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Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 144


Chapter 144 - Still Want to Fight?

Together with the shout, four old men wearing black robes appeared accompanied by a terrifying aura.

Behind them approached eight warriors in silver armor walking in synchronized steps and producing loud thumps. They carried a huge palanquin and were creating a magnificent sight.

Four peak Martial Emperor Realm experts lead the way and eight Martial Emperor Realm experts carried the palanquin!

Even the elders of the top four sects were startled seeing such an entry.

As for the elder and the disciples of the Disordered Flames Sect who were ready to have a fight, they instantly froze as this intimidating group of people appeared.

The whole place fell into silence for a while then the crowd of rogue cultivators broke into a loud chatter.

’’My god, this time the group from the Trading Alliance is indeed magnificent!’’

’’Hehe, the entry of the Trading Alliance immediately outmatched the aura of the top four sects.’’

’’I don't give a shit about them. Damn it, I must win a fortune in this upcoming bet!’’


A hint of excitement appeared on the faces of the rogue cultivators.

On the other hand, the disciples of the top four sects wore confused looks on their faces after hearing those words.

The Trading Alliance?

Why haven't we heard of this faction before?

At that instant, Elder Fang from the Flying Sword Sect took a deep breath and explained to the disciples, ’’The Trading Alliance is a powerful faction in the lower district of our continent. Its division can be found in every country of the lower district, thus giving it an unimaginable influence. Even the top three sacred places would not dare to offend them. Most importantly, the Trading Alliance has never interfered with businesses in the Martial World. Their focus is handling auctions and gambling houses, and so on.’’

After saying this Elder Fang brought his fists together and said, ’’May I know the name of the respected one from the Trading Alliance sitting in the palanquin?’’

Zhang Taiyi, the middle-aged woman, and the elder of the Disordered Flames Sect also brought their fists together.

The words and the sight before them caused a shocked face on every disciple, including Qin Nan.

They only knew about the presence of the top four sects in Luohe Kingdom. They had never heard of this mysterious Trading Alliance which only focused on managing trades!

Despite that, Qin Nan was still confused. What is the reason for the Trading Alliance to be here? Why are these rogue cultivators so excited? Why did the Trading Alliance stop the Disordered Flames Sect from attacking?

Zhang Taiyi, who seemed to know Qin Nan's thoughts, spoke instantly, ’’Every two years, when the Martial Serendipity Pavilion is open, the Trading Alliance sends a group of people here to hold a grand bet. This grand bet is to guess who among the disciples of the top four sects will be the winner in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion. As a result, every time the Martial Serendipity Pavilion is open, many rogue cultivators gather here.’’

Qin Nan and the rest instantly understood.

No wonder the rogue cultivators would gather here even though they could not participate in the Martial Serendipity Pavilion;they are here for the grand bet!

Wei Hao finally stepped forward wearing a serious expression on his chubby face. He said, ’’My name is Wei Hao. If I am not mistaken, the Trading Alliance would never interfere in the business of the Martial World. They remain neutral. Why are you stopping me from attacking the Mystic Spirit Sect?’’

The words caused the atmosphere of the place to instantly turn intense.

A pleasant-sounding feminine voice was heard coming from the palanquin, ’’Please don't take it wrongly, Wei Hao. The Trading Alliance has been neutral since it was established. However, before you initiate a battle with the Mystic Spirit Sect, I have some information to share with you. I hope you are willing to listen to it carefully, as a sign of respect for me.’’

The crowd was startled. They had not expected the one sitting in the palanquin to be a female.

The four elders from the top four sects were trying their very best to figure out her identity.

Wei Hao let out a laugh after hearing this and said, ’’Please do, I'm quite curious as to what kind of information the Trading Alliance has for me.’’

Even as the young master of the Disordered Flames Sect and a super genius, Wei Hao still had to mind his words facing the Trading Alliance.

It was compulsory to show some respect toward the Trading Alliance!

The pleasant voice was heard again, ’’The main reason for the battle is to deal with a disciple from the Mystic Spirit Sect named Qin Nan. There are some stories regarding him, which I'm afraid some of you are unaware of.’’

’’Stories?’’ Huang Que laughed, ’’He's just an outer disciple. Even if he is a genius, how significant would his story be?’’

Wei Hao frowned his eyebrows as his face turned unpleasant;Does she really think I can't afford to offend a mere disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect?

Qin Nan, too, frowned upon hearing this.

The voice ignored Huang Que's sarcastic comment and continued, ’’Qin Nan joined the Mystic Spirit Sect three years ago. Before that, his strength was fifth-layer Body Tempering Realm and Greater Success Stage of One with the Weapon, with an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. After arriving at the sect, he offended inner disciple Mo Li, and a super genius with a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, Ling Zixiao. He then outmatched Ling Zixiao in a Martial Skill Talent battle.’’

After hearing this, many rogue cultivators glanced at Qin Nan with a hint of respect.

Being able to outmatch a ninth-grade Huang ranked genius when he only had an eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. This means that Qin Nan's Martial Skill Talent is definitely outstanding.

Only Huang Que said with an indifferent tone, ’’It's just winning a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit super genius in a Martial Skill Talent battle...’’

The feminine voice continued, ’’Half a month later, the Trial of Versatility took place at the Mystic Spirit Sect. Qin Nan participated with a cultivation of sixth-layer Body Tempering Realm. He then achieved one thousand steps in the Mind-Seducing Ancient Bamboo Woods, making history in the Mystic Spirit Sect. He managed to defeat Ling Zixiao, placing him first in the Trial of Versatility. At that point, Qin Nan was eighth-layer Body Tempering Realm with Minor Success Stage of Arcane Realm.’’

These words caused an explosion among the crowd.

In particular, the disciples of the top four sects now glanced at Qin Nan with shocked expressions.

An Eighth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit defeating a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit genius?

His cultivation increased three layers in half a month?

His Martial Skill reaching Minor Success Stage of Arcane Realm in half a month?

Huang Que who had just mocked Qin Nan was left speechless at that instant with a blank expression on his face.

The owner of the voice appeared to not notice the reaction of the crowd. She continued, ’’Half a month ago, the Outer Domain Trial took place. Qin Nan with his Atavistic Cultivation, defeated a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit super genius in an intense manner and came first in the trial. Besides that, after being picked on by the first elder of outer disciple and the Vice-Leader of the Disciplinary Hall, four Hall Leaders of the Mystic Spirit Sect arrived at the scene personally to rescue him, completely turning the tables around. In the end, the first elder of outer disciple and the Vice-Leader of the Disciplinary Hall were imprisoned for a hundred years. Over ten discipline elders and inner disciple Mo Li were imprisoned, too, which utterly stunned the entire sect!’’

The voice hesitated for a while before speaking, ’’According to the investigation and analysis from the Trading Alliance, it was discovered that Qin Nan had become the disciple of the Great Elder when he first joined the Mystic Spirit Sect and received the Scarlet-Fanged Purple Dragon Badge.’’

The voice then threw the final blow, ’’Not only that, ten days ago, a Martial Ancestor expert was seen hanging around with Qin Nan. According to our investigation, this Martial Ancestor Realm expert is extremely mysterious, as her identity remains unknown. But she is now the Honourable Elder of the Mystic Spirit Sect. Our interpretation is that this Martial Ancestor Realm expert is most likely Qin Nan's second master!’’

The owner of the voice had no idea how shocking the information was as she asked Wei Hao in a soft tone, ’’Wei Hao, do you still want to fight Qin Nan after hearing this?’’


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