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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 160


Chapter 160

Chapter 160 - The Battle Between Two Martial Spirits

...Meanwhile, on the third-layer of Martial Serendipity Pavilion...

The old lady who was the examiner of the third round frowned after seeing the crowd failed to react, and said in an unpleasant tone, ’’What's wrong? Is it that hard to understand such simple rules?’’

The words dragged the crowd back to reality, with different expressions on their faces.

Instead of being confused by the trial, they were stunned after knowing the content of the trial.

So the third round of the trial is a competition of the ranks of Martial Spirits?

At that instant, Wei Hao, Huang Que, Wang Ruoling, and Huang Long all glanced toward Qin Nan.

Huang Que, who was outmatched by Qin Nan in the second round, burst out laughing instantly, as if he could finally release all the pressure and shame in his heart at once, ’’HAHAHA, Qin Nan, I bet you did not expect this? The third round of the trial focuses on the rank of Martial Spirits! Even if you possessed an outstanding strength and comprehension, does it matter now? You are doomed to come last in this round;there's no chance of winning for you!’’

Huang Que was exceedingly confident in his words, not a slight doubt could be seen.

This was because Qin Nan's Martial Spirit was only eighth-grade Huang ranked, the lowest among all the remaining participants!

Therefore, Huang Que now dared to fearlessly mock Qin Nan.

The rank of Martial Spirit was fixed since the awakening, impossible to be changed. Even if Qin Nan managed to pull off a series of miracles, there was no way he could change the rank of his Martial Spirit.

A smile appeared on Wei Hao's face, who said with a smirk, ’’Tsk, tsk, such a pity. If the third trial were a different test, you might have a chance of winning. But it seems like you won't stand a chance this time!’’

Wei Hao was incredibly grumpy after coming second in the first round and third in the second round.

Therefore, this time, he finally had the chance to look down upon Qin Nan, without the need to worry that Qin Nan was able to turn the tables around!

Wang Ruoling who shared a terrible relationship with Qin Nan since the beginning would not miss the chance to mock him too, as she glared at him with a smug look on her face.

Among the five participants, only Huang Loung let out a deep sigh.

Qin Nan had managed to make two miracles happen in a row, if he ended up passing the third round, he would have the chance of entering the fourth-layer, which no one had entered before.

It was only a step away, but ended up being a misfortune for Qin Nan to encounter this trial.

’’If only Qin Nan's Martial Spirit were tenth-grade Huang ranked instead of eighth-grade Huang ranked, no one here would stand a chance against him...’’ Huang Long sighed deeply again. In his heart, without taking Martial Spirit into consideration, Qin Nan was almost an undefeatable presence.

But reality remained reality, and it was incredibly cruel at times.

Despite that, facing the sarcastic comments from the crowd, Qin Nan was exceedingly calm, with no sign of his emotions being affected.

Meanwhile, the old lady could not wait any longer, as she said in an impatient tone, ’’If you guys don't start the trial at once and continue to waste my time, I'll stop the trial right here and mark each of your results to be a fail!’’

Wei Hao and Huang Que, who planned to continue their act, shut their mouths immediately after hearing this.

’’I'll go first!’’

Huang Long did not hesitate any longer, as he uttered a yell and his figure landed on the futon inside the cave.

Following this, nine golden rays could be seen emitting from his back, with a floating Blood Sword, which produced a strong absorption force attracting the Qi inside the cave.

The Qi being absorbed at that instant solidified and transformed into a dragon advancing toward him at a great speed.

’’An impressive cultivation speed, but you can't defeat me with that!’’

Wang Ruoling's eyes flickered. She clearly knew that she was mismatched against Huang Que and Wei Hao, hence she decided to act first and her figure landed on another futon. Nine golden rays were emitted from her back too, together with a crystal-like Chinese zither.

Following the music played by the Chinese zither, not only was the Qi being absorbed rapidly, a seducing force was emitted too, which encapsulated Huang Long's figure.

Although physical force was forbidden in the trial, the abilities of their Martial Spirits were not restricted.

At that instant, Huang Long's body shuddered violently, as his face began to switch between a painful and a happy expression, causing his cultivation speed to reduce rapidly.

’’Nice, not bad;the Chinese Zither Martial Spirit has the ability to seduce its enemies through its music;an impressive ability it has.’’ Huang Que gave his compliment while glancing at Qin Nan intentionally and saying, ’’However, as a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, it stands no chance against my Martial Spirit!’’

Huang Que uttered a loud roar as he landed on a futon, with golden rays emitting from his back. The Fragmented Sword which was formed through the death of a Martial Ancestor Realm expert suddenly emitted a terrifying absorption force.

The Qi inside the cave began to vibrate vigorously, which transformed into dragons and phoenixes and danced wildly with each other, before rushing into his body.

The difference between a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was immediately displayed. Huang Long and Wang Ruoling's speed of cultivation was around three times slower, which only ended up drawing a small fraction of the Qi inside the cave.

The reason being that the amount of Qi inside the cave was limited, and most of the Qi was being absorbed toward Huang Que's direction.

’’Huang Que, don't think that you're the only one with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. In my opinion, your Martial Spirit is not worth mentioning at all!’’ Wei Hao smirked as he stomped his foot on the ground, and landed on a futon.

Following this, ten golden rays appeared behind him, together with a bursting purple flame which caused the surrounding temperature to increase rapidly.

This was Wei Hao's Martial Spirit, a flame in the shape of a flower. It was no ordinary flame, but had the name 'Purple Heart Flame.’’

This flame could even burn Martial Ancestor Realm experts into ashes when its full potential was reached.

’’The presence of my Purple Heart Flame Martial Spirit can force any Martial Spirit to back down, it is unmatched!’’

Wei Hao let out a roar, as the Purple Heart Flame Martial Spirit emitted an incredible absorption force, sweeping most of the Qi inside the cave.

At that instant, two tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits were unleashed, absorbing the Qi inside the cave at a terrifying pace.

On the other hand, Wang Ruoling and Huang Long felt like their Martial Spirits were being utterly suppressed under the presence of two tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits;they could only cultivate at a slow pace.

A hint of struggle could be seen on Wang Ruoling and Huang Long's faces. It seemed like they both had surely lost the chance of coming first in the third round.

’’Wei Hao, your Purple Heart Flame Martial Spirit is quite impressive indeed. Let's see whose Martial Spirit is stronger!’’ Huang Que let out a huge roar. His only focus now was to compete with his worthy opponent, Wei Hao.

A thick sense of battle intent could be seen in Wei Hao's eyes too, as if he too wanted to find out who was stronger between them, and was fully immersed in the battle of cultivation between the two.

On the other hand, Qin Nan was like an outsider, being completely ignored since the start of the round!

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