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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 15


Chapter 15 - One With the Saber

The present attendees, Elders, even Qin Tian, Qin Tieba, and Qin Changkong all had their eyes wide open, with their astonished faces looking at Qin Nan. This was because they never expected the aura Qin Nan released to have achieved the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm stage! The fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm couldn't compare at all to some of the greater attendees and Elders.

However, in the Canglan Continent one would have to go through the Martial Spirit Awakening before one could channel one's Martial Spirit to communicate with heavens and earth, and initiate cultivation. It had only been about half a month since the Martial Spirit Awakening, and Qin Nan had actually broken through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm?

One had to understand that Qin Changkong possessed a fifth-grade, Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and he had only broken through the third-layer of Body Tempering Realm because of the large quantity of Spiritual Medicine. Qin Nan only possessed a first-grade Martial Spirit, so how could his cultivation speed be more frightening than Qin Changkong's?

In that instant, the attendees and Elders subconsciously thought back to when they were ridiculing Qin Nan just now. They felt as though a palm had repeatedly slapped their faces, causing a painful ache. They were just ridiculing him and calling him a waste? Qin Nan at the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm stage was a waste? This caused them to think once more about what Qin Nan had said before. It was as if at this moment Qin Changkong, who was in front of Qin Nan, was actually the true waste.

’’Nan' did your cultivation break through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm?’’ Qin Tian asked with a slight tremble in his voice.

’’Impossible! A sharp voice suddenly resounded. Qin Tieba's eyes were bloodshot as he fixated on Qin Nan. He was like a hungry wolf, ’’How did you break through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm? Your Martial Spirit is only of first-grade Huang ranked trash. With a trash like that, how did you break through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm stage?’’

Everyone came to their senses from the shock, and each of them looked at Qin Nan with overwhelming surprise. This matter was simply too shocking. As everyone knew, the lower one's Martial Spirit was, the worse the cultivation speed, capability, and future potential. This was something that had been established since ancient times. How did Qin Nan break through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm with a first-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit?

Qin Nan completely disregarded Qin Tieba's gaze, as well as everyone else's.. Instead, he looked toward Qin Tian and cupped his hands, ’’Father, I was at the Longhu Mountain Range a few days ago and had a fortuitous encounter that allowed me to break through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm stage. I was planning on reporting to you in the future.’’

’’A fortuitous encounter?’’ Qin Tian was shocked as he did not expect this. He immediately followed up with a hearty laugh as he clapped his hands, ’’Good, good. That's really good.’’

At this time, the people present all came to a realisation at the same time. They looked at Qin Nan, eyes brimming with great jealousy. One had to understand that although the grade of Martial Spirit is indeed important, luck was also extremely important. As long as you can find a treasure that is an antiquity, then even if you were a waste, you could still increase your cultivation.

Those present had no doubt about this. If it wasn't for a fortuitous encounter, then how could a waste like Qin Nan possibly break through the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm? A short moment later, those staring at Qin Nan finally came back to their senses, and their hearts were full of disdain.

So what if he had a fortuitous encounter? You, Qin Nan, are only a first-grade, Huang ranked Martial Spirit waste. As Qin Nan didn't understand the reason behind the people's gazes, his own eyes fell upon Qin Changkong as he said calmly, ’’Qin Changkong, I remember you said that as long as I proved I'm not a waste, then you would no longer impeach the Patriarch. Although I may have relied on the fortuitous encounter to reach this point, my cultivation is still better than yours. Furthermore, in regard to cultivation, you are a waste in my eyes. How about that?’’

Qin Tieba's face changed. Qin Changkong turned increasingly more angry. Being ridiculed by Qin Nan caused the rage in his heart to almost explode. However, he couldn't retort because he himself did say that as long as Qin Nan's cultivation was higher than his own, he would no longer be a waste. Additionally, receiving the five hundred Body Tempering Pills at that point would be more acceptable. Furthermore, even though Qin Nan was deliberately ridiculing Qin Changkong, in terms of cultivation, Qin Changkong definitely was not on par with Qin Nan.

’’Qin Nan, you....’’ Qin Changkong gnashed his teeth. His face was gloomy;it was as though his expression was reflecting the weather, dripping rain and gloomy as he said, ’’I did indeed say that before. As long as you can prove you are not a waste, then that is enough. However, I have had a change of mind. I challenge you to a battle! As long as you can win against me, then today we will not impeach and remove Qin Tian from the Patriarch position!’’

’’Qin Nan, don't!’’ Qin Tian took the initiative to say before Qin Nan had opened his mouth. ’’Qin Changkong harbors a fifth-grade Martial Spirit. Even if you are at fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm level, you are still not equal with him. You have already done great today, and as a father, I'm also satisfied. Not having the position as Patriarch is fine.’’

As Qin Tian said this, his face was calm. It was clear that after being through Qin Nan's commotion just now, Qin Tian's originally discouraged heart had returned.

’’Hahaha!' Qin Changkong's loud laugh resounded. His eyes turned red as he fixated on Qin nan, ’’Did you hear that? Even your father doesn't want you to battle me. So what if you had a fortuitous encounter? So what if your cultivation is higher? You need to understand that you are the waste, and so is your entire family!’’

The attendees in the surroundings slightly nodded their heads. If Qin Nan really did agree to battle Qin Changkong at this moment, then he really would be looking to die. Just as Qin Tian had said, even if the current Qin Nan had a higher cultivation level than Qin Changkong, he was still not on par with him. Qin Nan's eyes turned icy as he said, ’’Since you're delivering yourself to me, then don't blame me for being impolite. Very good, you better remember your own promise. I agree to battle you!’’

As these words were spoken, everyone was dumbstruck, particularly Qin Tian whose face greatly changed. However, after the attendees, Elders, and Qin Tieba's shock passed, their faces immediately revealed ridicule. This Qin Nan was indeed arrogant and egotistical. He couldn't possibly think that having the fourth-layer of Body Tempering Realm would be enough to be on par with Qin Changkong! Qin Nan could not actually think that a fifth-grade, Huang ranked Martial Spirit was just there for decoration! That was simply courting death!

’’Hahaha! Qin Nan, it is you who have said that. Today, I'll let you see my high-tier Martial Skill!’’ As he heard Qin Nan accepting, Qin Changkong couldn't contain his joy while completely disregarding the arrogance in Qin Nan's tone. He released the aura of his third-layer Body Tempering Realm, and five golden rays blossomed from the back of his body.


A majestic beast roar exploded forth;a gigantic and ferocious white tiger figure slowly manifested behind Qin Changkong's back as it released the pressure of a fifth-grade, Huang ranked Martial Spirit. As Qin Changkong struck out, he immediately unleashed the full force by channeling his Martial Spirit.

’’White Tiger Pouncing at Prey!’’

Qin Changkong's eyes revealed an ominous glint as he slowly took a stance. It was as though his body became a white tiger. The manifested white tiger behind his back mimicked his movements exactly. The lofty body of the tiger slowly stooped, its mouth revealing two fierce teeth that emanated a serene and cold ray. A man and a beast, it was as though the two were indistinguishable as they emanated an intense and tyrannical qi. As Qin Changkong struck out, those present immediately erupted. Their faces revealed a great shock.

’’It turns out to be this high-tier Martial Skill. According to the legends, this high-tier Martial Skill is the hardest one to practice. Once you have mastered it, the man and Martial Spirit can synchronize with each other. Furthermore, Qin Changkong possessed the White Tiger Martial Spirit!’’

’’This Martial Skill is simply made for Qin Changkong!’’

’’He was able to comprehend this Martial Skill in just half a month. Possessing a fifth-grade, Huang ranked Martial Spirit is definitely of no small matter. Hahaha! At this rate, this waste Qin Nan will definitely be out of luck.’’

’’Humph! Qin Nan is overestimating his own strength. Does he think that he can become number one in the world by just acquiring a fortuitous encounter?’’

’’Hahaha! Watch as the Young Master Qin Changkong teaches this waste a lesson.’’

Suddenly, the present attendees turned passionate. As they looked at Qin Nan and Qin Tian, their eyes brimmed with joy for the disaster they expected to occur. They believed that it would only require one move for Qin Changkong's immense White Tiger to shred Qin Nan into pieces.

Qin Tian's complexion was incomparably pale;his gaze was fixated on this scene. If something went wrong, he planned to use all his strength to intervene. No matter what happened, he couldn't just watch helplessly as Qin Nan suffered. Qin Nan's face remained the same as he slowly pulled out the Black Iron Saber from his waist.

’’You're not going to release your Martial Spirit?’’ Qin Changkong licked his lips. It was as if he had turned into a hungry tiger, ’’Don't worry, I won't pull anything like a sneak attack. Although your Flame Saber is only at first-grade, Huang ranked Martial Spirit, it is still much stronger than the lousy Saber in your hand.’’

In Qin Changkong's mind, Qin Nan would undoubtedly lose. Thus, Qin Changkong was not in a hurry. His current objective was to unceasingly mock Qin Nan and wipe clean the humiliation he'd received earlier. However, in this moment the words that came from Qin Nan enraged Qin Changkong so much that he almost spit blood.

’’There's no need for me to use my Martial Spirit against a trash like you,’’ Qin Nan held his Saber and gave an indifferent smile. It was as if Qin Changkong was at the same level as an ant in his eyes.

As the surrounding attendees heard this, they were all flabbergasted. Just how arrogant and egotistical was Qin Nan? He even dared to insult Qin Changkong!

’’You.... you.... You're courting death!’’ Qin Changkong was so angry that his entire body trembled, and his face turned red from anger. As he bellowed this, he could no longer contain himself. Killing intent rose from his body, and his figure viciously pounced toward Qin Nan.

As Qin Changkong's figure attacked, the White Tiger behind his body followed his movements. If one were to view this from a distance, it would look as if the human and beast had merged together. Brandishing its immense claw toward Qin Nan's figure, it looked ready to shred him apart. In this instant, the violent brandish caused a strong gale and the tiger's hiss shook the heavens.

Qin Nan's body suddenly pulled back, his eyes turning incomparably sharp. He couldn't help but admit that the high-tier Martial Skill Qin Changkong was using could instantly kill a fourth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivator... Even your average fifth-grade Body Tempering Realm cultivator was simply not his equal. However, in front of Qin Nan, that was far from enough!

In an instant, Qin Nan's eyes suddenly shut tight. Within his heart was a mysterious feeling. The Black Iron Saber in Qin Nan's hands felt as though it had received a sort of attraction, and suddenly, his body began to tremble, letting out a buzzing sound. Beneath the killing move, White Tiger Pouncing at Prey, this sound was exceedingly weak. However, the attendees who were watching this battle were all at the fifth-layer of Body Tempering Realm, and they could immediately sense the noise.

’’This....’’ Second Elder and Third Elder took a deep breath and said in astonishment, ’’Could it possibly be the legendary 'One with the Saber'?’’

In the moment when the two people's voices came out, Qin Nan had already struck out with his Saber. The Saber was aggressive and gracious, domineering and tyrannical. Following this was an explosion of sound like thunder. An ice cold aura suddenly surged throughout the Hall of Conference.

’’Thundercrash Saber Art!’’

When the saber chopped out, there would be only death;no wound. The killing intent immediately surged.

Translator: Tofu

Editor: MindLitUp


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