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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 161


Chapter 161

Chapter 161 - I've Been Waiting for This All Along

Meanwhile, at the peak of Autumn Mountain.

The crowd of rogue cultivations stared nervously at the Martial Mirror, while discussing among themselves.

’’Look, Huang Que has surpassed Wei Hao. The amount of Qi he absorbed is greater than Wei Hao's!’’

’’Oh shit, damn it. Huang Que has been surpassed!’’

’’HAHAHA, I just bet a total of thirty thousand Xiantian Pills on Wei Hao. Those are all my possessions!’’


Everyone including the rogue cultivations and the elders of the top four sects had their gazes fixed upon Huang Que and Wei Hao at this moment.

It seemed like the third round was specifically designed for these two.

Not only was Qin Nan being ignored by the participants, the crowd had also forgotten his presence.

Meanwhile, on the third-layer of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, Qin Nan who had remained quiet for the whole period exhaled deeply, before he started to approach the last futon inside the cave slowly with a calm expression.

His sudden movement immediately caught Wei Hao and Huang Que's attention, who both slowed down their cultivation pace.

’’HAHAHA.’’ Huang Que was first to burst out laughing, as he began to mock him, ’’Qin Nan, what's wrong? Are you trying to join the competition? Maybe you should take a rest, as your eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit won't even stand a chance. You won't even absorb any Qi inside this cave!’’

Wei Hao said with a smirk, too, ’’Huang Que, what's wrong with you? Everyone can participate in the trial, including Qin Nan! However, just a piece of advice, with the presence of our two tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits, your eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit would be suppressed!’’

After saying this, Wei Hao and Huang Que exchanged glances with one another, before they both commanded their Martial Spirit to apply pressure onto Qin Nan.

At that instant, upon receiving the pressure from two tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits, Qin Nan's footsteps came to a halt and he could not proceed any further.

As the examiner of the third round, the old lady glanced at Qin Nan thoughtfully and said with a disdainful tone, ’’I heard that you have achieved remarkable results in the first two rounds. However, in this round, you don't even have the right of joining the competition with your eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Although I don't have the right to force you out due to the rules, in my opinion, there's no need for you to compete!’’

Not only did Wei Hao and Huang Que continue to mock Qin Nan, even the examiner of the third round tried to convince him to give up.

At that instant, the silent Qin Nan suddenly smiled which then turned into a reckless laugh, ’’HAHAHA, interesting, this is interesting. In my journey here, I've met many people, and they all did the same thing, which was to mock my Martial Spirit. Not only that, they all tried to pick on me and cause me trouble, with no intention to treat me seriously!’’

The old lady, Wei Hao, and Huang Que were shocked. They did not expect Qin Nan to say these words at that instant.

Even the crowd at the peak of Autumn Mountain were stunned after hearing his words.

Following this, Qin Nan withdrew the smile from his face and glanced at the old lady with a serious expression, ’’Elder, I've got a question for you. Is it true that those with a lower ranked Martial Spirit will get mocked and laughed at all the time?’’

Everyone was startled once again.

What kind of question is this?

Is there a need to ask such an obvious question?

On the Canglan Continent, it was common for those with lower ranked Martial Spirits to get mocked and laughed at, while those with higher ranked Martial Spirits would be respected and fawned upon.

The old lady collected her thoughts and said with a hollow laugh, ’’Even a three-year-old is able to answer this question, what's the point of asking me? Let me be honest with you. With your eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, you are deemed to be trash a waste. There is no respect for you in this world.’’

’’I see.’’

Qin Nan's reaction was beyond everyone's expectations. His expression remained calm, with no sign of his emotions being affected.

They could only see Qin Nan's figure steadily moving forward one step at a time under the pressure of the two tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits, with no sign of backing down, while saying with a loud voice, which felt like an explosion, ’’In this world, those with lower ranked Martial Spirits would be mocked and bullied indeed. I have learned the reality of this world a long time ago. However, I still have doubt in my mind.’’

’’Why would you guys mock me and pick on me?’’

’’Although my talent is not considered the strongest, it is still outstanding among the people here. If so, why do you still mock me, pick on me, and bully me?’’


After hearing the words, the crowd was instantly stunned.

What does he mean by that?

Do you, Qin Nan, really think that you are considered talented with your eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit?

Qin Nan ignored the crowd's reaction as he continued to proceed forward with firm steps, and continued to say, ’’However, I've managed to learn the truth, that is that you are all too stupid. Why so? It's because you all have underestimated me and have no idea what my real strength is. Therefore, you dare to mock me, to laugh at me, and treat me indifferently.’’

Everyone including the geniuses in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the rogue cultivators at the peak of Autumn Mountain was utterly stupefied.

They could easily tell that Qin Nan was describing them as idiots who could not sense his potential!

At that instant, almost everyone was filled with a great sense of anger.

We underestimated you?

We are too stupid?

You are f**king trash and you are blaming it on us?

However, among the crowd, Princess Miao Miao was the only one to stare at Qin Nan with glistening eyes.

Qin Nan did not realize that his words had caused the crowd to become exceedingly mad. He continued his movement, ignoring the pressure from the two Martial Spirits, and sat down cross-legged on the futon.

At that instant, Qin Nan glanced at Huang Que and Wei Hao, then at the old lady, before he burst out laughing.

’’HAHAHA, you guys probably had no idea that I've been waiting for this round all along?’’

’’Why would I say so?’’

’’That's because, I want to present my real strength at a grand occasion in front of the crowd, so there's no need to conceal my strength anymore. I want to teach you how hilarious your acts of mocking me, scolding me, and looking down on me are!’’

Qin Nan felt pleasant after unleashing the words within him.

The main reason was that he initially tried to remain low-key by keeping the grade of his Martial Spirit a secret. However, he did not expect that his intention of trying to be low-key had brought him more enemies and mockery.

Today, he finally exploded.

At that moment, Qin Nan's aura changed rapidly, like an unstoppable godly sword had been drawn out from its sheath.

’’Today, I'll show you all that I'm the real genius in this trial. I'm the real dominator!’’

Qin Nan uttered a loud roar. Following it, ten golden rays appeared instantly behind him, together with the blurry silhouette of the divine Battle Spirit, as if it had just been awakened from the ancient era. It stood firmly in the air and glanced down at the Earth.

At that instant, everyone was astounded!

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