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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 149


Chapter 149 - One More Time

The crowd became extremely excited after hearing the white-shirt lady's words.

’’My god, to think that Wei Hao has a chance of reaching the Martial Dominator Realm. How crazy is his potential?’’

’’Tsk, it's too scary. He would surely come first in this round!’’

’’Hahaha, I just bet on Wei Hao. Haha, I'm going to win this round.’’


Rogue cultivators, including those who did not bet on Wei Hao, all spoke with a shocked but respectful tone.

The elder of the Disordered Flames Sect burst out laughing as he brought his fists together and said, ’’Brother Fang, I'm sorry for that. It seems like Young Master Wei Hao is about to win the round!’’

Elder Fang's lips twitched but he could not find any words to say.

Huang Que's potential of reaching the Martial Emperor Realm was already considered powerful. Who could have thought Wei Hao would have a chance of reaching the Martial Dominator Realm?

Even if he was feeling unpleasant, Wei Hao had to admit his loss!

As for the elder of the Qing Nu Sect, she was calm after losing five thousand Martial Emperor Pills and a smile could be seen on her face.

The fact that Wang Ruoling was now Wei Hao's woman was extremely beneficial for the Qing Nu Sect even if she does not end up as Wei Hao's wife.

Among the four elders, only Zhang Taiyi wore a dull expression on his face.

Before the trial, Zhang Taiyi had predicted Wei Hao to come first but due to his identity, he could only bet his five thousand Martial Emperor Pills on Qin Nan.

’’If I were allowed to bet on Wei Hao, I would be winning five thousand Martial Emperor Pills. Not only will I not win now, I am definitely going to lose five thousand Martial Emperor Pills, which is equivalent to losing ten thousand Martial Emperor Pills...’’ Zhang Taiyi said to himself as his face was contorted.

After a while, the crowd began to turn quiet, and redirect their focus onto the screen to watch how the other geniuses perform.

Now, it was different since the rogue cultivators and the elders of the top four sects no longer had any hope for the remaining participants. Wei Hao coming first in the first round was considered a fact at this stage.

They were only curious to see who could advance to the second round from now onward.

...Meanwhile, at the first layer of Martial Serendipity Pavilion...

Most of the geniuses at the scene were filled with astonishment from seeing Wei Hao's result.

Huang Que, in particular, felt like he was being struck by lightning. The proud expression on his face vanished and he turned incredibly pale.

Wei Hao let out a few prideful laughs. He brought his fists at the old man before going up to Wang Ruoling and saying with a grin, ’’Baby, did you see that? Your man is so powerful, even more powerful than Huang Que! You have to know how proud you should be to have the chance to serve me!’’

After saying this, Wei Hao reached out his chubby hand into Wang Ruoling's dress and touched her recklessly.

Wang Ruoling let out a moan as her face blushed and reacted with a hint of coquetry.

While her previous reaction was shameful, she was extremely excited this time and taking the initiative.

In fact, she was very grateful. If Huang Que had not given her to Wei Hao as a gift, she would not have had the chance to become his woman.

The old man's eyes were filled with envy as he watched Wei Hao touching Wang Ruoling. He then said in an unpleasant tone, ’’Hey hey hey, the remaining five, do you all still want to take the trial? If not, get the hell out of here. Stop wasting my precious time!’’

Upon hearing this, the geniuses collected their thoughts and those who had not done the trial went forward at once.

The first four finished the trial with average results with nothing unordinary.

The first round of the trial finally reached an end as Qin Nan was the only one left.

’’Qin Nan, with your shocking background, I'm curious to see what kind of result you'll get in this round,’’ Huang Que said in a strange tone

He instantly switched his gaze toward Qin Nan. Even though there was nothing wrong with his words, he sounded extremely uncomfortable.

As a matter of fact, after learning of Qin Nan's background, Huang Que had no intention to trouble him again. However, he felt extremely unpleasant from the previous shock he had received and from remembering how Qin Nan had previously ignored him, so, he said his words.

The other geniuses shook their heads after hearing his words without saying anything.

Only Wang Ruoling was incredibly angry at Qin Nan. Although she was intimidated by Qin Nan's background, becoming Wei Hao's girlfriend gave her new confidence. She giggled as she said, ’’Huang Que, what do you mean by that? Our friend Qin Nan is a disciple of two Martial Ancestor Realm experts and has an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. His future is definitely going to be incredible. Maybe he will come first in this round!’’

She intentionally emphasized the words 'eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit'.

Wei Hao was not fond of Qin Nan either. He pinched Wang Ruoling's face and said while laughing, ’’My girl indeed knows how to speak. In my view, Brother Qin Nan's talent would at least be Martial Dominator Realm? Who knows, maybe he would surpass the Martial Dominator Realm!’’

Martial Dominator Realm? Surpass the Martial Dominator Realm?

How could Qin Nan with a mere eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit achieve such a result?

There was no doubt that Wei Hao was being sarcastic toward Qin Nan!

The rest of the geniuses were startled. They did not expect Wei Hao, Huang Que, and Wang Ruoling, these top three geniuses, to mock Qin Nan as they spoke.

Even though Huang Long, Mo Zishan, Xu You and Da Hu were furious witnessing this, they felt helpless.

Despite Qin Nan's formidable background, terrifying Martial Skill Talent, and outstanding Martial Heart, his Martial Spirit was only eighth-grade Huang ranked. This was the key factor in determining Qin Nan's future achievement, which will likely turn out to be relatively ordinary.

Maybe Qin Nan did manage to make a series of miracles happen but he had no choice but to lower his head and get mocked in this Martial Potential trial.

In Canglan Continent, the rank of a Martial Spirit was everything!

However, Qin Nan's face was expressionless as he was being mocked by the top three geniuses. It was as if he did not hear their words at all. He took his time walking up to the Potential Stone and slowly reached out his hand.

At that instant, all the geniuses at the scene straightened their faces.

Even Wei Hao, Huang Que and Wang Ruoling gathered all their focus.

Not only that, outside Martial Serendipity Pavilion, at the peak of Autumn Mountain, the rogue cultivators and the four elders of the top four sects wore a serious expression on their faces. They stared at the screen projected by the Martial Mirror with no intention of missing a single detail.

Since Qin Nan's entry, he had become the limelight of the crowd with a display of his formidable background.

Now was Qin Nan's turn for the trial. Despite his eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit already deciding his fate, everyone was keen to see what rank he would be able to achieve in the future.

When Qin Nan's palm covered the Potential Stone, the whole Potential Stone buzzed and vibrated at once!

...Inside Martial Serendipity Pavilion's first layer...

The buzzing of the Potential Stone stopped immediately without emitting any trace of light.

Wei Hao was stunned. Huang Que was stunned. Wang Ruoling was stunned. All of the other geniuses were stunned.

Outside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, at the peak of Autumn Mountain, the crowd spectating through the Martial Mirror was stunned.

The Potential Stone did not emit any light?

Does that mean this Qin Nan with a formidable background and an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit could not even reach Martial Emperor Realm in the future?

Even Qin Nan himself was stunned.

Since the start of the first round, Qin Nan was incredibly confident in himself. Even after seeing Wei Hao's future achievement to be Martial Dominator Realm expert, he showed no sign of intimidation. His divine Battle Spirit, which had unlimited potential to further level up, had already reached tenth-grade Huang ranked!

Now seeing the reaction of the Potential Stone, he could not even reach the Martial Emperor Realm. How is this possible?

Inside the first layer of Martial Serendipity Pavilion, after a moment of silence, Wei Hao finally reacted and burst out laughing, ’’Hahaha, Brother Qin Nan, who could have thought you can't even reach the Martial Emperor Realm. I'm really impressed by you!’’

Wei Hao directly mocked Qin Nan with his words.

A cultivator who can't even reach Martial Emperor Realm;what threat could he possibly pose despite his terrifying background?

Apart from Wei Hao, Huang Que and Wang Ruoling's faces were filled with disdain. Qin Nan had no doubt become worthless in their eyes.

Even if they were intimidated by Qin Nan previously, at this particular moment, they no longer regarded him as a worthy presence!

Huang Que let out a hollow laugh and said in a seemingly surprised tone, ’’Who could have expected, the disciple of two Martial Ancestor Realm experts, who possesses an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, can't even reach the Martial Emperor Realm. What a shock I just experienced, what a shock...’’

Despite referring to it as a shock, Huang Que's expression grew scornful.

Qin Nan chose to remain silent with an expressionless face after hearing the sarcastic comments. He stood quietly on the spot and seemed to be immersed in his thoughts.

As for Huang Long, Mo Zishan, Xu You, they were stunned, unable to believe what they just saw.

Although Qin Nan's Martial Spirit grade was only eighth-grade Huang ranked, they thought Qin Nan could easily reach the Martial Emperor Realm.

Now it seemed like Qin Nan's future was hopeless - not even a chance to achieve the Martial Emperor Realm?

At the peak of Autumn Mountain, after a brief silence, the rogue cultivators began to chat in a gloating manner.

’’Hahaha, I didn't think Qin Nan couldn't even reach Martial Emperor Realm.’’

’’Tsk tsk, that guy was incredibly smug before, challenging Huang Que and ignoring Wei Hao.’’

’’Hehe, you guys should try to imagine, what is he feeling right now?’’


These rogue cultivators did not have any background so, they were incredibly jealous of people like Qin Nan.

If Qin Nan had displayed a great talent, they would not have had the guts to say anything. Now with Qin Nan's hopeless future, they will surely add their insults to his wounds.

Zhang Taiyi's face turned dull after seeing this and his lips twitched without making any sound.

The middle-aged woman from the Qing Nu Sect immediately said in a comforting tone, ’’Elder Zhang, don't be too sad. The other geniuses from the Mystic Spirit Sect all triggered the Emperor Light - a better result than us the Qing Nu Sect.’’

Zhang Taiyi gave her a glance but remained silent still.

Elder Fang was incredibly joyful after witnessing this as he was not fond of Qin Nan. He laughed and said, ’’That's right, Elder Zhang, why do you care? There are so many geniuses in the Mystic Spirit Sect, it doesn't matter if Qin Nan is not one of them. Just treat it as a loss for the Mystic Spirit Sect and come back again after two years.’’

The elder of the Disordered Flames Sect, too, held a grudge against Qin Nan. He nodded his head and said, ’’Yeah, don't waste too much time on trash like him.’’

Zhang Taiyi's expression turned incredibly unpleasant but he could not refute the truth before him.

...Meanwhile, inside the palanquin of the Trading Alliance...

The Martial Ancestor Realm old lady said mockingly, ’’I thought that guy had something up his sleeves since he rejected the Golden Sacred Badge. In the end, he's just an ordinary cultivator who can't even reach the Martial Emperor Realm.’’

’’He is no ordinary cultivator.’’ The white-shirt lady shook her head and said with a calm expression, ’’He is practicing Atavistic Cultivation, which tremendously increases the difficulty of breaking the barrier of Martial Emperor Realm. Not to mention, his Martial Spirit was only eighth-grade Huang ranked. Besides, the path of cultivation is filled with dangers, even a super genius has a chance of dying halfway...’’

After saying this, the white-shirt lady let out a sigh. Initially, she was quite impressed with Qin Nan but she did not expect his fate to be so bleak.

The white-shirt lady did not waste any time. Her loud voice was heard throughout the whole peak of Autumn Mountain, ’’Fellow cultivators, the first round of Martial Serendipity Pavilion has come to an end. The winner of this round is Wei Hao. Those who bet on Wei Hao for the first round have w...’’

Before she could finish the word 'won', an extraordinary scene took place in the Martial Mirror.

Qin Nan, who was still standing in front of the Potential Stone, suddenly brought his fists together before the old man could declare the results and said, ’’Elder, I'm Qin Nan. Is it possible for Elder to give me a chance for a retest? It's impossible that I can't even reach the Martial Emperor Realm!’’

The words stunned the geniuses in the first-layer of Martial Serendipity Pavilion and the people at the peak of Autumn Mountain.

This guy Qin Nan still plans to take the trial one more time?

Inside the first-layer of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, the old man's eyes showed a hint of astonishment as he had not expected this young man before him to have such a request. He touched his beard and said while squinting his eyes, ’’Ah, this is tricky. You're a male, not a female. How could I possibly give you another chance? Besides, you have to trust the Potential Stone, as it's impossible for it to be malfunctioning. Even if you assume that your talent is outstanding enough to achieve the Martial Emperor Realm, it's possible that you encounter a grave danger and die halfway...’’

The old man tried to advise Qin Nan the best he could but his body shuddered violently when he made eye contact with Qin Nan's, causing him to stop speaking.

After pausing for a moment, the old man squinted his eyes and said, ’’If you insist, you may take the trial again!’’

Qin Nan thanked him immediately. Following this, he took a deep breath and slowly placed his palm onto the Potential Stone.

The old man stared at Qin Nan's back. His eyes flickered as he began to talk to himself, ’’This pair of eyes, could it be...’’

As Qin Nan placed his palm onto the Potential Stone, it started to vibrate once again.

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