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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 165


Chapter 165: Chapter 165 - Surrounded by the Crowd

Chapter 165 - Surrounded By The Crowd

The crowd swiftly collected their thoughts and stared at Qin Nan with a hint of hostility.

In contrast, Elder Fang Lin of the Flying Sword Sect and the elders of the Disordered Flames Sect and Qing Nu Sect glared at Qin Nan with murderous intent.

At that instant, the three elders moved rapidly, and began to surround the people of the Mystic Spirit Sect in the middle from three different directions.

A faint murderous intent could be felt at the peak of Autumn Mountain.

Zhang Taiyi’s expression instantly turned ice cold, “What is the meaning of this? Are you three sects planning to hurt Qin Nan here? I’m telling you, if you dare to hurt him, the wrath of two Martial Ancestor Realm experts would definitely fall upon you! Even though it might not be enough to destroy your entire sects, as mere elders, you all will definitely be abandoned by your sects and death will be your only ending!”

Zhang Taiyi immediately revealed Qin Nan’s background to hinder the three elders’ thoughts.

Fang Lin and the other two elders hesitated after hearing his words.

They did understand that if they were to harm Qin Nan right now, they would have to face the consequences of offending two Martial Ancestor Realm experts. Even the three sects combined would not dare to face the anger of two Martial Ancestor Realm experts and would definitely abandon them.

Even if the three of them did contribute a lot to the sects.

At the same time, the white-shirted lady inside the palanquin spoke in a gentle tone, “It is reasonable to share the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion with everyone here. Although we Trading Alliance are not willing to go against the Mystic Spirit Sect, if Brother Qin Nan insists on not telling us the secrets, then I’m afraid the Trading Alliance would have to interfere, too.”

Following her words, four of the Martial Emperor Realm experts at the front of the palanquin landed beside the three elders, surrounding the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Fang Lin and the other two elders ceased their hesitation and made up their minds after seeing this and a hint of joy appeared on their faces.

Now that the Trading Alliance was involved, even if they were to face the wrath of two Martial Ancestor Realm experts, they now have a chance of surviving.

Fang Lin brought his fists together and laughed, “My thanks to the Trading Alliance. I do agree that the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion should be shared with everyone!’

Zhang Taiyi’s expression instantly turned unpleasant.

He was not afraid to face the elders of the other three sects. However, since the Trading Alliance was now involved, too, the difficulty of the situation tremendously increased.

The crowd of rogue cultivators kept their mouths shut after seeing this. They did not dare to involve themselves in such a bizarre situation.

They did not leave the scene to see if Qin Nan would end up revealing the secrets due to the pressure from the three sects and the Trading Alliance.

Qin Nan remained calm as always, as if he was not aware of the situation before him.

No matter what happened, Qin Nan would never tell the crowd what he heard from the young man inside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. If he did, it would cause a great uproar and bring him countless troubles.

If the Potential Stone is real, that means Qin Nan’s future achievement would surpass the Martial God Realm!

What does surpassing the Martial God Realm mean?

Even if it was unbelievable, some among the crowd would believe it, and if they did believe it, they would try everything to kill Qin Nan.

Qin Nan would not try his luck with such a risk.

Qin Nan retrieved his thoughts and glanced at the three elders, before a smirk appeared on his face. He glanced toward the palanquin of the Trading Alliance, “Lady, do you really want to trouble me on behalf of the Trading Alliance? Although you have a Martial Ancestor Realm expert sitting inside the palanquin, it will end up a joke if that’s all you got!”

The crowd was astounded after hearing the words.

There is a Martial Ancestor Realm expert sitting inside the palanquin?

Most importantly, how did Qin Nan know there is a Martial Ancestor Realm expert in the palanquin?

Furthermore, from what Qin Nan just said, does he not care if he were to face a Martial Ancestor Realm expert?

In the palanquin of the Trading Alliance, the calm expression on the white-shirted lady’s face was replaced with astonishment.

The old lady sitting in front of the white-shirted lady twisted her face. How was Qin Nan, with a cultivation of mere half-Xiantian Realm, able to detect her presence of a Martial Ancestor Realm expert?

What was more unforgivable was that this Qin Nan dared to not treat the saintess of the Trading Alliance with respect?

The white-shirted lady quickly calmed herself down and spoke lightheartedly, “I didn’t expect Brother Qin Nan to be so informed. I’m even more curious about you now. Since you know what our trump card is, I am now interested to see your trump card.”

Following this, a cold humph was heard coming from the palanquin.

The voice was accompanied by a powerful force, which felt like a huge explosion in the ears of the crowd.

The crowd of rogue cultivators, and the elders of the top four sects were shocked.

There really is a Martial Ancestor Realm expert in the palanquin!

This caused everyone’s gaze to switch onto Qin Nan’s figure instinctively. If Qin Nan knew the trump card of the Trading Alliance all along, how would he resolve this danger before him?

Zhang Taiyi’s face turned incredibly dull at that instant;he had not thought that the Trading Alliance would bring a Martial Ancestor Realm expert with them.

“What should we do, do we really have no choice but to share the secrets of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion…” Zhang Taiyi tried his best to think of a plan but his heart was overcome with a sense of helplessness. Now that a Martial Ancestor Realm expert was involved, things were getting out of his hands.

However, on the verge of giving up, Zhang Taiyi’s eyes caught an attractive girl in a glance to his side and it instantly turned him energetic.

He had forgotten the most important thing. The Princess is here!

As the atmosphere of the scene intensified, an unpleasant voice was heard, “Hey Trading Alliance, what do you mean by this? Now that Qin Nan has come out from the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, aren’t you guys supposed to pay me now?!”

Everyone instinctively glanced toward the source of the voice and realized the one speaking to be Princess Miao Miao.

Once again, without doubt, the crowd was left in awe on the spot.

Although the rogue cultivators had no idea where this charming little girl came from, they could easily tell that she was no ordinary person, as she was able to bet millions of Martial Emperor Pills without hesitation.

However, despite her formidable background, what difference would it make now that there was a Martial Ancestor Realm expert at the scene?

The white-shirted lady of the Trading Alliance did not expect Princess Miao Miao to suddenly mention this. However, she still spoke in a calm tone, “Princess, the Trading Alliance will definitely pay you after settling the troubles with Qin Nan. I hope you understand.”

Out of everyone’s expectation, Princess Miao Miao rolled her eyes and said in an unpleasant tone, “No way, hand over the pills now! Besides, not only are you guys are trying to delay the payment, you also plan to hurt my servant. Do you have any respect for the Princess?”

Princess Miao Miao’s tone turned heavier toward the end of the sentence with a hint of interrogation.

The crowd was even more startled. Based on what they were seeing, did the little girl, self-proclaimed to be the Princess, imply to protect Qin Nan and go against the Trading Alliance?

The white-shirted lady inside the palanquin halted her breath, before saying, “If that’s the case, pardon me for my misbehaving. I hope the Princess will understand.”


Following this, a huge explosion was heard from the sky, as a figure flew from the palanquin into the air, emitting a terrifying pressure toward the entire place.

The figure belonged to the Martial Ancestor Realm expert of the Trading Alliance!

The crowd’s expression changed greatly, as their faces began to turn red and their breaths intensified. Those with lower cultivation bases even had blood dripping from their lips, as their legs began to tremble.

Under the suppression of a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, even a Martial Emperor Realm cultivator would feel like an ant!

“How dare you unleash your aura in front of the Princess?! I assume you are tired of living!’

Princess Miao Miao’s face turned mad, as she stomped her foot on the ground. A terrifying aura was fired from her body into the air.

At that instant, everyone was dumbfounded.

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