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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 157


Chapter 157

Chapter 157 - Fragmented Sword Martial Spirit

An uproar arose among the crowd at the peak of Autumn Mountain.

’’Five thousand one hundred! Wei Hao is indeed himself, to be able to achieve such a result!'

’’Hehe, most importantly, Wei Hao didn't even unleash his Martial Spirit. With his strongest attack together with his Martial Spirit, the number would be greater.’’


Despite the astonishment, many began to shake their heads.

Wei Hao is indeed powerful, but this round focuses on pure strength.

Huang Que and Qin Nan were both Atavistic Cultivators. Although their cultivation bases were still at the half-Xiantian Realm, their strengths were equivalent to the first-layer Xiantian Realm, or even the second-layer Xiantian Realm.

As a result, Wei Hao was definitely mismatched against them.

In the second-layer of Martial Serendipity Pavilion, Wei Hao slightly raised his head after seeing his result, with no sign of disappointment, ’’This result is still acceptable.’’

After saying this, he turned around and returned to his position.

The grim man glanced at the remaining participants, before saying in a harsh tone, ’’Stop wasting my time, hurry up and finish your tests!’’

’’My turn!’’

Following a shout, Huang Que proceeded forward with a confident smile on his face.

His entry immediately attracted the attention of the participants, as well as the crowd at the peak of Autumn Mountain.

They were curious to know what Huang Que's result would be as he was an Atavistic Cultivator who possessed a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit!

’’Martial Spirit unleashed!’’

Huang Que's eyes turned sharp following the shout, as ten golden rays appeared behind him.

Among the ten golden rays, an ancient fragmented sword slowly took shape, while emitting the incredible pressure of a terrifying Sword Intent.

The sight of it caused many of the geniuses to be shocked.

’’Tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit;it's a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. Such a terrifying pressure!’’

’’It seems like you guys have no idea at all. Huang Que's Martial Spirit is known as the Fragmented Sword Martial Spirit. Rumors say that this fragmented sword originated from the death of a Martial Ancestor Realm expert.’’

’’What? A Martial Ancestor Realm expert turned into a fragmented sword, and became his Martial Spirit?’’


The geniuses in the second-layer of Martial Serendipity Pavilion were instantly stupefied, as they glanced toward Huang Que, their eyes filled with envy and respect.

Even Qin Nan's eyes showed a hint of astonishment after hearing the words.

In the Canglan Continent, there were a variety of types of Martial Spirit;so one of them was formed when an expert passed away in unique circumstances, and then eventually transformed into a Martial Spirit!

This Martial Spirit formed by an expert had great benefits, which was granting its owner the experience of cultivation of the expert.

For example, it might take Wei Hao ten years to reach the Martial Ancestor Realm, but it would only take Huang Que eight years.

The confidence on Huang Que's face grew stronger after the Martial Spirit was unleashed, as he let out a cry, ’’The sword is in my hand, I'm one with the sword!’’

Huang Que extended his hand and grabbed the Fragmented Sword in his hand, before unleashing his Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon, gathering a powerful Sword Intent rapidly.

’’Sword Intent of the Four Seasons, controlled by my will!’’

Huang Que stomped his foot and immediately performed a powerful Saber Art, which felt like the arrival of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter four seasons controlled by his will at the same time.

At last, Huang Que made his move.

The Spiritual Qi inside his body which was equivalent to second-layer Xiantian Realm began to burn intensely, which combined with the terrifying Four Seasons Sword Intent into an attack and landed on the boulder.

The heavy boulder finally budged after receiving the attack, before a bright golden number was displayed.

Eight thousand nine hundred!

At that moment, the geniuses in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the rogue cultivators at the peak of Autumn Mountain were dumbstruck.

’’Wow, a strength of eight thousand nine hundred. That's three thousand stronger than Wei Hao's attack!’’

’’As expected of Huang Que, such power. He is sure to win the second round of the trial!’’


Everyone's blood started to boil, who could not help but chat with one another.

Even the grim man in charge of the second round slightly raised his head and said, ’’Eight thousand nine hundred, quite a strong force you got there, giving you a chance in the battle against ordinary fourth-layer Xiantian Realm opponents. Well, since you're done with your test, please return to your position!’’

’’Thank you, elder!’’

Huang Que bowed to the grim man respectfully, before he turned around and backed down, with a pride-filled face.

Before the Martial Serendipity Pavilion took place, he took the path of Atavistic Cultivation just so he could suppress Wei Hao with his strength. It seemed like he had made the right choice. He would surely win the second round of the trial by the looks of it.

Huang Que's movement came to a halt all of a sudden, and he glanced at Qin Nan with a scornful look, ’’Qin Nan, if I am not mistaken, you are an Atavistic Cultivator too, right? If that's the case, I shall see who's stronger between the two of us.’’

Huang Que paused for a second before saying, ’’Well, either way, I'm sure to win this round!’’

The words were said in an exceedingly confident and smug tone.

However, no one among the participants, nor the people at the peak of Autumn Mountain, disagreed with his words.

The fact that Huang Que was an Atavistic Cultivator and a super-genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was a guarantee that Qin Nan would never be matched against him.

’’You sure? Being so full of yourself with just a strength of eight thousand nine hundred?’’ Qin Nan showed no mercy and snapped, ’’In my opinion, achieving such a result with your cultivation is a total embarrassment, but you still feel proud of yourself?’’

’’You ’’

Huang Que's face stiffened;he had no idea why Qin Nan would say this.

The words struck the geniuses and the crowd at the peak of Autumn Mountain, leaving a blank expression on each of their faces.

They did not expect Qin Nan to burst out rebuking Huang Que with harsher words.

Eight thousand nine hundred is still considered weak?

Does Qin Nan think he could achieve a strength of over nine thousand?

Huang Que collected his thoughts and burst out laughing furiously, ’’Eight thousand nine hundred is a total embarrassment? Why don't you look at yourself? If you weren't an Atavistic Cultivator, you won't even stand a chance of beating my result, what are you being smug about...’’

Before Huang Que could finish speaking, Qin Nan suddenly executed his attack.

Everyone was surprised, no one expected Qin Nan to suddenly attack.

With a stomp, an aura equivalent to the first-layer Xiantian Realm burst out from his body, together with the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm;he had shown his strongest state in just a short period of time.

’’Huang Que, open up your dog eyes and see carefully, I won't even need my Martial Spirit to defeat you!’’

Qin Nan's eyes flashed like a lightning, and roared like thunder, and he pointed his finger at the boulder!

The finger was none other than the Heavenly Accumulating Strike.

However, the Heavenly Accumulating Strike this time only involved Qin Nan's Saber Intent and cultivation;unlike last time, he did not combine the strength of his spirit and his soul.

Even so, with the accumulation of the Saber Intent of the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm, and the Qi equivalent to the first-layer Xiantian Realm, the power of the Heavenly Accumulating Strike grew exceedingly stronger.

’’Is this...’’ The grim man who remained expressionless throughout the whole round stared astonishedly at Qin Nan's action.

Following this, the Heavenly Accumulating Strike exploded, striking at the boulder!

The heavy boulder vibrated vigorously at that instant, before a blinding red light could be seen.

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