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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 16


Chapter 16 - The Defeated Genius

Qin Changkong was dumbfounded. He never expected the unremarkable Saber in Qin Nan's hands to actually emanate such a frightening power. At this point, he no longer had any room for regret.

Beneath the eyes of the people present, a sharp saber light heavily struck the top of the immense White Tiger's head. The mighty and tyrannical White Tiger was forcibly shredded into pieces in an instant.


Qin Changkong gave out a miserable shriek as his body was severed like the string on a kite. He was struck, flying straight into the wall. The result of this match was decided in just a single move.

The entire Conference Hall sunk into a deadly silence, and the crowd widened their eyes. The scene just a moment ago felt like a dream;they were simply unable to come back to their senses.

Qin Changkong actually lost? The number one genius of Qin Clan had actually lost?

Qin Changkong, possessing a fifth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, was actually unable to win against Qin Nan, who didn't even use his Martial Spirit?

’’ is this possible?’’

’’Nan'er, you...’’ Being the number one expert of Qin Clan, Qin Tian was the first to come back to his senses;his face revealed an astonishment and delight, ’’Your Saber Art... Is that the middle-class Martial Skill, Thundercrash Sword Art? Hahaha! that's definitely my son. You have actually polished your Saber Art to this degree. Although it's not quite at the true 'One with the Saber' level, it has already touched upon the entrance of it.

Qin Tian brushed off his previous attitude;his complexion was very florid. However, his words were like a sudden clap of thunder, once more being thrown into the Conference Hall and causing those present to be overwhelmed with shock. Qin Nan had actually used a middle-class Martial Skill!

He used a middle-class Martial Skill, and knocked on the doors to the 'One with the Saber' stage. Not only that, but he had defeated Qin Changkong, who used a high-class Martial Skill and also possessed a fifth grade Martial Spirit! In this moment, the present attendees and Elders felt a painful scorching heat on their faces.

They mocked Qin Nan's Martial Spirit grade, claimed his cultivation was trash, but then they were slapped in the face by Qin Nan's fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm. However, just now, they ridiculed Qin Nan once more for accepting the duel request from Qin Changkong, assuming he was bringing about his own defeat, but once again, they were caught off guard by Qin Nan's shocking abilities. This caused the crowd to consider Qin Nan's past achievements.

So what if it was only a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit?

A genius is a genius, it's impossible to suppress one's genius.

In the next moment, they looked directly at Qin Nan. Their eyes were no longer shuttered with disdain. Although a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit is not destined to have any prospects in the future, and it's simply incomparable with Qin Changkong, the current Qin Nan emerged victorious. No matter what happened, he was the one who had claimed victory;thus, one could only respect him.

’’You.... you..... You...’’ Qin Tieba stretched his hands out and pointed at Qin Nan with trembling fingers. He continuously repeated ’’you’’ ten more times before a 'Pu' sound was heard. He was so angry that he started to cough blood.

Originally, the matter of Qin Tian being replaced by Qin Tieba was already concluded, however, who would've thought that Qin Nan would interrupt. How could Qin Tieba not be angry? However, no matter how angry he became, he could only hold it within his heart. This caused internal injuries to occur within him.

’’Impossible! How is this possible?’’ a sharp voice resounded. Qin Changkong stood up with his face filled with rage as he frantically shouted, ’’How could a waste like you defeat me? I am the genius, you are only a waste!’’ At this moment, Qin Changkong had finally gone crazy, as he talked without reason.

How could Qin Changkong not go crazy after being defeated by an insignificant waste who possessed a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit? Additionally, he didn't even use his Martial Spirit, whereas, Qin Changkong himself had used a high-class Martial Skill and his full strength.

I, Qin Changkong should be the number one genius in Qin Clan!

Qin Nan's face was expressionless. If one were to carefully look at him, one would notice a layer of meticulous cold sweat. As Qin Tian stated before, Qin Nan had only touched upon the entrance of 'One with the Saber Realm'. The breath-taking chop that he used just now had already exceeded his physical capabilities.

’’Say something!’’ Qin Changkong continued to shriek, ’’You trash, say something!....’’

Although Qin Nan's strength was exhausted, his eyes still remained the same as before;emanating a cold aura. ’’Qin Changkong, don't think your fifth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit is impressive. Let me tell you, there are People beyond People, and Heavens beyond Heavens. Thus, you shouldn't be overestimating yourself. Seeing how you are a disciple of the Qin Clan, I'll give you a word of advice... Today, you are not a match for me, and neither will you be in the future. Thus, don't look down on people with your dog-like eyes.’’

’’You....’’ Qin Changkong got so mad that his body began to tremble, his face turned purple, yet unexpectedly, he was unable to retort.

The present attendees felt their faces scorch once more. It was as if the words Qin Nan said were directed toward them as well.

’’Qin Nan, I will definitely not forget about this. Once a trash, always a trash. Today, you may have defeated me, but so what? In the future, I will be the disciple of Mystic Spirit Sect, whereas you will be nothing. Father, let us leave!’’ as Qing Changkong got to this point, he felt the chill in Qin Nan's eyes. His heart suddenly shivered, and he no longer dared to say anything else as he dragged Qin Tieba to leave.

If they were to stay any longer, then it'd be bringing more disgrace on themselves. As the father and son left, the Conference Hall's atmosphere once again froze. At first, there were some attendees who wanted to seize that opportunity and slip away. After feeling Qin Nan's gaze on themselves, they could only endure it and stay.

In actuality, they had no need to dread Qin Nan at all. That was because Qin Nan's cultivation was definitely not a match for them. Furthermore, Qin Nan's current strength was only temporarily stronger. At the end of the day, his Martial Spirit was only of a first-grade Huang rank It was simply not on par with Qin Changkong. However, because Qin Nan won over the Qin Changkong who stood at the peak in their heart, this caused their instinct to instigate fear.

’’I would like to ask if the present people are still planning on impeaching my father? Is it still wrong if my dad gives me five hundred Body Tempering Pills?’’ Qin Nan asked indifferently.

As he asked this, the present attendees heads felt like rattle drums, ’’How is that possible? Patriarch Qin Tian is just assisting the genius of the Clan... How is that wrong?’’

’’In my opinion, giving five hundred Body Tempering Pills is still not enough, there should be a bit more.’’

’’That's right! Young Lord Qin Nan, you are the genius of our Qin Clan. Spending a few Body Tempering Pills on you is not a problem.’’

’’The Patriarch position of our Qin Clan can only be claimed by Patriarch Qin Tian!


These attendees completely changed their attitude, filling it with flattery and sweet talk. Now that Qin Changkong and Qin Tieba were gone, they wouldn't dare to impeach Qin Tian's position in the clan. Qin Changkong would become a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect, however, they wouldn't. If they were to continue impeaching at this point, then who knows what would happen if Qin Tian made his move.

Qin Tian looked down at the others Within his eyes there was a trace of sorrow, as well as a bit of indifference. After going through this, Qin Tian was very clear on one thing. This crowd of people from the Qin Clan were just like the tall grass... Wherever it was more beneficial, they learned that direction. They had no loyalty whatsoever. In that instant, Qin Tian suddenly felt a bit dull.

’’Nan'er, alright, let us leave,’’ Qin Tian waved his hands and looked at Qin Nan with pride filling his gaze.

’’Father, wait a moment. I still have a few things to say to the present attendees.’’ Qin Nan's gaze was tranquil as he looked toward the present people. The people were slightly startled, followed by them appearing to listen attentively.

’’You are the attendees of the Qin Clan, and accordingly, you are also my seniors,’’ Qin Nan said without emotions, ’’However, after the matter that happened today, you are no longer seniors in my eyes.’’

The first words that came out of his mouth caused most of those present to have a great change to their faces. Qin Nan didn't seem to care about this. Instead, his tone was increasingly sharp, ’’In my eyes, you are just like a tall grass, going along with the flow of those with power. The stronger one side is, the more you lean toward it. You impeached my father's position as Patriarch while repeatedly saying it was because of my father giving me, a waste of a son, five hundred Body Tempering Pills carelessly.’’

’’However, what about the facts?’’

’’Who was the reason behind the development of the Qin Clan? My father! If we exclude the contribution my father has made, then we can still count the immense work he put behind it. So what if he gave five hundred Body Tempering Pills to his son? What's more is that he even used his own salary to compensate for this action.’’

’’Could it be that you people believe that the Patriarch shouldn't carry any personal feelings whatsoever?’’

As Qin Nan said this, a wrath began to surge within his eyes, ’’However, your attitudes have severely disappointed me None of you seem to realize my father's effort, and none of you seem to understand the responsibility of a father. All you see is the matter of Qin Changkong being selected as a disciple for the Mystic Spirit Sect!’’

Each and every word carried Qin Nan's immense anger. This was the reason as to why Qin Nan decided to stomp down the gates this time. The sacrifices Qin Tian had made for the Qin Clan was boundless. However, the result of that was a group of people attacking him. This kind of action really made people bitter.

’’This is all I want to say: whatever you choose when the times comes is up to you. I know that Qin Tieba will definitely not leave this matter as it stands, and neither will Qin Changkong. However, I have one more warning for you. After you've made your decision, you better not regret it.’’

After he finished, Qin Nan's complexion turned tranquil once again, no longer paying any attention to the gazes of the attendees. Together with Qin Tian, he walked out of the Conference Hall.

The people within the Hall came back to their senses and looked at each other in dismay.

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