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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 151


Chapter 151 - When the Light Was Fired Up Into the Sky

Under everyone's attention, the pitch-black Potential Stone began to buzz as if a light was about to fire from it.

However, after a brief moment, the Potential Stone returned to its calm state. Again, not even the Emperor Light was triggered.

At that instant, the whole place fell into silence and no one made a sound.

Inside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, after a moment of shock, Huang Que did not laugh at the result but a sarcastic and mocking expression appeared on his face. ’’Hehe, you still did not give up and wanted to try your luck after knowing the result. If you desire to become a cripple, even God can't help but grant you your wish!’’

Wei Hao and Wang Ruoling gave Qin Nan disdainful gazes.

Previously, they were still intimidated by his background. However, since Qin Nan was about to become real trash, there was no point wasting their time on him.

As for Huang Long and his group, a sense of despair rose within their hearts as they turned their heads around. They were not willing to witness Qin Nan be destroyed.

Qin Nan, in just three month's time, had made his name known to everyone within the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Qin Nan, facing countless opponents and going against geniuses stronger than him, continued to make miracles happen and managed to turn the tables around.

Such a man had long earned their respect but he had completely lost his mind under the cruelty of reality. He was about to turn into a cripple.

Meanwhile, the peak of Autumn Mountain was left in dead silence.

Unlike Wei Hao, Huang Que, and Huang Ruoling, these rogue cultivators were filled with an indescribable sadness upon witnessing Qin Nan - a highly respected disciple will turn into a cripple in such a rapid manner.

Many among the slightly elder rogue cultivators let out a sigh.

’’What is the point? Sigh. So this is 'better to die in glory than living in dishonor' huh?’’

’’Yeah, even if he were unable to become a Martial Emperor, achieving the peak of Xiantian Realm would have also placed him higher than over a million cultivators within Luohe Kingdom.’’

’’Pity, such a pity.’’


Elder Fang Lin and the elder of the Disordered Flames Sect who had planned to let out some sarcastic comments chose to keep their mouths shut after hearing the words of these rogue cultivators.

If they were to mock Qin Nan at this moment, they would certainly become the antipathies of the crowd and greatly harm their reputation.

Since Qin Nan would end up as a cripple, they did not even need to say anything as countless people would be mocking him and laughing at him in the future.

But after knowing Qin Nan as a genius who once achieved the impossible, knowing that he was about to become a cripple made the hatred Zhang Taiyi had towards him vanish.

What's the point of being upset with a cripple?

In the palanquin of the Trading Alliance, the eyes of the white-shirt lady showed disappointment as she said, ’’I've always admired the confidence Qin Nan had and how he never bowed his head against anyone. Who could have thought he would bet his cultivation and his life after knowing the result? One might say 'better to die in glory than live in dishonor' but it is just a stubborn prideful act.’’

’’Once Qin Nan realized that he will be unable to achieve the Martial Emperor Realm, he completely lost his mind. He tried again many times because he could not accept the result. It is sufficient to say that he could not accept his reality.’’


The white-shirt lady's eyes turned calm as she mumbled to herself.

In her eyes, even super geniuses like Huang Que and Wei Hao did not deserve admiration.

She admired Qin Nan because of his great personality;it had nothing to do with talent or cultivation. However, it now seemed like Qin Nan was no different from the other cultivators.

...Meanwhile, on the first layer of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion...

The old man collected his thoughts. He glanced at the motionless Potential Stone with a blank face and spoke with a pair of cold eyes, ’’You said you would cripple your limbs and destroy your veins and Dantian yourself just now. Since you have broken the rules, I'll do it myself and turn you into a cripple!’’

Following his words, the old man attacked instantly, emitting an incredible merciless force toward Qin Nan.

Despite that, even at this moment, Qin Nan showed no sign of losing his ground and his eyes continued to firmly glare at the Potential Stone.

At this moment, Qin Nan's thoughts started running swiftly!

’’Logically speaking, it's impossible that I, who possesses the divine Battle Spirit can't achieve the Martial Emperor Realm. This Potential Stone predicts one's future achievement based on his talent and luck. Since I'm close with Old Shan, while being escorted by Princess Miao Miao, there's no way I would die so easily.’’


’’Not only that, I personally believe I will be able to reach the Martial Emperor Realm, surpass the Martial Emperor Realm, and achieve the Martial Ancestor Realm! But why does this Potential Stone assume I won't be able to surpass the Martial Emperor Realm?’’


’’Could it be that the divine Battle Spirit is too powerful and cannot be predicted by this Potential Stone? No, that's not it. When I tested my Martial Skill Talent, the Ocean Crescent Boulder and the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder did reveal my talent but they shattered into pieces as they failed to test how powerful the divine Battle Spirit is! If the Potential Stone fails to predict my future, it would explode too!’’


Even when Qin Nan's life was at stake, his breathing remained normal, completely unaffected.

In fact, as he took the trial six times in a row, he did not lose his mind as everyone had interpreted. While doing the trial over and over again, he had continued to ponder upon the same question, trying to figure out the problem.

At that instant, a strong sense of danger rose within Qin Nan's heart as if death had descended upon him!

The source of danger was the old man.

Qin Nan ignored his sense of danger and recollected the series of events which had happened today.

Him entering the Martial Serendipity Pavilion... The entry of the old man... The revealing of the Potential Stone... The start of the trial...

All of a sudden, a flash of lightning struck Qin Nan's thoughts and his eyes glistened tremendously!

’’This piece of Potential Stone is only a decoration - an ordinary piece of stone. It does not have the ability to predict one's future achievement!’’

’’There is no way of predicting one's future achievement! A person's future achievement is dependent on his decisions, his will, his luck, and more!’’

’’Joke, what a joke! Previously at the Mystic Spirit Sect, I heard the lecture given by Senior Sister Li Hong;it opened my eyes and taught me that the continent is split into upper and lower division and of the existence of Martial God. Back then, my Martial Heart, my ambition, was not only to become an expert at the top, but to become a myth, a legend that everyone knows, a legend that none could surpass!’’

’’My ambition is still there and my Martial Heart is still alive giving me unlimited potential. How could the Potential Stone decide my future?’’

At that instant, Qin Nan let out a terrifying roar.

The Potential Stone before him suddenly vibrated vigorously and a strong light fired like a dragon soaring into the sky!

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