.

After the four Hall Leaders left the scene, Old Shan withdrew his aura and interrupted Qin Nan’s thoughts as he asked with a smile, “By the way, what are the secrets? Am I allowed to know?”

Qin Nan said with a straight face, “Old Shan, I’m sorry. The secrets are actually related to my personal interests…”

“Fine, you don’t need to say it if you don’t want to. I’ll not force you anyway.” Old Shan smilingly waved his hand. He did not take Qin Nan’s words seriously, but allowed them as an excuse.

Qin Nan could only let out a wry smile. Why does everyone think I’m lying when I’m telling the truth?

“Enough, go back and cultivate. You should work harder now that you are an inner disciple.” Old Shan paused for a brief moment before he said in a soft tone, “Senior Brother has been watching over you in the dark. I hope you won’t let him down.”

Qin Nan halted his breath as his thoughts were filled with memories of the mysterious black-robed man on the Island of Versatility. He was about to ask something, but swallowed all his words after seeing Old Shan’s expression, and firmly nodded his head.

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