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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 156


Chapter 156 - The Princess Loves To Bet

No one among Qin Nan, Wei Hao, and the rest dared to speak.

The main reason for this being that they had only arrived at the second-layer, with no chance of familiarising themselves with the scene. Not to mention that the grim man was quick in his ways, leaving the crowd no time to react;hence, no one volunteered.

The grim man halted for around two breaths' time, before he pointed at one of the participants and demanded, ’’You first!’’

The one being selected was stunned for a moment before he stood forward unwillingly.

Not only could the crowd in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion not react in time, the rogue cultivators and elders at the peak of Autumn Mountain were still lost in their thoughts.

It was not until the scene of the grim man pointing at the participant to be the first one to take the trial, that the crowd finally recovered from their shock.

The white-shirt lady in the Trading Aliiance's palanquin began to speak, ’’The second round of the trial starts now. As the round took us by surprise, the rules of the bet have changed. The odds for betting on Qin Nan are one to two, the odds for betting on Huang Que are one to one, and the odds for betting on Wei Hao are one to three...’’

Following the words of the white-shirt lady, a huge chatter immediately exploded among the crowd.

’’Tsk, tsk, the odds for betting on Qin Nan were increased so rapidly!’’

’’That's for sure. She did mention that Qin Nan was an Atavistic Cultivator. The second round emphasizes one's strength, even Wei Hao would be outmatched by him.’’

’’HAHA, I'm going to bet on Qin Nan in the second round.’’


The crowd of rogue cultivators placed their bets swiftly;even the elders of the top four sects did so too.

This time, Zhang Taiyi was straightforward on betting five thousand Martial Emperor Pills on Qin Nan. This was because he was familiar with Qin Nan's strength.

Even if Qin Nan failed to come first in the second round, Zhang Taiyi would not feel any pain on losing the bet, as he had already won five thousand Martial Emperor Pills in the first round.

’’Qin Nan will surely pass this round, and if he manages to pass the third round, Qin Nan would have the chance of entering the mysterious fourth-layer...’’ Zhang Taiyi's eyes flickered continuously. His confidence in Qin Nan grew all of a sudden.

At that instant, a pleasant-sounding voice could be heard coming out of nowhere, ’’I, the Princess, bet one million Martial Emperor Pills on Qin Nan!’’

The peak of Autumn Mountain fell into a dead silence.

The rogue cultivators and the elders had their eyes open wide, and they turned their heads toward the source of the voice.

They could only see a charming little girl, whose tender little hand continuously reached into her storage bag and took out crystals like they were pills, and one at a time and put them into her chewing mouth, which emitted a crunching noise as if it was incredibly delicious.

Everyone was dumbstruck at the sight.

Who exactly is this charming little girl, to bet one million Martial Emperor Pills in one go?

If Qin Nan were to be here, he would easily be able to tell that this little girl was none other than Princess Miao Miao.

Zhang Taiyi was shocked to see Princess Miao Miao. Although he had not been fearful toward Princess Miao Miao initially, the terrifying battle which took place a few days ago at the peak of Autumn Mountain completely changed his mind. His heart still skipped a beat when he recollected the sight of the battle, as he immediately stepped forward and said, ’’Princess, you're here...’’

Before Zhang Taiyi could finish, he saw Princess Miao Miao glaring at him, before she glanced at the palanquin and said in an unpleasant tone, ’’What? Am I not allowed to bet? Or is the Trading Alliance looking down upon me?’’

The crowd inhaled deeply after hearing the words.

Who exactly is this little girl, who dares to speak to the Trading Alliance in such a tone.

Elder Fang and the elders of the Disordered Flames Sect and the Qing Nu Sect exchanged glances with one another;they had no idea who this little girl was.

However, they were not stupid at all;just by looking at the expression on Zhang Taiyi's face, they could easily tell that this little girl had a formidable background, even more powerful than Qin Nan's.

If not, Zhang Taiyi as the second elder of the inner disciples would not wear such a terrified expression.

The white-shirt lady in the palanquin gently said, ’’Everyone is allowed to participate in the bet of the Trading Alliance. Princess, are you sure you want to bet one million Martial Emperor Pills on Qin Nan?’’

’’Of course.’’ Princess Miao Miao raised her head in a proud manner and said, ’’As the Princess' servant, Qin Nan will no doubt come first in the second round!’’

Following the words, the princess flicked her finger, and a storage bag could be seen flying into the palanquin.

The white-shirt lady in the palanquin was quiet for a moment, before she said, ’’One million Martial Emperor Pills on Qin Nan!’’

The words caused the rogue cultivators and the elders to lose their minds.

Did this little girl really bet a million Martial Emperor Pills?

Most importantly, that Qin Nan is actually this little girl's servant?

What kind of background does this little girl have?

Countless doubts flew past the crowd's minds, but they all gave up as they could not come up with any valid explanation, and redirected their focus onto the trial.

A million Martial Emperor Pills were now involved in the bet;who is stronger between Qin Nan and Huang Que?



’’One thousand five hundred!’’

In the second-layer of Martial Serendipity Pavilion, the grim man revealed a number, before saying, ’’You guys must be confused. This boulder can withstand a maximum force of nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine;the results are determined according to the measurement of the force of your attacks. Let's continue;next!’’

This time, a genius stood forward voluntarily this was Huang Long.

Huang Long's eyes flickered with excitement, as his figure was surrounded by rich battle intent. Nine golden rays appeared on his back, together with a huge blood sword hanging behind him.

Huang Long held the Blood Sword Spirit in his hand and uttered a cry. The sword intent from his Perfection Stage of One with the Weapon was fired into the air;with his One with the Sword, he unleashed his strongest force, and attacked the boulder.

’’Three thousand two hundred!’’

The boulder did not budge after receiving such a powerful attack, but a few yellow digits were displayed on its surface. His force was double the force of the previous participant.

The grim man raised his head and immediately said, ’’Next!’’

Following this, few other geniuses took turns to come forward and test their strengths.

Most of the participants possessed ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits. Therefore, with the help of their Martial Spirits, their results were measured to be between one thousand and four thousand;none of them had any extraordinary performances.

The only thing worth mentioning was that Wang Ruoling had used some kind of equipment, and achieved a strength of three thousand five hundred with her strongest attack, surpassing Huang Long.

’’My turn to take the test!’’

Following the shout, Wei Hao stepped forward steadily from among the crowd with a serious expression.

It was his first time wearing this expression since the trial of Martial Serendipity Pavilion had begun.

This was because the round was a trial to test their strengths!

Despite having a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and reaching the Arcane Realm, his current cultivation base was still half-Xiantian Realm, completely outmatched by Qin Nan and Huang Que, who were both Atavistic Cultivators.

’’To the extremes of the Heaven and Earth, the godly fire lasts forever!’’

Wei Hao uttered a cry, before a rising heat was emitted from his body, as if he were engulfed in blazing flames.

He then stomped hard onto the ground, and within his body, the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm burst out instantly. A few streams of Fire Intent gathered ferociously, as if he had completely transformed into a volcano, ready to erupt at anytime!

’’Earth Scorching Punch!’’

Wei Hao's Fire Intent exploded, turning into a punch which landed powerfully onto the boulder.

The boulder still did not budge as four digits slowly appeared, accompanied by a faint golden light.

Five thousand one hundred!

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