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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 145


Chapter 145 - Golden Sacred Badge

At that moment, everyone including the rogue cultivators, the people of the Flying Sword Sect, the Disordered Flames Sect, and the Qing Nu Sect were dumbstruck.

They had not thought such an ordinary looking Qin Nan would have these shocking achievements!

In the other three sects' opinions, Qin Nan being able to defeat a stronger super genius opponent was not worth mentioning. It was possible that Qin Nan's fortunate encounters allowed him to improve rapidly and surpass the strength of a ninth-grade Huang ranked super genius.

However, Qin Nan's identity was the most terrifying!

The disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect's Great Elder and a disciple of a Martial Ancestor Realm expert;who could possibly match that?

The elders from the other sects had a better understanding of the situation.

How could Qin Nan with a mere eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit become the disciple of the Great Elder and a Martial Ancestor Realm expert?

Even a tenth-grade Huang ranked super genius was not qualified to do so.

There's only one explanation - Qin Nan possesses an unknown formidable background!

At that instant, everyone finally understood why Qin Nan had dared to challenge Huang Que and scold Wang Ruoling. It was because he had the confidence to do so.

Why did Elder Zhang Taiyi choose to protect Qin Nan at all cost even when he was facing the threat of a battle from the Disordered Flames Sect? It was because Qin Nan's background was too outstanding!

Even Wei Hao was stunned. He initially assumed Qin Nan was a mere disciple. He did not expect Qin Nan to have such a terrifying background.

Even though Wei Hao was a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit and the young master of the Disordered Flames Sect, if he were to kill Qin Nan today, he would have to face the anger of the Mystic Spirit Sect's Great Elder and a Martial Ancestor Realm expert. This could bring a disaster to the entire Disordered Flames Sect.

’’This... This... This...’’

Despite Wei Hao's usual scornful attitude, he could not find the words to answer the question asked by the female in the palanquin.

Not only Wei Hao, Huang Que and Wang Ruoling were both startled, too.

They had the same thought as Wei Hao's, assuming Qin Nan to be an insignificant disciple who would not cause any trouble if he were to be killed.

However, in the current situation, it seemed like they were entirely outmatched by Qin Nan in terms of background.

Huang Que was incredibly regretful as he recollected how he had provoked Qin Nan just then. Wang Ruoling's face had turned pale, too, remembering how she continuously threatened Qin Nan at Autumn Mountain and instinctively grabbed Wei Hao's arm tightly as if it were her life-saving straw.

Wei Hao, as the young master of the Disordered Flames Sect, had a quicker reaction. He let out a laugh and said to Qin Nan, ’’Brother Qin Nan, I'm so sorry. I was completely blind just then and did not treat you as someone of great importance. Please forgive my wrong doings. I'll organize a feast for you as my apology after the Martial Serendipity Pavilion!’’

Qin Nan's expression remained calm after seeing Wei Hao compromising. He brought his fists together and said, ’’Don't worry. It was just a small matter.’’

’’Right right right, just a small matter, just a small matter...’’ Wei Hao followed immediately, and glanced at the palanquin with a hint of gratitude.

Although with Wei Hao's identity, there was no need to be intimidated by Qin Nan himself, Qin Nan's murder would be troublesome.

Thus, he was grateful that the Trading Alliance shared with him this information.

Meanwhile, no one knew that alertness and murderous intent were rising within Qin Nan's heart.

Qin Nan had always hated people investigating his background. The Trading Alliance had investigated him thoroughly and released his information to the public.

In the Martial World, it was important to hide each of your trump cards as best as you can to ensure its maximum potential at crucial moments.

What happened just then served as an alert for Qin Nan and, at the same time, caused him to form a grudge against this Trading Alliance.

The feminine voice in the palanquin spoke again as if its owner was aware of Qin Nan's thoughts, ’’My friend Qin Nan, I'm sorry for making your information public without your acknowledgment just so I can stop an epic battle from happening. Here is a Golden Sacred Badge, I hope you are willing to take it.’’

The words caused the crowd to explode.

’’What? Golden Sacred Badge?’’

’’What the hell?! It's the Golden Sacred Badge. It is said that anyone with the badge will be treated as a VIP at auctions held by the Trading Alliance and given a thirty percent discount off all costs!’’

’’Tsk, according to the rumors, it is said that less than ten people have Golden Sacred Badges in the entire Luohe Kingdom.

’’Golden Sacred Badge - it's a symbol of one's identity!’’


Even Wei Hao and the elders of the top four sects wore an envious face hearing this.

Not even they had received a Golden Sacred Badge with their identities.

At that instant, Zhang Taiyi said with a jealous tone, ’’Qin Nan, you are so fortunate to be able to receive a Golden Sacred Badge...’’

Before he could finish his words, Qin Nan said sharply, ’’I'm sorry. I don't need it.’’

These few words caused the whole atmosphere to fall silent.

Everyone stared in disbelief with eyes open wide.

Did Qin Nan just reject the Golden Sacred Badge?

Meanwhile, the lady in a white shirt sitting in the palanquin was filled with astonishment. She did not expect her gift offering of a Golden Sacred Badge to be rejected for the first time, not to mention that it was rejected by a Xiantian Realm cultivator.

An old lady sat beside the white-shirt lady and her eyes flickered with murderous intent, ’’Saintess, this Qin Nan is disrespectful. He dares to reject your kindness with his mere identity. I'll go and cripple him to teach him the consequences of rejecting your offer!’’

The old lady appeared to be a Martial Ancestor Realm expert!

The white-shirt lady was startled. She let out a laugh and said, ’’No need. In fact, this Qin Nan is quite interesting. It seems like my information is quite accurate;if he is unhappy, he would not back down despite who he is facing. He did the same thing when facing Ling Zixiao, Nangong Cheng, and the first elder. He does have a personality.’’

The old woman was stunned and asked in a doubtful tone, ’’Saintess, is this kid really that outstanding? Are you...’’

Upon saying this, the old lady did not dare to continue her sentence.

The white-shirt lady blushed before saying, ’’How is that possible...’’

Following that, she let out a sigh and said, ’’Although I do admire him, his Martial Spirit grade is too weak. An eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, even with great fortunate encounters, could only reach the Martial Ancestor Realm at most. Same goes with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. This is the reality of the Martial World, despite how outstanding the will and conduct of a person is, it all comes down to the talent!’’

After saying this, the eyes of the white-shirt lady turned calm with no sign of expression.


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