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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 147


Chapter 147 - Potential Stone

Following the words of the white-shirt lady, a black-robed elder took out a mirror from his storage bag immediately.

The mirror had the size of a palm and was carved with ancient mysterious runes. If one were to inspect carefully, one would find the word Martial carved on it, but it was extremely difficult to see.

The black-robed elder flicked his finger, firing a mysterious force beam into the Martial Mirror, causing its surface to shine brightly.

The mirror then fired a huge light screen that floated before the crowd.

On the screen, Wei Hao, Huang Que, Wang Ruoling, Qin Nan and the rest of the geniuses of the top four sects gathered at an ancient-looking ruined square. Nothing else could be seen apart from a ruined hall.

The crowd was stunned.

What is this square about? What exactly is the objective of the first round?

As the crowd was immersed in their doubts, a white-haired old man appeared walking out from the ruined hall.

He seemed to be weak and thin, wearing ragged clothes and showing a strange smile on his face. He had a tedious feeling about him.

Qin Nan and the others glanced at the old man at the same time.

The old man glimpsed lustfully at Wang Ruoling and the other female cultivators, before he said in a loud tone, ’’Ahem ahem, I'm the first round's examiner of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion! Before the trial, let me introduce you all to something: the Potential Stone!’’

With the help of the Martial Mirror, the voice of the old man could be heard clearly by the crowd outside of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion.

The old man flipped his right hand revealing a huge stone. The stone was pitch-black and ordinary-looking;there was nothing special about its appearance.

Only the old man's eyes flickered as his tone turned excited, ’’Now you have all seen it. This is the Potential Stone. You are able to see how strong your future is after placing your hand on the Potential Stone! For example, if the stone emits an Emperor Light, your future achievement will be Martial Emperor! If it emits an Ancestor Light, your future achievement will be a Martial Ancestor!’’

His words astounded Qin Nan and the other geniuses.

The crowd's eyes opened wide and their jaws dropped, even their breaths halted.

This ordinary-looking black stone is able to predict one's future achievement?

In the Martial World, even a super genius with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit was unable to determine his maximum limit in the future. Everyone would encounter dangers, fortunes, or even deaths or skyrocketing benefits. No one was able to predict the future.

However, this Potential Stone before them was capable of that!

The old man nodded with satisfaction after seeing the expressions on the faces of the twenty disciples and said, ’’Now, I'll explain the rules. Those with a Martial Light will pass the round. By passing the round, you will receive benefits from the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. Besides that, the top ten of the round will advance to the second round! The remaining, even if they pass this round, will be disqualified! Of course, the one who comes in first will receive a special prize.’’

The old man hesitated slightly before letting out a hideous smile and staring directly at the female disciples. He said, ’’Before we begin, I have to say, for you female cultivators, if you allow me to touch and kiss you, your rewards will be doubled. Of course, the males do not have this privilege!’’

Qin Nan and the rest were dumbstruck by his words.

Wang Ruoling's and the other female disciples' faces turned red. Despite that, they did not dare to reveal their anger.

The crowd spectating through the Martial Mirror was stunned. They had not expected the first round's examiner of the Martial Serendipity Pavilion to be a pervert.

A disciple of the Flying Sword Sect blurted out angrily, ’’What kind of trial is this? That's not fair!’’

’’Hehe, not fair? I never said this trial would be fair!’’ The old man was not bothered after being accused. He laughed straight away while shaking his butt, ’’So what if I'm not fair;bite me if you're unhappy. Come bite me. If you don't, you are an asshole!’’


The Flying Sword Sect disciple was stunned.

Qin Nan and the rest were left speechless, too.

Who could have known this old man would be so shameless?

The old man blew at his mustache gladly after seeing the disciple 'defeated' and said, ’’Now, little assholes, let us begin the trial!’’

Following this, the twenty geniuses on the square straightened their faces and prepared themselves for the trial.

After all, this Potential Stone before them was able to determine one's future achievement.

The twenty geniuses present, including Qin Nan, were extremely curious to find out their future achievement.

...Meanwhile, outside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, at the peak of Autumn Mountain...

The white-shirt lady in the palanquin giggled and said, ’’As everyone just saw, the first round of Martial Serendipity Pavilion is the Trial of the Potential Stone - a very interesting trial. Now, before the trial takes place, those who haven't bet, please do so now. Any bets after the trial starts will be ineffective...’’

The crowd exploded upon hearing the words of the white-shirt lady.

’’Hahaha, I made a right choice betting on Wei Hao! Wei Hao is a super genius, and the son of the sect leader. His future achievement is definitely the strongest;he will surely become a Martial Ancestor expert!’’

’’Humph, I don't care, but I'm betting on Wei Hao, too, for this round.’’

’’Hehe, such a coward. I'll bet on Huang Que. His personality suits my taste.’’

’’Tsk, how could Huang Que stand a chance? I'll bet on Wei Hao!’’


The rogue cultivators who were yet to place a bet crowded around the respective stalls of Wei Hao and Huang Que to bet on them immediately.

The fact was that among the twenty disciples only Wei Hao and Huang Que were super geniuses with tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirits. Their future achievements were most likely to be more outstanding.

The winner of the first round was most likely one of the two.

As for the ones who had already placed their bets, they began to regret their choices as they did not expect the first round of the trial to be related to the Potential Stone.

At that instant, Elder Fang from the Flying Sword Sect let out a laugh and said, ’’Five thousand Martial Emperor Pills on Huang Que!’’

’’Five thousand Martial Emperor Pills?’’ The elder of the Disordered Flames Sect burst out laughing and said, ’’Brother Fang, you're pretty ballsy. If that's the case, I'll bet five thousand Martial Emperor Pills on Wei Hao!’’

The middle-aged woman of the Qing Nu Sect smiled calmly, ’’If you two want to play around, I'll bet five thousand Martial Emperor Pills, too, on Wang Ruoling.’’

The rogue cultivators were left speechless after hearing their bets. That's a total of fifteen thousand Martial Emperor Pills.

The crowd then instinctively glanced toward Zhang Taiyi.

The elders of the other three sects did so as well with a mocking expression in their eyes.

There was still a slight chance for the Qing Nu Sect's elder to bet on Wang Ruoling. However, Qin Nan from the Mystic Spirit Sect surely did not stand a chance... A disciple with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, how shocking could his future achievement possibly be?

Although, Qin Nan's two masters were both Martial Ancestor experts!

Zhang Taiyi's face went red. In his mind, he predicted the winner to be Huang Que or Wei Hao and thought Qin Nan would surely lose. However, as the elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect, it went without saying that he could not bet on another sect's genius.

Zhang Taiyi forced an unpleasant smile on his face and said, ’’I'll bet on Qin Nan... Five thousand... Five thousand Martial Emperor Pills!’’

Upon saying this, Zhang Taiyi looked like he had just lost his soul and his eyes showed a blank expression.

To lose five thousand Martial Emperor Pills like that, even as the second elder of the inner disciple, it was extremely painful!


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